When Should You Start Dating?

sponsored by audible this is the story

about a boy hi and it's also about a

girl hi yeah they're about to meet each

other for the first time and they're

perfect for each other but as it turns

out they're gonna mess it all up


all right so I get asked this question a

lot okay so you make a lot of videos

about relationships but how old should

we be before we start dating it's that

age-old question when is it appropriate

to start dating well friends I have the

answer and I can tell you with 100%

certainty that it's not when you're 13

years old just know what I think she's

the wine you know what that very well

could be except for one thing it doesn't

matter because you're 13 I don't know

which is worse the 13 year olds who date

or the parents that encourage it look at

our son so young and innocent I can't

believe he's already got a girlfriend on

kids funny they're absolutely so funny

have fun son super proud of you hey Dad

oh my gosh I thought they'd never leave

Moochie time okay so with the pretenders

out of the picture we can really start

to break this down I mean this is a huge

life decision right when should you

start getting into serious romantic

relationships how mature should you be

and should you already be a good kisser

by now no I thought that you and Renee

are dating yeah we are how many times

have you guys make out uh none what the

heck is wrong with you man I

we just are trying to be smart about the

whole thing what Dec the point if you

don't get physical you are crazy blowing

my mind ah yes the weird dating so that

gives me a license to be physical all

the time classic example of immaturity

I know getting a little handsy or a

Lipsy is kind of just a normal thing for

kids these days but seriously exercise a

little caution and restraint dude we're

going on our third date tonight you know

what that means

it means that you really like her I

guess not really but she better not hold

out on me if she wants there to be a

fourth that's really sexist it won't

kill you to resist those primal urges

every once in a while I promise but I

still haven't answered the main question

we're talking about here how old should

you be before you start dealing with the

complicated ethics of relationships so

far we know that you can't be 13 you

can't just use it as an excuse to

explore puberty and oh it's not a status

symbol either and all the other girls

have boyfriends I wish I had a boyfriend

so they know how cool I am actually I

just wish I had

artist and that everyone leave me alone

you don't need a companion to be cool

all the people who do are let's just be

honest they're really annoying attention

everyone we've been together for three

weeks and we're still going strong I

don't know what I'd do without you


you probably look like that guy over

there what a loser

what's it like being alone loser man so

many things to keep up with but okay

okay I put it off for too long here it


I'll now reveal the age you should be

when you start dating thank you

the answer is who cares because it's not

even the right question who cares when

you start dating maybe a better question

is do I have a best friend that I can

see myself spending the rest of my life

with it should be less like okay so it's

been like two weeks since we met and I'm

so totally crushing on you what say we

start dating okay great what does Earth

just have it why the dynamics of our

relationship have completely changed we

went from being simply platonic -

romantic so now your dad like boyfriend

and girlfriend a everyday 24/7 baby now

top up your Facebook and Twitter


dude I make sure you don't start

cheating on me and more like okay so

you've been my best friend for a really

long time and guy I just I really care

about you I really care about you like I

feel like you're already my girlfriend

will you go out sometime

I mean maybe it won't be that perfect

but in the end don't you want to end up

with your best friend I guess I just

never understood this mentality okay I

like you so now we're officially KD I'm

updating everything as fast as I can I

feel like that doesn't do much of

anything to cultivate a real friendship

it's all just a big game where real

intimacy gets replaced with a desire to

score all right so don't worry about one

you're gonna start dating or who you're

gonna start dating just be a friend to

people and the rest will come naturally

when the time is right now if you'll

excuse me I'm off to go cultivate some

friendships stay tuned for scenes from

our next episode

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