How often should you see a guy when you first start dating them ? Renee Slansky Advice

all right I get asked this question all

the time and it's basically how often

should you see a guy when you first

start dating because you don't want to

come on too strong if you don't want to

like not show enough interest so he

basically goes well this girl isn't for

me in this video I actually gave you a

strategy and a guideline on how often

you should see a guy when you first





hi everyone welcome back to my youtube

channel i'm rene slansky

I'm a professional dating and

relationship coach this is just

basically a new segment that I'm

starting where I want to ask some of

those common dating questions that are

given to me so I can just tell you girls

what you should do so that you can cut

through the confusion and one of those

common questions is how often should you

actually see a guy should you see him

once a week twice a week three times a

weekend for how long the important thing

that you need to understand here that

setting the pace in the beginning of a

relationship so when you're getting to

know someone is really important because

it does two things number one it

actually gives you time and perspective

to get to know someone's character and

number two it actually makes them want

to pursue you even more my rule of thumb

is actually it is if you are dating

someone then you should only see them

once a week for the first four weeks


what this does is it means that you've

got time enough to be able to plan dates

so that you've got something to look

forward to and get excited about it

gives you again an indication of whether

or not he's going to continue to invest

in you because he can't see you every

single day or a few times in one week

and a good month

I've only seen each other once a week so

that's four times in one month really

helps you work out again is this person

invested and what do I actually know

about them those first four dates should

be really casual dates so they should

have been going back to each other's

houses in between there or doing things

overly familiar and intimate ladies if

you want a guy to pursue you and woo you

but not only that you want the right man

with the right intentions then you can't

rush this process you have to understand

that even if he's really keen on you and

he wants to speed things up or get

intimate really soon it doesn't mean

that you should and this brings me to my

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it's all about understanding the three

common mistakes that we make in dating

and the three

ships we need to make to really set

ourselves up to attract and build a

healthy dating life which then leads to

a healthy relationship now that's what I

suggest that you should be doing in the

first month then obviously as you start

to get to know each other over the

second or third month you can increase

the amount of time that you can be seen

that person at the end of the day girls

it's about investment how much are they

investing into you is an indication of

how much you should invest back and not

only that who is investing into me is

this person good for me

does this person want the same things as

me what is their character like that is

just as important to ask yourself as

well as how often I should say this

person hope that that helped you you can

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