Parents, How Did Your Kid's BF/GF Win You Over? (Reddit Stories r/AskReddit)

parents of Reddit how did your son

daughters sir win you over

when I was in 10th grade a guy I liked

came over my dad heard him playing

guitar and apparently that's all it

takes for my dad to fall in love that

was the only time we hung out I'm 31 he

still asks about that guy dad you need

to get over him already

my daughter so gonna call him John

gained my full approval just recently a

little backstory me and my wife had an

accidental baby just last year we are in

our late 40s and my family was rather

shocked considering we already have a 28

year old son and a 22 year old daughter

at that point this may sound strange so

far but it will make sense later my

daughter met John in college and started

dating after being friends for a year or

so didn't take long after that before we

met him and we thought he was a decent

kid if not a little bit socially awkward

and sort of uncomfortable around us all

of her previous boyfriends were more

outgoing and this kid was quiet didn't

really think of he was going to last

my daughter eventually got an internship

out of country and now they are LTR and

I was skeptical whether or not this kid

was going to stick around strangely

enough he visits the house and hangs out

with my older son and we all talk and

have dinner together pretty frequently

which is interesting considering my

daughter never expected him to do this I

found out that the main reason that he

visited us so often was because my dog

that was worried that her new little

brother would forget who she is while

she was gone so when John would play

with our son when he thought nobody was

around he would show him pictures of my

daughter making goofy faces to try to

make sure that he will remember his big

sister when I brought it up with my

daughter she didn't know that John was

doing this that was probably the moment

where I started wholeheartedly approving

of him now that's touching I was

supposed to be one of those good Asian

daughters that didn't date until I

finished college I got rebellious in

sophomore year and decided to keep

dating the guy who took me to Winter

Formal mom actually liked him dad

refused to acknowledge him one day my

dad mentioned he got a new car stereo

and he was going to take it to Best Buy

to have it installed boyfriend said no

let me handle it and spent an entire

Saturday afternoon installing the radio

and cleaning up the wires in his - dead

loved him afterwards basically treated

him like his own son parents didn't even

bat an eye afterwards when we started

living in sin a couple years later but

by that time he was an engineer we were

engaged and I couldn't give a rat's arse

I had been casually seeing a guy for a

couple weeks when one night we were out

to dinner and I was having a

particularly homesick night I live 15

hours from my family and at this point I

hadn't seen them in over eight months he

joked and said that we should drive home

and surprise my mom for Mother's Day

that weekend the next day we were in the

car driving I've never seen my parents

so surprised also a little worried I

think their initial thoughts were that

something had gone terribly wrong and I

was there to deliver the news

my parents have loved him ever since not

quite what was asked but I knew I was

there with my sis folks when her dad

stopped giving me room-temperature beers

from the pantry and started giving me

cold beers from the fridge upon meeting

my teenage daughters so she was always

embarrassed by me at that time

so she says dad I drank it's the middle

of the day and of course I wasn't drunk

I hesitate for a moment and then just

answer yes her new so looks at me

completely straight-faced and says same

sense of humor wins me over I won my

boyfriend's now husband parents over by

throwing a party it was his birthday and

I had gotten a good number of people to

show up for a surprise party he was on

the phone with his parents when he

walked in and everyone yelled surprise

he got all teary-eyed and told his

parents I have to go it's a surprise

party I didn't know I had so many

friends for good measure I sent them

photos of the party as well his mom

particularly liked the set of photos

that showed my so and friends battling a

bomb shaped grill that caught on fire

and exploded the coma he got all

teary-eyed and told his parents I have

to go it's a surprise party I didn't

know I had so many friends this really

hit home for me

I'm very much that guy

apparently making my so smile it seems

that it was pretty rare enough for her

mother to actually be surprised to see

her smile I like this doesn't have to be

a big thing or gesture just a smile not

a parent but a brother my parents are

divorced and remarried generally don't

really get along with their respective

ex my sister and her fiance had a

housewarming party not too long ago and

invited both sets of parents along with

other family and friends my soon-to-be

brother-in-law and I have always gotten

along great

who doesn't love drinking and fishing so

we spent the night just drinking and

enjoying ourselves at one point though

he and my stepmom are talking and he

calls over my mom into the conversation

I'm standing with my sister and we're

both dumbfounded our parents have been

divorced for like 15 years have never

spoke to one another and this guy just

pulled two of them together for like a

20 30 minutes conversation it absolutely

blew my mind the next morning while my

sister made pancakes and we nursed our

hangovers he told me the entire reason

for the housewarming party was to see

how my parents would react around one

another and if needed

it wasn't telling my parents that

they're eventually going to have

grandkids before long and if they want

to be a part of their lives they have to

act like adults and be okay with seeing

their ex every once in a while the fact

he was willing to do that for my sister

completely set my mind at ease I

definitely liked him before but that was

the moment I knew he was perfect for my

sister this is my favorite one I've read

a lot of them find the soul of a

daughter and this story my girlfriend's

dad basically hated me until the time we

drove together down to Monterey from

Austin and had to make conversation for

seven hours and pretend it wasn't

awkward he's an engineer so I went with

that and casually mentioned my desire to

get a small CNC lathe for metal

fabrication or possibly build a basic XY

controller to attach to a traditional

lathe turns out his final project for

graduation at college was to build a CNC

lathe we noted out and started

discussing the pros and cons of stepper

motors versus servos then the

conversation moved to

in US and the rest is history now we get

along handsomely and it makes my

girlfriend very uncomfortable now we get

along handsomely and it makes my

girlfriend very uncomfortable lol I love

it my good friend got dumped by his GF

halfway through college after she

cheated on him her dad called him said

my daughter is a fricking you know

there is always so-and-so her one year

younger sister when a dad's that ready

to hand you any of his daughters you win

pickin pie yes fixing computers helped

yes limb being a nice guy helped but I

swear my husband won over my entire

family and extended family on his PI

alone quote from every family meal ever

before we got married

is your boyfriend coming is he bringing

that pecan pie now that we are married

hey where's his pecan pie you know you

married a win over he makes great pies

he makes great pies if you know what I


my so bonded with my dad immediately by

their mutual hatred of my older sister's

ex bf baby daddy actually my younger

sister also had a trash can over bf at a

time when my so showed up with a car a

stable job and actually treated me with

respect it was like a miracle I think

this is how my boyfriend won my family

over too just by being not being my ex

and having a car I'll tell you the story

of how my husband won over my dad my dad

has a sailboat which Lee is kind of

crazy about my husband has a background

in naval architecture we went to visit

my dad and while we were on his boat in

the marina the guy in the slip next to

us runs over my boat is taking on water

he says come help me bail it out

don't worry respond my father my

son-in-law is a naval architect

something to note at this point in the

story my now husband and I had only been

dating for like eight months we weren't

even close to getting engaged let alone

married but now all of a sudden

boyfriend is his son-in-law

so now husband just goes with it sure I

the son-in-law

will see if I can help he gets on the

guy's boat and sees that there's water

seeping through the floorboards he

thinks this is weird

given that the pump is going and the

boat isn't listing or anything mr. he

gets down sticks his finger in the water

and licks it it's fresh water now

husband says your bilge is leaking did

you remember to turn off the hums after

you finished filling up your freshwater

tank and that my friends is how my

husband became a legend in Dad's marina

and my dad's favorite person of all time

I know the exact moment I want my wife's

family over I could see it in her

father's eyes it was high school before

we started dating the first time I went

over to her house actually her father

and two brothers are all pretty tall and

I'm average height it's a very alpha

male house salt and they had this thing

they'd like to do to potential

boyfriends so when my wife left the room

to go to the bathroom or whatever all

three of them stood lined up shoulder to

shoulder and loomed over me blank faced

glaring down no words no motion just

staring and looming I found out later

that her last boyfriend almost cried

when they did the stenum I've always

been really socially awkward but an odd

part of that awkwardness is that I'm

never intimidated by people I don't know

why but they just don't frighten me I

slowly stood up looking them all in the

eye and then poked her dad right in the


I said Boop he stared for a second and

then a giant grin split his face it

turns out that he's a massive goofball

from that moment on I was a member of

the family the whole dating and marriage

thing was just a formality to them my

word that mental image made me crack up

for the last five minutes I'm a martial

arts instructor among other things I

caught my daughter's boyfriend looking

at my belt rack fifth degree black belt

and trophies from when I was much

younger and he said are all those yours

yep so you know how to throw someone yep

could you teach me how much of a setup

did I need I took him into the backyard

and threw his skinny ass around for

about 45 minutes and every time he hit

the ground he got back up with a huge

smile and said that was awesome

show me how so I took him to my class

with my daughter and

had her practice throws on him he never

complained never flinched and never

bitched after class I told my daughter I

liked him so she broke up with him

that's amaz eh oh never mind taking good

care of my daughter during Hurricane

sandy it was my parents actually when my

mom first met my dad he was working in

an auto body repair shop actually dang

good at what he does well to surprise my

mom's dad he borrowed my grandfather's

1968 SS Camaro which had been nearly

totaled in a car wreck a few years back

and completely repaired it when they

first met my dad shook my grandfather's

hand said mr. Haines my name is Kevin

why don't you come outside his Camaro

was sitting outside looking almost brand

new my mom says that was the only time

she has ever seen her dad cry my fiance

won over my parents individually but

nothing beats my stepdad my step dad

loves fun facts and they're always

fairly obscure and I can never answer

them but that only makes it more fun for

him so the three of us fiance stepdad

and I are sitting around watching The

Simpsons and my stepdad goes who's that

band when Spanish flea comes on my film

say immediately answers with Herb Alpert

and the Tijuana brass my stepdad was

dumbfounded and I'm pretty sure that's

when our relationship got his seal of

approval a command of thoroughly useless

information has never failed to impress

my wife's dad told me I'm the only

boyfriend he ever liked he said my

strategy of whenever I would call to

talk to her and he answered the phone

instead of just saying is my wife there

or can I talk to my wife I would always

say hi mr. Haddad how are you and make

brief small talk before asking for her

it wasn't a strategy it's just how I was

raised endure southern politeness but it

worked a southerners when you date one

of us you date all of us I worked in an

ice-cream shop with my current so and

her mom came in one night without

knowing it was her mom at a time me

being friendly I struck up a

conversation with her while I got her

ice cream and food for her

but three months later I start dating

the girl I works with and I immediately

recognized her mom when I met her for

the first time the first thing her mom

said was well you already have my


her father was always very cool on me

distant conversations usually went hello

sir how are you good

I was reserved to being disliked forever

until I heard him talking about football

I mentioned how I was quarterback in

high school and saw his eyes light up we

talked for a solid two hours about


NASCAR f1 and all the other interests we

shared that he didn't care to learn

about for all those months before my so

recently told me he was bragging about

me to the guys who sit near them at the

local triple-a baseball team's home

games we're BFF now and it's even more

terrifying than when he ignored me we're

BFF now and it's even more terrifying

than when he ignored me well yep cause

now he has to kill you if you Frick up

apparently fixing all of her family's

computer and other technology related

problems doesn't help in college I was

sleeping with my then-boyfriend in his

bed with his roommate also sleeping in

the same room four feet away and I wet

the bed for the first time since I was

out of diapers I woke up early and after

realizing what happened tried to sneak

out of bed he woke up to find me

humiliated shaking and then bursting

into tears he assured me everything was

okay he knew it was an accident he still

was very attracted to me and let me

shower first when I told my mom how he

handled it she was sold now I have to

convince her my current bf was just as

great looks like you'll have to pee in

his bed and see how he handles it our

daughter came home from college with a

boy she had been dating for a few weeks

they weren't serious but he lived too

far away to go home for Thanksgiving

that weekend her old high school flame

dropped by we didn't like him much he

had been very abusive when our daughter

was dating him when he showed up he

tried to convince our daughter to go

someplace with him to talk things over

she didn't want to and so he started

getting loud and obnoxious the new

boyfriend was trying to give her some

space and not be the possessive caveman


but when he heard the old boyfriend call

our daughter the c-word he came out on

the porch and threw a wicked punch at

the guy

unfortunately he missed and he got the

worst of the ensuing scuffle before I

could break it out but he got a few good

licks in and I'm pretty sure some of

them would leave nice bruises not that I

condone brawling mind you old boyfriend

sculpt off and we brought the new

boyfriend in and got him cleaned up he

was only 19 but he got a nice cold beer

with dinner they dated a couple of years

but eventually broke up she's had a few

boyfriend's since but he's the only one

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