When to Mow the Lawn and Grass Cutting Tips

we're going to show you how to mow a

lawn step 1 if you want to make the job

professional as well as a lawn mower you

will also need a garden hoe and a pair

of shears

step to the lawnmower here are a couple

of useful things you could do before you

start mowing to inspect the underside of

the lawnmower always rest it on the oil

sump otherwise you will flood the engine

whatever kind of lawnmower you're using

make sure it's turned off first we're

using a lawnmower with a rotary blade

and roller

it's the roller that produces the

striping effect this combination will be

suitable for nearly all types of lawn

start by checking the blade can move

freely after doing this gently right the

lawnmower ensure you have enough petrol

if you run the engine dry it will damage

the carburetor never fill the tank on

the lawn as any spilt petrol burn the

grass step 3

mowing cut any overgrown patches of

grass first and remove any cats to do

this you will need to adjust the height

of the cutting blade you will have a

lever like this or something very

similar to raise and lower the blade the

longer the grass the higher the blade

should be

now you're ready to start cutting the

entire lawn start at the edge and mow

all the way round one

when you have finished mowing the edge

cause a straight line from one end of

the lawn to the other to achieve a

striped effect you will need to mow

parallel lines back and forth across

your lawn

when turning at the end of a line licked

the blade by leaning on the mower

there should be no gaps in between the


keep an eye out for any large stones or

twigs as these will damage your mower

leave flowers and cement weights they

shouldn't be a problem

empty the mower bag at regular intervals

always switch the engine off before you

do this remove any excess cuttings by

hand from the back of the mower this is

about as full as the mower bag should

get bad got the cutting and tip on to a

compost heap if you have one continue

mowing and parallel lines until the

whole lawn has been cut step 4

edging with a pair of garden shears trim

the edges of the lawn this will make all

the difference

then with a garden hoe gently edged back

the soil around the border of the lawn

this will leave a clean defined edge