what's up saying army so in this video

we're going to be doing something a

little bit different this is something I

haven't seen many fitness youtubers

actually do and that is I'm gonna take

one of my clients Jonathan his 10-week

transformation with me and I'm gonna

break it down for you guys week by week

i'ma show you guys all the progress

pictures I'm going to show you all his

macros every his Mac is for each week

each of the ten weeks and I'm going to

break down everything so macro for

mackerel cardio session for cardio

session his workout routine stayed the

same but yeah I'm going to break it down

for you guys to show you guys how simple

it is what Matt won't this hurt your

online coaching business and it might

who knows but the thing is I don't

really care the goal for this video is

to show you guys and if you guys were on

the fence about looking for online

coaching I hope it sways you in the part

where you now gain the confidence and

realize how simple this is and you're

like sorry Matt I was gonna do all my

coaching with you but now I'm not

because after watching your video I've

gained the confidence to try it on my to

do it on my own that it's simple and I

can do it on my own and that's the goal

for this video so I hope this really

helps you guys so here's my client

Jonathan I'm not going to disclose any

personal information or anything about

him he chose to be Anonymous which is

why I also posted this transformation on

Instagram but I didn't tag him or


he'd show he wanted to be anonymous but

he was nice enough to let me share with

you guys his journey his journey with me

that I helped him through so his workout

experience is three years consistently

he's built as pretty solid base just has

some fat autumn he want to get summer

shredded he want to get saying shredded

so that's what we should have to help

him do has never tracked macros in his

life starting with me was up his first

time ever weighing food and tracking

macros so but you did catch on pretty

quickly in the beginning he had a [ __ ]

ton of questions to be honest but after

he's kind of like me in the first like

from you I learned and it's a slow

process I'm not the fastest learner but

once I get something like it's BAM so

weeks wanted to we have a crap

other questions from weeks two to ten

like no questions here's your macros

here's your cardio go out and hit it and

get ready

so his starting weight was a hundred and

sixty seven pounds something I also

wanna include before we get into this

video is do not take his macros for your

own you could be Jonathan's twin brother

and copy the same Macker in the same

recipe and you will not get the same


keep in mind everyone's body's good to

go is different everyone's metabolism is

going to be different and this is

something that takes time to work with

you're gonna see even as I go throughout

this transformation that even based off

all the information he gave me in the

questionnaire I still had to kind of

figure out where his metabolism was

engaged because I already took

everything from his questionnaire and

that's how we got the starting macro

let's get right into it

here's week one so his starting weight

was 167 pounds week 1 historic macros

was 300 carbs 50 fats 180 proteins his

average win was 164 point 2 pounds and

that's we also add in two cardio

sessions prior to this he was doing zero

cardio sessions little under three pound

loss which is totally normal totally

normal for the beginning or cut to see a

pretty decent drop reason being is

you're going to lose lots of water

weight also how did I get the starting

back affirm this was all based off its

activity levels like what he does for

his job how active he is throughout the


I also took like his workout volume I

have all my clients tell me exactly your

workout plan that they're doing and if I

increase the workout volume then that

also affects it and we also included two

cardio sessions so that's week one week

two so as you can see his abs there's a

pretty big difference from week one and

two his abs are starting to come in a

little bit also lighting is gonna be

different in each photo I try to have my

clients control their lighting and take

their pictures in the exact same place

but obviously you know sometimes it just

doesn't happen so week to a little bit

better lighting but you can also see

he's getting a little bit more

definition in his abs his his V taper is

coming in just a

a bit more so week two what we did was

we kept his macros the same 350 180 he

dropped another a little over three

pounds again so and we kept his cardio

at two sessions also week three this is

where we're starting to gauge his

metabolism so what I told him to do with

bump up carbs at 325 carbs but instead

he kind of read it wrong and he did 350

carbs 50,000 undred 80 proteins so he

went up extra hundred calories and this

is where he his average weight was 150

nine point nine pounds now how we figure

out the average weigh-ins is I have each

client weigh themselves every single

morning and if you're dieting you should

be doing it this way so every single

morning after you take a poop where

yourself you take all seven wins add

them up divided by seven get an average

keep in mind weight fluctuation is

totally normal when you're dieting

that's why we take your average weigh in

so don't worry about weight fluctuation

just worry about your averages that are

consistently going down that's why you

see every fitness youtuber wearing

themselves in the morning unless you're

really bulking then it's not as big of a

deal so week three we you messed up on

these macros and he only got a point

seven pound loss which is still fine we

also up cardio two three times a week

this time and week three looks

relatively the same as week - like I

said slight subtle differences which is

exactly what you want in any

transformation you'll just see slow slow

results people look at transformations

and they're like holy crap you know week

one through ten but they don't realize

that it's a very slow process and it's

all about it's a patience game before so

what we did was we kept macros the same

350 carbs 50 fat 180 proteins his new

win was a hundred sixty point five

pounds and this was office off of the

same three cardio sessions so this was

this was the first time that you we saw


wait spike up a little bit so he went up

in average of or he went up 26 pounds

this average way and went up in his

pictures you can tell he looks

relatively the same and the reason why

we bump up carbs is the gauge your

metabolism the last thing you want to do

is take someone that has like a crazy

high metabolism and put them on food you

know less food than they need to be

dieting on ideally what you want to do

is you want to find your metabolism and

slowly decrease from there you know it's

always better to diet on more food than

less right five so his new backers was

325 carbs 50 that's 180 protein so we

drop carbs I have 25 grams so pretty

much back to what he was doing back in

week 3 we also up cardio two four times

a week at 300 calories and his new win

was 158 point 2 pounds so that's about

give or take about a two pound loss but

this is really the turning week also

this week was very good lighting as far

as progress pictures go

so his Lighting's are lovely better I

think he took a little step back so he

can get that shadow action but you can

tell his abs are definitely coming in a

lot more his back looks relatively the

same even from the side looks like the

same but you can see his abs starting to

come in and pull through and show six

this is the only week where I only could

find one progress picture my phone

bugged out I have all my clients send me

the progress pictures through whatsapp

and that's how I read that's how I

communicate to all my clients because I

find it the easiest a lot easier than

email I hate going back and forth

through emails to be honest through the

messaging app it's a lot easier also

they can send me their form assessment

videos they can send me videos of them

squatting and dead lifting as well as

progress pictures like that so I really

like that app anyways his macros was the

same 325 carbs fifty thousand hundred

eighty proteins his average win was 156

pounds which is another one

2.2 pounds lost his Carter was the same

four times at 300 calories a session

week 7 as you can see abs coming in

slowly back he's not playing his last as

much but looks relatively the same to be

honest in that picture and also from the

side you can see his stomach starting to

come in more he's losing body fat is his

stomach is sticking out quite as much as

it was in week 6 so in week 7 we kept

mark as the same 325 50 180 his new low

win was 155 point 3 pounds that's

another pound loss cardio kept the same

at 4 times 300 calories and this is a

tip for you guys that are dieting is if

you're losing weight at these macros

like he's been losing weight for the

past is going on the third week of the

same macros through 25 50 180 then don't

keep dropping macros be patient if

you're losing if it's not broken don't

fix it ok you're losing weight at like a

certain set amount of macros

consistently then just keep your macros

there and just ride the way you man I

think far too often people they they're

so scared of plateauing that they

consistently drop their macros even when

they're consistently losing weight

they're consistently dropping the macros

because it was scared of plateauing that

they actually force himself into a

plateau by dropping macros too fast

so be patient like I said diving is a

patient's game

be patient and stay consistent speaking

abs definitely popping in more he I

think somewhere

he definitely shaped like his body hair

off protip if you guys want to look more

ripped shape your body hair off you're

like extremely hairy then that hides

cuts that's why I say people like that's

why people would add compete shave all

their hair before competition I've done

it before and anyone who's competed on

has done it before tan and hair that's

the two easiest ways to see


so we gate mackerels the same again like

I said if it's not broken don't fix it

325 carbs 50 fats 180 proteins his new

low was 150 4.3 pounds another pound

loss from week 7 is carded with the same

fourth 4 times at 300 calories week 9 so

as you can see in the pictures ABS

getting even more doubt in the lines are

getting deeper lighting again is a

little bit different his back shot he

also learned to flare his laps a lot

more so his back shot looks incredible

compared to other weeks also his back is

just getting leaner you can see also the

thickness and coming in and is rhomboids

and everything from the side looks right

side the same you can see some tricep

action coming through and yeah you're

just getting a leaner and leave it

leaner weeks a week

his macros for week 9 was we decided to

drop carbs just a little bit so 315

grams of carbs 55 180 proteins his new

low win was a hundred fifty two point

two pounds so another two pounds lost

that week cardio the same for sessions

300 calories week 10 so this week is

where we actually started giving him

refeeds reason being is he's been losing

weight consistently and when someone's

losing weight consistently and that much

weight it's always good to just give

them a day where they can repeat their

body repeat I think more than

replenishing you know glycogen and you

know increasing leptin levels is the

more important reason behind refuse is

just for your men just for your mental

state dieting gets hard man especially

after ten weeks of being consistent and

he's been consistent

he's been up or down like five grams of

every single macro every day for the

past was at 10 weeks so that's 75 days

of consistent tracking and without

really any cheat days or anything he

didn't really complain about not having

them I kind of go based off the client

some clients they need that refeed every

week and obviously that's going to keep

their progress go it's going to slow

down the progress this is a day where

you're not in a deficit so week 10 we're

getting towards the end he's looking

shredded already so I gave him a refeed

so his new Mac is 315 carbs 5580 protein

so as macro stayed the same but refeed

once a week at 450 carbs 55 160 proteins

so how I did it was I drop protein

slightly and increase up carbs by about

a little less than 150 carbs and that's

just the gauge how his body went again

he saw a new low 150 point six pounds

even with the repeat so he dropped a

little less than two pounds like one one

and a half pounds 1.4 pounds exactly and

yeah and you look at his week 10

pictures he looks amazing his abs came

in shoulders are in back is in like

everything is looking good he's more

than summer ready I think he could go

somewhere already by like week I don't

know eight probably week eight he was

summer ready and now he's just getting

into that shredded that shredded level

the same shreds but yeah that's in the

video guys I just want to show you guys

how simple dieting is and how simplex

keep in mind simple not easy so

everything we did here was simple but

not easy it's going to take a lot of

work it's a lot it's hard I'm not going

to lie dieting is hard that's why when

I'm bulking I don't really track Macker

because it's my time to really be a

human all right not everyone tracked

macros every single day of their life if

that's you and you can do that then more

power to you but that's definitely not

me so ten weeks that's a transformation

I want to share with you guys hopefully

you guys find inspiration

motivation to now start your own journey

and you realize how easy this is so make

sure you like the video if you liked it

and if it helped you and I'll see you

guys next one much loved shot another

Allah then Jeter what does the scouter

say about his power level its over 9000