what's up guys and welcome to today's

vlog today we have what did we do we

actually woke up pretty early and we

went to the gym and then straight from

the gym we had a doctor's appointment

and now we're home and I've just been

getting random stuff done around the


Aspen has been on a business call which

has got her a little anxious to get the

rest of stuff done what stress you up

that's what I said you're anxious

because we have so much stuff to do and

you're sitting on the phone the whole

time yeah first thing that we got to get

done though is we need to hang the

wallpaper in the nursery we got it in

the mail we need to hang out the

wallpaper I just ordered another rug

that's bigger and then we need to like

hang up some stuff on the walls that's

pretty much it we do need to organize

her closet I've been wanting to go

through like all of her stuff we need to

like wash everything and I just want to

like organize it and see what we have

and we need to start figuring out like

what stuff we don't have that we

actually need yeah like a bath thing and

like we don't really have diapers I

think there's so many things that we

don't have so I just feel overwhelmed

about literally every single thing that

we have to get done but we'll get it all

done I know we will okay let's go get

started alright let's do it alright guys

so nursery update we're going to put

wallpaper on this wall in this wall we

need to get these things hung up I want

to get shelves I think for right here I

also got a dock etat and a double me

organic if you guys have seen these I

see a ton of moms posting about them on

Instagram and I actually asked on

Instagram like what people liked better

a lot of people said this one for

newborn and then this one for a little

bigger they're like little baby loungers

so they're good for helping babies with

like tummy time or just like different

things like that there's like safety

card instructions and stuff like that

that I have over there so I'm really

excited about the

and then I wanted to move her crib out

of the way I also got these little

baskets I don't remember if I shout this

I feel like I literally just can't

remember anything with vlogs lately but

I wanted to put one of these down in the

living room and then want in my room and

I'll just have they're kind of small so

I don't know if it's gonna work but I'll

have like some diapers in here and wipes

and basically just like little baby

essential things that I'll need in at

different rooms and I'm sure I'll have

to refill them with diapers and wipes

like all the time probably literally

everyday but I wanted to have just like

a small little kind of like kit of just

things so that I'm not coming upstairs

like every single time I need to change

her diaper so even if I'm filling this

up once a day it's like not that big of

a deal

but I also just got her little sheets

for her bassinet that we have in our

room that's where she'll sleep for a

little bit so these are from I forgot

the brand seven PM linen

excuse me so I got a bath yesterday so

she looked really cute anyway so I got

those we also have an extra crib sheet

so I need to like wash all this stuff I

probably won't do that for a few weeks

but this is also a crib sheet from a

cozy earth bedding which is our favorite

bamboo bedding and then I also have this

cute blanket maybe my Kira she sent this

to me and it's super cute

I've heard people really like these like

waffle blankets and then these can be

for like toys or blankets or I don't

know oh are you okay yeah so I need to

move all this stuff out of the way


Watterson okay so we are getting the

wallpaper up we did the lighter colors

so it's not super visible on camera but

in person it's definitely like this

husband wallpaper on it but we just

wanted something super subtle so if you

guys saw it in the guest room we did

want it there was like a brighter pink

and then in here it's just like a super

soft muted pink so it looks really cute

they have this on their website this is

loom well it's the same company that we

always get wallpaper from but they

actually changed their name it used to

be the darling and now it's a loom well

so I'm gonna have this link down below

it's the luma print we did like a custom

print for not for this room we actually

did it for our office but we're also

doing it for this room so every time I

say that people are like oh that's so

funny and has the same name as your dog

but they actually like named it after

her because I made the print so I'm

gonna have this link down below the one

they have on their website though is

like the brighter pink color and they

said if you want the lighter one you can

just email them but we always get tons

of questions about this like people

always ask me on Instagram and like in

vlogs and everything so basically these

are kind of like big stickers so you

just measure your wall put it into their

website and it will tell you exactly how

many panels you need and it's basically

like a big sticker it's nondamaging it's

removable if you guys have other

specific questions you can email them or

look on their website but basically this

is super awesome for if you are like

renting or if you have your own house -

obviously in rentals you're not really

supposed to like put up anything that

can damage the walls but this is not

damaging and literally just comes like

right off we took it off of our trying

to think of where we removed it from it

was in our old bedroom and it literally

just came right off it's super super

easy so totally recommend it's looking

really good Parker's finishing this

panel the strikes striped prints are

definitely the hardest to do this is

like taking us a while just to make sure

it's perfectly lined up but next we'll

probably hang up this want to get some

shelves for here I also have this cute

little jar thing this is from urban I'll

link it down below so you can put like

baby bracelets or like little things in

here this I actually found at t.j.maxx

and then the

I got on Etsy and I also have a new cute

little blanket for her you guys know

these ones are my favorite it's also

from urban I guess I'll show you guys a

little bit of a close-up on how to

actually buy the wallpaper basically

they have like a panels and B panels you

like start with a and then B a B a B and

then it has feeling a little smoothing

tool it has a little smoothing tool

smoothing tool so yeah and then it has

the backing so you just like start up at

the top and then pull it down a couple

inches at a time I think they actually

recommend a little bit more but since

it's stripes and we're trying to make it

exact we're just doing a little bit at a


kind of a one-man job baby step yeah but

so you just pull down the backing and

then press her onto the rock so it's

super super easy


okay guys so it is coming it together

the wallpaper looks so good I'm also

gonna do like a little hanging thing

right here that I'm going to make and

then I thought that I would be okay with

just this rug I feel like it's just too

small so I love this I'll link it down

below also have these cute things see

they're both from urban these little

planters are super kids I need to get

some like fake plants to go in there but

I just got like a bigger rug and then

I'm gonna layer the two I think that

will be cute and I love that we have one

of our bedrooms but I also like having a

rug to adjust so it's like more comfy so

I think that having a rug in here will

be better so when we're like sitting and

playing it here so this is what it's

looking like so far no so have this and

even showed you guys that I got from

Target a couple weeks ago so I think we

might go to Target today I need to

reevaluate my list I'm trying to figure

out with what I need to get done today

and what can be done at tomorrow so my

go to Target forgot what I was gonna get

there I have like a bunch of random

things that I was gonna get there I also

need to get a different light for in

here I think I bought the same one that

we have for our room a while ago and the

ceilings up here are think they're

8-foot ceilings and then downstairs we

have 9-foot ceilings so I think the

light might just come down too far I'm

not sure but I think I might end up

beating to get something smaller but I'm

excited to get this room it finished I'm

gonna do a full nursery tour on my main

channel hopefully in like a week or two

whenever it is finished so can't wait

for that came to our favorite place

Target we actually came here for some

things for yeah we have a list of things

there's some more specific things that

we need it Aspen forgot to measure for

like for the eighth time so we'll see

what what we end up getting all right

first thing I don't think so oh okay

person we're getting faced solution I

think all my

sides are like out of place hurts to

just walk and stand right now like

everyone's like oh your pregnancy like

looks so easy and for the most part

husband but I literally like can't walk

normal I think it's pain it feels like I

don't even know my organs my stomach's

something whatever is aim your body

right here what's supposed to be like

right here is up here now and it hurts

so bad

sit it hurts to stand because to block I

also feel like I can't really breathe so

most favorite trips he's in fast go home

watch TV okay so I'm not face lotion we

also I need prenatal so the vitamin is

okay all right here okay I just finished

up two other things of these that I had

but a lot of small only 30 how many days

left do I have I've been like washing my

hands extra in the bathroom just cuz

every morning and I I'm putting like oil

and stuff on my belly and I'm always

like why do I have to walk all the way

into the closet to drive my hands like

this is so weird because our towels are

hanging there then I was like oh my gosh

we don't have hand towels in our

bathroom so that's actually something I

don't know if we'll get to today but I

ordered like the little ring things like

the circles that you put on the wall to

hang the towels on and then we need to

get the actual towels we have like racks

and stuff and I think I didn't want to

have hand towels because I thought we

would just use the rags but like the

little square ones that just is not

working for me

we'll come for the same ones we have I

don't actually see them wait but there's

this pink one in this pink one see so we

have these little ones but I need these

ones to hang on the things okay so I'm

gonna get two one for me one for Parker

okay so one of the main things we came


that we've literally cover target so

many times I've been like oh yeah I'm

gonna get this thing and I get here and

realized I didn't measure for it is

baskets for the baby's dresser so I

wanted to like measure the drawers to

know how many I can like put

side-by-side and like how many deep I'm

gonna just figure out how to organize

that closet so I'm trying to decide if

we should just get some and then I'll

kind of see how they fit like not get

all of them but just get like a couple

and kind of like see if I'm liking how

I'm thinking to organize her drawers

maybe this so maybe that's too deep but

I don't know maybe that actually looks


you think we should measure and wait

okay I guess we well okay so the last

thing that we're looking for is

detergent that's like more like

sensitive and better for babies but I'm

not oh wait I think I saw that this one

is maybe good I think it literally is

supposed to say like baby detergent Bo

oh wait look I don't know I'm like

paranoid about buying anything because

so many people's babies have like

allergies to certain stuff so I want to

buy something and then wash all her

clothes with no allergenic I got the

things dirty app which is supposed to

tell you like how

I don't know Caesar if I scan this see

so this one is an 8 which is bad out of

how many I have 10 and like hi you want

the lowest number so please don't say

like plant-based ingredients which is

good but I don't know it literally feels

like I have a side ache it's like well

the cameras too high the pains not like

in my belly like where the baby is it's

like right here

sited where I can barely walk instead of

getting one I'm gonna ask you guys if

you have any that you like if you are

and now it's the next day we're home and

we're just resting yeah luckily that

pain that I had like went away after I

laid down but I do notice today it's

like so hard even just to sit really

comment down below if your mom if you

have had that feeling because I'm sure

it's normal it's like not anything with

the baby so I'm like not worried it's

like not low but it just is so

uncomfortable to like sit up so that's

really fun but I hope the guys do it the

blob and we will see you in the next one