When should I clip my baby's nails?

a lot of parents want to know when they

can cut their baby's nails because

especially in the beginning they scratch

their face a lot and you worry about

them injuring themselves because they

have long nails one of the best things

to do especially during the first month

of the baby's life is to just use an

emery board and filed them down slightly

but be careful even doing this because

their nails are super soft and it's easy

to damage the nail bed by going too far

down and making them too short

also avoid biting them off some parents

do that because they think that's safer

than using clippers but then the

bacteria from your mouth can actually

contribute to infections so use an emery

board to just file them down slightly or

put little gloves or even socks on your

baby's hands so they don't scratch their

face and once they get a little bit

older like about a month or so those

nails will harden and it will be easier

for you to tell which part is the nail

bed and which part needs to actually be

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