How To Write in Cursive // Lesson 1 // A complete Course // FREE Worksheets


in today's lesson we will be learning

two different cursive strokes here's one

of the strokes and here's the other

stroke we'll call these strokes wave

strokes since they look kind of like

little ripples or waves that are that

would be on top of the water this is the

short wave stroke this is the long wave

stroke here's how you write these

strokes lift up pull up and pull up

again make sure that there's a nice

curve in between each little spike so

let's try that again

curve up up pull up pull up and stop the

tall strokes are very similar to those

as well

only you pull them up to the very top

line so pull up pull up pull up and stop

make sure that you're bringing your line

to the bottom line see how this little

bow touches the bottom line down here so

let's try that again

pull it up up and it's touching both the

top and the bottom line and you're done

now print out the worksheet and practice

writing these strokes until they flow

nicely and become easy to write