Dahlia growing

the beautiful thing about dahlias is

more you cut and more flowers are

produced right up til the first frost

and I love dahlias but I probably don't

love them with the same passion and

intensity as Jeff Hoyle in Cheshire

whatever position you want to put it

there is a dealer that will fit all of

the different sizes and shapes and

colors immediately you start this you've

got every color that blue then you've

got big ones and you've got the

miniature pump on daihlia so you've got

wide variety of sizes and you've got

different shapes as well and also even

hikes you've got some that will grow to

8 foot high and others that only grow to

2 foot well I was brought up to be a

garden and my dad was a king daily a

grower and when I was allowed they used

to have me crawling around under his

dailies oh I first came here it was just

one long piece of grass so I got into

flowers and as times gone by I realized

that Dale is give me more color and more

interest than any other plant and so

I've thrown out all the shrubs and

everything else the lawns have got

smaller really it's taking over my life

I suppose

a plumber written by height go around

each autumn measure how high each daily

has grown and keep records and then when

I put mistakes in the following spring I

try to allocate at all daily to a tall

steak and a short daily to a short steak

so that it to get 30 defect the dealer

they're called Rycroft delight which

always grows to about eight to nine feet

and so I know I can rely on that daily

to grow that high the following year I

tried doing a color scheme one year

where I had a red bed and orange better

yellow bed and it didn't look right at

all so and now I just go on hiked the

colors look after themselves I tend to

go for brighter colors and just have the

odd white or a cream one here as a


I love this Dale here it's a miniature

decorative called blight and lady in red

I like it because of the strong color

the fact that it's got very strong stems

that makes your it stands above the

foliage and I also like the lovely form

of it this one is a dart leaf variety

called happy wink it only grows about

two foot tall has loads of flowers

beautiful color the bees love it if you

want really strong flowers the best

thing to do to produce a strong growth

and a bigger flower is to take out the

two side shoots so you just get them

between your fingers and chop them off

like that for the novice it might be

ready to try a miniature variety because

they tend to have smaller flowers

stronger stems and you'll see for

example with Western Spanish dancer here

I'm going to let three flowers grow

under one stem and it will be strong

enough to support it so leave it to its

own devices

the main thing that I do is keep on top

of the deadheading at least twice a week

but I do it more often than that I would

say so

you go around and chop off anything that

looks as though it's about to die or has

died and discard them onto the compost

heap and you'll find that by the

following day there's plenty more

flowers anyway I'm quite ruthless people

self but take that home and put it in a

vars but it's on my compost tea it does

take a lot it from the time is it worth

it absolutely worth it I mean when you

get to times like this and you look

around anything I've done that yeah it's

worth it