How and When to Seed Start Cucumbers Indoors: Warm Weather - The Rusted Garden 2014

welcome to the rustic garden today I

want to talk to you about how and when

to start your cucumber plants indoors

and a couple things to keep in mind are

cucumbers of warm weather plants they're

not cool weather plants so you're not

waiting for the last frost date you're

actually waiting until the soil

temperatures are regularly in a 50

degrees or warmer and the days are in

the 70 degrees so you're timing these

indoor plantings for your cucumbers to

be about four or five weeks before they

could go out into warm soil and warm

weather these are national pickling

cucumbers they get to about five or six

inches long and cucumber fruits and

these are the straight cucumbers and

they get to be about eight inches which

are like the standard cucumbers you see

in your grocery store a couple of tips

I always start cucumbers in larger

containers you don't want to start them

in the smaller cells the roots will over

grow that cell quickly and you're just

going to damage the plant and shock the

plant so you always want to start in a

container at least this size for

cucumbers I recommend putting in two

seeds and when I plant these outside

into the earth planting hole I want two

plants in there either in containers or

on the ground but two plants in a space

like this work perfectly fine outdoors

so two seeds you could put in the third

seed if all three come up you're going

to remove one but you don't want more

than two plants in these containers and

the reason that I like to do at least

two seeds you can see over here only one

cucumber came up for the straight-8 only

one over here that doesn't mean the

other seeds won't nothing came up over

here so this was six seeds and only two

plants come up so came up so with

cucumbers definitely put in two seeds

maybe three seeds and then thin them

down to two plants now when you start

them indoors you're going to time it so

that well first of all these are were

planted on January 22nd today's February

12 so this is about three weeks worth of

growth so four or five weeks before your

plan to be ready to go outside into warm

soil and warm weather you can start your

cucumbers indoors you can also start

these in say early summer outside to

some people

like to start growing your cucumbers and

squash in containers like this they just

put them in a shady area outside let

them grow the size and as the other

plants die out in the garden these go in

but you save yourself three or four

weeks of growth because you've already

started them so when you start them

indoors again three four or five weeks

before they would go outside and you

also have to calculate in about a week's

worth of time to slowly transition these

plants into the outdoors they need a

little bit of sun each day you know

you're really starting with less than an

hour the first day let them get used to

the full song on their leaves the Sun

will burn them if you don't acclimate

them slowly when you start planting them

you just start with the seed starting

mix you could put in fertilizer if you

want you don't need it and I have a

couple of tips one pre moisten your soil

to make sure your container has holes in

the bottom and I always bottom water

these will sit into the tray I'd fill

the bottom up with water to about here

and let everything let the water be

absorbed from the bottom bottom watering

saves you a lot of time you can cover

more plants more quickly and it's better

for the plant you're not splashing up

possible fungus spores disease around

the top of your plants all the water is

coming up from the bottom when you fill

the container of the cell it's going to

be loose so some pack it down you really

want a nice packed soil for the roots to

grow into because it's a starting mix

those vermiculite in there you're not

going to over pack this there's plenty

of air pockets for the root but you want

a solid planting base and of course now

you need to go ahead and put more in so

fill it up once pack it down refill it

and then go ahead and pack it down and

this is a nice starting base for your

plant two holes about half an inch deep

maybe a little bit more check out your

seeds you know look for seeds that are

healthy there's a couple of broken ones

a couple of small and so just go for the

two biggest seeds drop it in

put on some starting mix press it down

and then you would go ahead and just

water these from the bottom and in about

three weeks your cucumbers will look

something like this over the next two

weeks they'll be ready to get out into

your garden hope you enjoyed the video

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