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hey guys Tara here and Brian here from

work life glue and I have decided to do

a weekly usually weekly day care day

video and this will be almost every

Friday I will be doing a day care

related video on short little topics

just to try to get a lot of content out

there to you guys I've had so many

requests for different kinds of videos

answering different questions I'll have

recipes I'll do q and A's I'll do things

about specific topics difficulties

crafts all kinds of stuff so stay tuned

for that

I plan to do them weekly but with 2 2

and under right now and soon to be back

to daycare it could be a lot so just

bear with me but I thought I would do my

first daycare day video talking about

how to prepare an infant for daycare now

this video can be good for parents who

are going to have an infant in daycare

as well as providers this is a really

important subject because a lot of

babies go to daycare and a lot of

providers have troubles with babies so I

wanted to talk about tips for getting

babies prepared for daycare and what

providers can do and what parents should

be doing during maternity leave and

things like that so let's jump right in

so as a provider it's really important

to educate your parents on how to

prepare a baby for daycare especially if

it's the parents first baby it's already

overwhelming when you have a first baby

healing from the birth you know just

dealing with the huge transition of not

a mom or not a dad to mom or dad it's

huge responsibility that you just

there's no way to really prepare you for

it and so I think it's really important

that providers educate parents before

the baby comes on what you expect

because otherwise they're just probably

gonna do what they can to survive that

may mean sleeping with the baby

driving the baby around to get the baby

to sleep co-sleeping you know all kinds

of things that aren't gonna help the

baby prepare for daycare so it's really

important as a provider we set parents

up for success give them tips and give

them encouragement and empower them to

help their baby so that

they can be prepared for day care now

why is it important to get a baby ready

for daycare as parents you may just

think you know you bring the baby the

baby is fine the provider takes care of

the baby no big deal but not preparing

your infant can cause many many problems

what I've seen from a lot of providers

is that a baby who is not prepared for

daycare will scream sometimes for

minutes sometimes for hours and this can

last for weeks months years it can be

really hard on the baby

obviously it's distressing for a baby to

be crying that long especially if

they're not normally a colicky baby they

just missed their mom they can't take a

bottle they aren't able to sleep in the

right way that only you can the only way

you can sleep in daycares

they may require something like a

swaddle that maybe you're not allowing

in your daycare or your state or country

or whatever you are doesn't allow things

like that

you don't want your baby screaming a

provider doesn't want your baby

screaming all day for multiple reasons

it's heartbreaking to hear it can really

mess with the providers mind and soul I

can irritate them and aggravate them you

know what I mean you don't want your

provider to be in a state of distress

themselves because they can't get your

baby to stop crying no matter what they

try and the provider also can't be a

good provider to anybody else if there's

multiple kids in the daycare how can

they be a good provider to the other

kids if there's a child screaming that

they can't call them down and how is

that good for the other kids either I

mean there's there will be a transition

period it will be hard for a little bit

most likely but it shouldn't last

forever in the screaming and crying

shouldn't last all day for many days

many weeks many months that kind of

thing so it's really important to

prepare your baby so that you have peace

of mind when you go to work that your

baby is well taken care of that the

provider is bonding with your baby which

is pretty much impossible to do if the

child is in distress the whole time and

you don't have to worry about having to

come take time off work to go pick up

your child if they're inconsolable or

possibly getting care terminated because

the provider just cannot get the baby to

stop there's so much you can do ahead of

time to ensure that you be

we does well at day care this isn't to

scare you it's just to really give

parents a realistic look of what not

prepare your your infant could look like

and it's not pretty so it's really

important to follow these tips and most

importantly it's important to talk to

your provider because every state every

provider every country has different

rules and regulations every provider has

different things they're comfortable

with and that they do in their day care

and you want to make sure you're lining

your practices up with what they do in

order to help prepare your infant now as

a provider I have to do all these things

with my infants so I am pretty well

skilled at this and know what I'm

talking about my baby at the filming of

this video is only 11 days old and

albeit she's a very easy baby

knock on wood she's a great sleeper

she's a great nurse err but I'm already

doing things right now to help prepare

her for when the kids come back for a

daycare I just want to be really careful

about what I do now so that she's not

becoming depending on things that I

can't do once daycare starts so for

providers I think it's really important

to give parents a handout and to talk to

them about these things I have a handout

a link below of what I give parents just

to give them a guide of what to expect

and you can always adapt that to fit

your needs so for me these are the

things that a parent must work with

their child on to prepare them for

daycare the first thing is to work with

the baby I'm laying flat for me

personally I allow swaddles

I would never be able to get my own

babies to sleep without a swaddle but if

they start rolling over that is when I

would transition them out because it's

not allowed in daycare where I'm from

and what I do you know obviously when

you have a newborn and you want to hold

them a lot you want to be around them

skin-to-skin is really important so I

don't think you should lay your baby

down whenever they're sleeping they

sleep most of the day at first so what I

recommend is you know around 2 to 3

weeks maybe start laying them down once

a day during the day I'm for a nap and I

would just try to line it up with

whatever your provider has the main

naptime for all the kids so that's what

I've been doing right now I've been

feeding her right before my daughter

goes to sleep my two-year-old

and I've been laying them down at the

same time and just to get brainy used to

sleeping at that time of day flat with a

fan I monitor on and that kind of thing

and she's swaddled and also for

nighttime this is what I would have them

always sleep on a flat surface however

your provider would have them sleep

because that's the longest sleep period

and you want to just be able to mimic

what the provider is doing at their

house at your house and once day care

starts the only time they're gonna be

really sleeping at your house is at

night and on weekends so I would just

have the baby sleep how they're supposed

to sleep at night from the get-go no

matter how hard it is do your best not

to use swings and stuff like that

because you don't want to become

dependent on that for your baby to sleep

because it won't work at daycare so no

swings no car seats obviously unless

you're out and about when they fall

asleep but don't depend on a car seat to

get the child to sleep it's very unsafe

to have a baby sleep in a car seat when

they're not in the car it can obstruct

their trachea so they have a hard time

breathing and they I have heard of

babies passing away so you don't want to

do that unless they're in the car or

you're out and about and that kind of

thing you don't want to depend on like a

rock and play for them to sleep always

if they sleep like that during the day

when you're just doing stuff and they're

still only a few weeks old that's fine

but you want to get them used to

sleeping on a flat surface often also

make sure you're not holding your baby

all day I've heard from a lot of

providers that parents hold their baby

all day or wear them all day and so

that's how the only way the baby will

sleep and as providers it's just not

possible for us to do that nor is it

safe nor is it a good idea long-term you

don't want to have to hold your

two-year-old to sleep so you want to

start practicing that stuff with your

baby early on so they don't become

dependent on these things that you can't

sustain also work on recreating your

sleep environment to mimic the providers

so if the provider has a fan or a sound

machine if it's dark you know you want

to mimic all those same things that's

what we do we have a really loud fan a

sound machine going she swaddled she's

laying flat I have a monitor

and then we have blackout curtains so

that's what she's used to sleeping in

now and that will continue once daycare

is back in session also so sleep is

really important and so is feeding your

baby so if you are bottle feeding your

baby that should be pretty easy to

transition to daycare that provider will

just give your baby a bottle on certain

intervals just make sure you communicate

with your provider of how often how much

they typically eat so the provider knows

what to expect now if you're

breastfeeding this is where it gets

tricky because you know when you first

have your baby you're pretty much

exclusively breastfeeding if that's what

you're choosing you're trying not to

supplement and that's what I've done

with both my daughters however once they

go to daycare the provider is not gonna

be breastfeeding them so you need to

really work on bottle feeding so what I

recommend is around 3 weeks you start

pumping you want to wait till your milk

is pretty well established but obviously

talk to your doctor about this and what

they recommend but around 3 weeks is

what I typically see in what I recommend

you start pumping to build up a supply

and to get your milk used to having an

extra feeding and you start bottle

feeding your baby and by you I mean your

spouse or a friend or somebody in your

family who can work with the baby every

day to bottle feed and as you get closer

to starting daycare I would set up a

weekend or a few nights or something

like that where the mom can go away for

a few hours and the person can feed the

baby a couple times you want the baby to

get used to somebody else feeding them

with a bottle now the provider may have

a little bit of trouble with this at

first depending on the child but if you

work really hard on introducing a bottle

and the child learns to take the bottle

right away you should have a pretty easy

transition to what your provider tries

to feed them a bottle now if you never

work with the provider if you never work

with somebody on feeding with a bottle

your baby's gonna have a horrible time

gonna miss mom like crazy and have no

idea of how to eat and the last thing we

want is a like a malnourished child in

daycare no provider wants to starve a

child no parent wants to

child to starve so just make sure you

work with your baby on that as well and

then lastly just make sure you write

down any notes that make you feel

comfortable don't go crazy but if

there's you know certain things like

when your baby pees how many peed IPERS

how many poop diapers they typically

have maybe the consistency they

typically are if your baby gets diaper

rash really easily and you figure it out

a way to help it make sure you write

that down and maybe son whatever cream

it is that you use if there are certain

things that soothe your baby certain

rocking or a certain song or certain

7:00 or certain toy make sure you let

your provider know that it's just really

important every baby is different every

baby has different preferences so just

make sure you keep a little note of that

and give that to rider because providers

want an easy time transitioning as well

not just parents we all want what's best

for the baby and what's best for the

baby is to be happy fed on a normal

sleep routine so they're getting good

sleep and just happy overall and those

are really the key things so if you have

certain things about your baby

let your provider know so they can you

know help ease your baby into this

critical time of transitioning to

daycare I think that's about all I can

say about transitioning your baby to be

ready for daycare let me know if you

guys have any questions on this topic

and if there's any daycare day videos

you would like me to record please leave

them in the comments below

I'm ops I'm no expert but I love helping

people I love sharing what I know and if

I can help any of you to be a better

provider I would love to do so so leave

those in the comments as well and I will

see you before then but most likely for

sure next Friday with another daycare


thank you guys so much for watching I'll

see her hi guys