CHRISTMAS DECORATING | Watch this BEFORE You Start Decorating for Christmas!!



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below I am so excited about Christmas

we've been planning away trying to get

everything kind of packaged and planned

and scheduled for one we're filming it's

October and I'm filming Christmas I'm so

excited and I kind of realized I want to

post a ton of videos I want to make a

ton of videos which means I'm gonna have

to post not just once a week but twice a

week up until Christmas so I'm so

excited we will be posting two different

videos Mondays and Wednesdays I normally

post Wednesday so we're just gonna add

one more and it's gonna be awesome

I can't wait also when I was planning

out my Christmas videos there was

something I always kept going back to

and that was okay but before we get into

like how to do those certain types of

DIYs or decorating that type of room

people need to know that they should do

this and so the this part is what this

video is about how to prepare for

decorating for Christmas I want to give

you guys all the tools that you need to

really make sure that you step into this

holiday season prepared but also be

super like on it as far as like budget

and knowing what you need not over

buying and just being like really

organized through the whole process and

that will make your holiday experience a

lot better and just a lot more enjoyable

and another thing if you guys see

anything in my videos or on Instagram

throughout the holiday season whether

it's a decor piece or maybe even like

something I'm wearing or maybe a product

within a DIY I'm gonna do my best to try

to keep track of those things and add

the links down below in the videos in

the description box but also on the

website we're gonna have a tab called

holiday shop or something like that I

just came

right now holiday something and it's

going to just be a collection of all the

stuff that we talk about this season

because that's the goal is to not only

teach you guys how to do this stuff but

give you the resources that you guys

need that you can find it yourself and

implement it in your own homes so let's

jump in


number one observe what you have this

might mean braving your garage situation

which I am a little afraid to do but I'm

gonna have to do that in like you know

ten minutes when I film my next video

but go do your garage go to your storage

observe what it is that you already have

what items did you buy last year maybe

you forgot about it it's good to do a

quick little refresher see what items

you could use for this year and kind of

make a mental note or even take photos

if you want to try to find things that

go with that theme that you had

previously also make a mental note of

what you already have out around your

house maybe it's something that's like

seasonal neutral it's white for example

this pot so I have this for my fall

decor and I could use this in spring and

I can use this in winter because it's

kind of neutral when it comes to seasons

and then I just change up what I put in

it and that's what makes it feel springy

or fall or Christmas Eve things like

that see if you have it keep it out then

you don't have to buy a vase that's

Christmasy for your coffee table I

already have before you go shopping you

need to sit down and identify where do

you want your Christmas tree to go this

is something that you want to like pick

the layout and that will help you decide

what projects you're gonna do which will

lead into the next few steps but for

number two pick where your tree is gonna

go and try to get creative and think

outside the box my very first year we

lived here I had my Christmas tree over

here I didn't have a dining table so it

worked out

the second year we had a dining table

and I do not have any space in this


so I moved the chair out and we got a

half Christmas tree that I put up

against the wall a flatback tree that

went right up against the window here

perfectly framed underneath our curtains

and that's what we did and it looked

amazing it was super cute this year I

think we're gonna adjust the layout so

if you guys don't have any space maybe

consider taking out some furniture and

putting it in your garage or putting it

in storage or maybe repurposing it in a

different room in the house and

additionally you guys could maybe just

adjust the layout of things you already

have in the space so maybe it's moving a

chair here and a table there and you can

free up a new corner that you can put

the tree in but just kind of think that

through get creative and come up with a

game plan

number three find your inspiration this

is the time that you want to kind of

figure out your color palette identify

the direction you're gonna go maybe

that's looking through magazines maybe

that's Pinterest I don't know you just

kind of close your eyes and dream up

what you want it to look like but come

up with a direction and kind of pick

your theme that way everything else kind

of falls underneath it and you go with a

plan when you get to the store

number four decide which projects you're

gonna tackle so this is a really great

step when you are putting together kind

of the shopping list of things that you

need another good tip here if you are

not a part of the live eternal family I

strongly encourage you guys to join for

the holidays we are gonna have so many

amazing entries that you guys are gonna

it's like a wealth of knowledge and so

many amazing tools that will really help

you guys to the holidays to stay

organized and to find things and

expensively and just like our goal is to

make the holidays a total breeze for you

guys and make it really fun so if you

have not joined click the link below and

sign up for our monthly subscription

where you get for every week you get a

brand new like jam-packed journal full

of information about interior design and


and then we're gonna obviously do a lot

about holiday stuff depending on the

project that you pick we have different

shopping lists kind of identifying okay

so for the mantle you don't mantle are

you so excited yeah we have a Fiat so

you should get greenery you should get a

candlestick like different things like

that to give you options and remind you

guys when you're out shopping almost

like a grocery list but for decor based

on the project doing it this way

deciding ahead of time what projects you

want to tackle and knowing what to buy

will save you money in the end because

you won't over buy you're able to double

check to see if you have some things you

could use in that little area or in that

project and it just gives you a little

bit more of a good guided path so you

don't fall off the wagon and buy a whole

bunch of stuff at probably lobby that

you really don't need I've been there

don't worry but stick to the list and

we'll be good to go

number five decide on a budget okay so

I'm gonna go into how to budget for the

holidays in a different video a lot more

expansive and extensively in a couple of

weeks but this is specifically about

like decorating your house budget this

is really important to just come up with

a generic like what how much did my

looking to spend and if you're looking

to spend a whole lot maybe it's your

first year and you're like yes I need

all new Christmas decor then maybe you

go all out but if you're not I would be

really intentional about trying to go to

second-hand stores or thrift stores

things like that and then DIY and stuff

identify what bracket of spending you're

in if you're in the DIY secondhand store

bracket stick to that if you're in the

Target ish area stick to that maybe

finding some online stuff on like eBay

or whatever or if you're like in the

Pottery Barn section and you can splurge

on a few things here and there then go

for that but at least you kind of know

and you don't tempt yourself in a

different store when you just know

you're not in that you know budget

probably not the best idea but if you

have a plan you can stick to it and

you'll be good to go number six leave

with an empty car and a coffee there is

nothing more frustrating than wanting to

get something find like a steal of a


and then you just can't buy it because

your car is completely full of random

stuff that you totally could have just

taken out before you left so look at

your car make sure it's empty

and then get yourself some caffee and

girl and fuel up because you've got a

long day of shopping ahead or a long day

of bargain shopping which is even more

exhausting if you're going to thrift

stores but you can do it I believe in

you if you guys want to know some of my

other tips when it comes to actually in

the store shopping when I'm looking for

holiday decor and things like that stay

tuned because the next couple videos

that are gonna be coming out are

specifically how to shop for Christmas

decor depending on your design style

which I'm so excited about a bunch of

you guys requested this video I think it

was a great idea I'm so glad you guys

are so smart I love the idea and you

guys came up with it and you guys loved

the how to decorate your home depending

on your design style series that we did

and now it's how to decorate your home

for Christmas depending on your design

style so the first one up is gonna be

farmhouse and I'm so excited

stay tuned for that I'm gonna show you

guys how to shop and how to implement it

and then I'm gonna show you guys how I

decorate some other spaces around here

so it's gonna be great

this is just how to prepare we've got a

whole bunch more coming stay tuned for

that you can sign up for the live at

journal so you guys have all the assets

and all the tools you need to make the

holidays incredible I am so excited this

is my favorite time of year

I love the busyness and I love the music

and the hot drinks and the coziness and

hopefully the weather gets cold in LA

soon but soon it will I'm sure and the

sweaters I'm gonna be in a sweater soon

and hopefully I won't be sweating as I'm

filming it in October but I hope you

guys enjoy this series I hope you guys

are excited for the holidays just like I

am and if you guys do any of these tips

and start decorating your homes make

sure you tag me on instagram and hashtag

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see you guys next week thank you so much

for watching joy gets decorating and

preparing left you all