When To Start Mowing Your Lawn In Spring

hey guys and welcome to another long tip

so when do I start mowing the lawn what

time of year is the best to start well

it's really gonna vary depending on

where you live a good thing to do is

watch for when the magnolia trees begin

to bloom in your area when they're in

full bloom that's a good sign that it's

time to go ahead and start mowing the

lawn now it's not a foolproof rule there

are a lot of reasons why a lawn we'll be

ready to mow or not for example look at

your lawn compared to your neighbors in

this example you can see my lawn which

is a seeded lon compared to my neighbors

which is sodded his just doesn't grow

mine does another thing is his soil

severely compacted while mine is nice

aerated and full of good nitrogen of


mowing early helps you get rid of that

winter weight gain as well as get a tan

so you don't have that milky pale skin

that's been building up all winter put

either way just get out and enjoy

yourself and get the lawn mowed and

remember it's really up to you just

don't let it go too long and you should

be just fine of course it's also a good

idea to get a nice edge on the grass

that way it doesn't get away from you

you can keep the edges nice around the

driveways and sidewalks this has been

another lawn care tip one care Midwest

yard and Gardens common aha see you