Beginner Gym Tips: When to Cut and NOT to Start Cutting!

what's good people today is another

installment of the beginner gym tips and

today I'm going to be dressing a topic

that get asked all the time I think what

I started doing this episode I get asked

the question I'm going to add it into

the topics when I talk to you guys about

and it's about weight to cut and when

not to cut i'ma get a lot of questions

mainly like yeah I've been training for

like a long time spend like eight months

and basically I think it's time that you

start crying can you give me any tips

like here's my physique on-screen let me

know any kind tips you can give me or

anything I should do to like really get

my cut real good the issue is these

people that keep saying that they want

to cut it and think they're sending me

the pictures and I look at the physique

and I really don't believe that they

should be cutting and I say to them bro

I don't want to give you advice on

cutting I don't think you're there yet

to be cutting I'm going to show you now

some of the physiques like on screen I'm

not gonna show you their physique savvy

a douche move and when I've gone google

and find some similar type physiques to

show you guys and I kid you not

these are the soft Z's I try and find a

few a lot of them are boys the same I'm

gonna try and saw you a few the

physiques I've been getting sent and

people are telling me believe or not and

then like the car and I personally think

that you need to do you frame whether

say things like I've been 24 like eight

months I think it's I wanna cut

I don't like a month saying [ __ ]

realistically when it comes to gym time

like to build your foundation usually

takes at least two years of solid effort

and you know me for eight months vision

really much like me personally I never

really did it cut until two and a half

years and everything a bulk until moving

on three years something so you know I

mean it's things like that you need to

really build your foundation first in my

opinion if you have a kennedys for these

like here these these yours and you're

thinking about and you're contemplating

that cutting don't do it you need to

build really you need to get it the only

reason I believe that you should be

cutting maybe before the two-year mark

is it good severely overweight if you're

really really overweight and you need to

release trim down some pounds then fair


trim now empowered if you look if you're

any is physique so even a normal kind of

guy new to lift him I personally don't

believe she'll be really quite your

first two years training if you're


you're not going to make some serious

nude gains so you don't risk that by

flipping cut in and just white waste of

time build muscle in my first tune-up as

I said

Ria's women I didn't do any Balkan I

just can't read went to the gym and his

training in my opinion even when it

comes to Balkan if you like a real

newbie I don't believe you need to bulk

unless you're loudly opposite in

severely underweight we need to like

gain some explain if you're an average

person skinny fat as a Koi when I was

that kind of phase I just went to the

gym lifting weights and initially I was

like building muscle and because I was

in a new phase anyway some of the fat

kind of just got lost as well while I

was training I looked okay you know I

mean I started building muscle so I get

my frame up and what type my frame that

smells like okay I got holiday coming up

order my cutting for that you also for

the holiday up on wouldn't cut till then

so that is my opinion I told you

basically you're doing the first two

years lifting your readiness disease I'm

showing on screen don't even contemplate

cut it and it's just it just doesn't

make sense in my opinion this is my

opinion maybe you feel differently but

if those those are you comment on those

you comment below if you believe these

screenshots and showing on screen are

justified to cut let me know or you

believe if you agree with me let me know

as well because other people need to see

is not just my opinion because foots for

that for when people sometimes say me

these pictures and I say I don't think

she claimed some of them to Dulles to

the advice it's like they'll come to me

like I'm the same and see like I really

need to get cut down middle section

really need some cut in you know I mean

I really think my abs you to come in and

I'm basically it's like I'm like I'm

telling them I don't really want to give

you tips on the claim because I don't

think you're fit like I don't believe

it's healthy for you to cut live in a

case oh I like you games why sometimes I

really believe the physics to showing me

he's not healthy for them to be losing

anymore way talking about some of them

up like I personally believe it's like

to some degree I think it's my body

conscious with his called people body

conscious and they really don't see and

they really believe that they're fat and

stuff and I'm like do you're not fat

trust me you should not be cutting my

now build your foundation it's Wendy's


so in the cop you don't mean sometimes I

feel like saying that you English the

advice why ask me why ask my opinion and

when I don't give you the answer you

want to hear you just stick to your

going get a day if you ask me to

European I'm gonna give your honest

opinion how could easy give you some

tips on claim but if I truly believe

that you don't you shouldn't be clean

when it comes to health as well

I'm not gonna give you did I'm not gonna

give you tips on potentially here in

yourself if you're a normal guy and you


and you like an average guy gonna cook

and I'll give you the advice because

it's your opinion but if I truly believe

you coming out of a health level that is

going to be not in your best interest to

cut I need to give you these tips so if

I give it it's all those of you have

already asked the sport team is not

gonna say names trust me when I've said

to you I don't think she can believe me

I truly truly believe it anyway I don't

wanna make video too long thanks for

watching the video and there's gonna be

more these old gym videos cuz I get

asked a lot of questions on like all the

time and this one at Rp start prolly

answered probably 14 15 times over the

last 27 months so and it saves you now

can show them in the video so anyway if

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later bro I don't know that don't

helping you bar better I'm spillin don't

force women out on my gel