Decorating for Fall! 😍🍂🍁// Garden Answer







hey guys how's it going so today

Benjamin and I are gonna give you a tour

of all the fall decorations back here on

our back patio I've actually never I

don't think decorated this area for fall

I always kind of choose a different spot

to decorate every year just because it

becomes a lot so we have an old side of

the house and a new side of the house

both which have kind of a formal entry

and a back entry so there's four entries

to our house and so every year when I

get ready for a new season I'm thinking

okay do i decorate all four of them or

do I just pick one and go all out so far

I've only really decorated one typically

I'll change all my containers over which

is a little bit more simple but this one

I kind of did like I decked it out a

little bit more I'm starting with these

containers right here so these are the

state square containers I can't remember

the name of them exactly but I did spit

them up with a little quick layer of

black spray paint because they did get

quite dirty and stained from water which

is typical every single season I come

out here and give them a quick once-over

and it makes them look brand new I

planted these pine lollipops this spring

with all intentions every and every

intention of moving them out for summer

containers and putting a grass in but I

really liked the structure up here and

they've done really really well so I

just left him here and I like the

structure in the winter I'm so down

below I've got three ornamental cabbage

these are Osaka red I've got this is

strawberry blonde marigold which they

kind of like evolve in color they're

beautiful we've got a dusty miller here

there's dichondra silver falls this is a

never gold I think is the name Care

Act's and then a few Solar Flare pansies

so I just kind of decked this container

out there is a second one over here on

this side and there's Russell so we've

got both of these flanking containers

matching which I think looks nice the

fun part about this entryway is that it

is on the east side of the house and

it's protected from all the wind because

most of the wind comes in from the West

so I can do stuff up here and really not

have to worry about it falling over

unless we get a horrible storm and I

decided not to do anything at the base

of these beams because our sidewalk

right here is kind of narrow through

here narrow ish when I have my guard

card if I put anything on the sidewalk I

have to go over into the mulch and I

don't really want to have to do that um

so as we go in here you can see I kind

of start explaining where I started

decorating so the first thing I did was

I dismantled the window boxes we had

some chocolate drop coleus in there some

surefire rose begonias wild berry hookah

rest I mean just a bunch of beautiful

stuff most of which I was able to pop

out and pot up so all of the hookahs I

put an individual nursery pots and

they're in my greenhouse I'm gonna let

him kind of sit there for a little bit

and then I may put him out in the

landscape this fall yet I've got some

amazon miss Carrick's that are potted up

over here I haven't even moved them out

but over here I've got surefire Rose

begonias and chocolate drop coleus in

containers that I will move inside but

they all did really well and then I

replaced them with Croton fact let's

move closer to one

why don't we come this way oh he's gonna

bring a squash you'll come this way


did you grow that squash yeah okay so in

the window boxes I did five crotons

which you usually find in the house

plant section because they are a

tropical house plant they typically

don't like to be you know down below

freezing but a lot of our fall annuals

or annuals don't really like to be below

that anyway and this is so protected

that typically when I use these in a

fall container they still last for me

for quite a lot of the season and I just

make sure to keep them nice and moist

and they provide such an amazing color I

mean just look at that fall color just

in that one plant so I wanted to fill up

the rest of this with just kind of some

bulky stuff so I used Osaka white

ornamental cabbage these are four and

then there's some Osaka Reds just in the

four-inch there's one two three four and

then I popped a yellow pansy here and

there and the duck foot ivy was here

throughout the summer so I left all the

ivy in the boxes and I'd like to be able

to utilize so I didn't have to buy new

Spillers but the pansy is cabbage and

the ivy should do really well all

through the season the only one that

won't make it like through really

cold fall and early winter are the

crotons in which case I'll pop those out

and put some branches in here or maybe

nothing I may not need to use anything

but I think they turned out really

pretty and I'm just noticing that I

overflowed it a little bit when I

watered it the next thing I did other

than cleaning I had a ton of cleaning to

do up here he found another one

it's a cutest thing I had those little

fest inada urns I think is what they

were called there were black little urns

with boxwood cones I took those up and

capped the drip system that I had

running to him so I just cut the drip

system and put a little plug in and I

had to scrub the underneath them because

I didn't put a saucer under him so I

used Magic Erasers please baby give one

to Daddy that's the best part of

gardening now is watching his wonder

over everything so I poured the vinegar

on kind of the square spot that they

earned left and I just let it sit for

like ten minutes and use the magic

eraser most of it came off and I'm sorry

you can't see it but it looked pretty

much like this stone I was really happy

about that it was something I didn't

really think about and then I went ahead

and made this little swag this is all

Naturals and in fact I didn't use any

faux anything up here it's all natural

stuff a lot of it came from my own

garden which is fun I started by putting

some of those little cup hook things

like they'll you have a screw and and

then that little hook I put four of

those right above the molding into the

wall and then I just used paddle wire to

wire some flexible branches up there in

kind of a nice swoopy pattern and I used

grape vines that I took the leaves off

of ants garlic curls willow which I took

the leaves off of and that was kind of

my base structure and then these right

here off of our Chinese Raintree I

harvested these like a couple months ago

and they dried green and then you can

see the brown ones are what they look

like on the tree right now and I thought

that that was really pretty just to use

the two of those together and I really

didn't want to put too much in this

little swag I kind of wanted to keep it

on the simple side there are some fire

light blooms up there and I also have a

couple of quick fire blooms that are I

think they're more toward the center

here they're a little bit more sparse

blooms but to keep

as fire lights like to get him to dry

looking like this instead of wilting I

put him in those little floral vases

like the little green ones they probably

have a proper name but you put like an

individual stem down in it and so they

should be able to drink up that water

and dry naturally on their own like that

and that's typically what I do I usually

if I cut my hydrangeas I put them in

just like an inch or two of water and

let them drink drink that up and then by

the time they've drunk that up they can

just dry and they'll maintain their

color and look really nice so anyway

that's all there was to the swag it was

really quite easy to make and then I

swapped out my wreaths I had some just

boxwood wreaths up here and I put these

walnut trees up which these are actually

they belong to my mom my mom and I made

matching pairs of these walnut wreaths

at the same time like we sat at their

dining room table hot glued walnuts to a

twig wreath form and mine has since it's

fallen apart because I had it on our

last in our last house on the front door

it was full Sun and it like melted the

glue and the walnuts would just fall all

over the place and it eventually fell

apart so I borrowed these from her and

that's what we do like we borrow stuff

from each other all the time so we don't

constantly have to store everything and

or buy everything so it's nice to share

and then you always feel like you have

new stuff do you need some help babe

yeah what's up do you want to pick that

up what helped up you go once you use

the one with the longer stem can you get

it so anyway I did count I estimated

that you would need approximately 260

ish walnuts to make one Reese this size

and we have somebody in our area that

sells huge bags of walnuts for 20

dollars a bag and you can usually get at

least one if not like one and a half

wreaths out of that one bag of walnuts

and then you get your $3 wreath form and

so you're only in it like less than $25

for one wreath and then they last

forever so it was really nice to my mom

to let me borrow those the next thing

was my mat which I've talked about

before I bought this on Amazon because

we have the drip tubing running right

underneath it and we needed a way to

hide it and actually really love it it

turned out perfect and then I put two

big bales of straw which I got those for

six dollars a piece the

once and then the little ones I got at

Joanns for about the same price I think

I had one left over from last year so I

had to buy three and just kind of

created just a fun little fall kind of

look on either side I went out to a

local farm stand and picked up most of

the pumpkins I grew some of them like

the acorn squash and I think Benjamin's

carrying the little or the little baby

one over there I had some fabric here I

have a couple of the autumn colors

rudbeckia which are actually still in

their nursery containers I just wrapped

them in a burlap sack and put them down

in this really cute galvanized pot right

here so I think that's a good look and

these are a zone 5 so I'll be able to

pop these out in the landscape a little

bit later but I really wanted to keep

the amount of maintenance to a minimum

up here because at this point of the

year like I don't want a bunch of

maintenance I'm kind of tired of that

for the year so we only have to come up

and check on two plants every day

everything else is on drip the window

boxes and the estate planters and then

would you like to get up there oh did

they all get up there here there you go

you can sit with your squash so cute and

then this right here is the ambrosia

corn that I grew in our garden so I

seeded it July 8th and we actually did

get I got about 38 years of corn off of

it that were great they filled almost

pretty much all of them were filled all

the way to the top of the cob and then I

just harvested the corn stalks they

didn't get as tall as I would have had I

planted him earlier on and I usually

like to leave him in the garden until

they're fully dry before I bundle them

up like this and you can see that these

still are green which is fine they just

get a little bit more flat and that's

like all the corn stock bundles that I

see for sale like grocery stores or

whatever they're always like so tattered

and flat looking and I'm kind of like

I'm getting a little bit of that vibe

with these as opposed to if you let them

grow in your own garden and just sit

there and dry they're like these

beautiful full gorgeous corn stalks and

you only need like a handful of them to

make a really big looking bundle because

they're just there there's nothing flat

about him I don't know how else to

explain that but I'm really excited

about this area I don't think there's

anything else I missed except for I did

the benches which they don't get that

very often and I had a couple of baskets

on hand that I used the rest of the corn

stalks in I just cut them shorter and

kind of split them between the two and

just put them in there instead of

putting more plants so anyway I think

that this has a really fun fall vibe to

it of course it'll look a little more

full when I get my automate corn squash

back up in the display oh that's no good

anyway guys I hope you enjoyed this

video I think we are gonna tackle maybe

a couple of smaller areas for fall but

it was really fun to do this area and

kind of do it up and just have it look

so cozy and so festive

in fact Benjamin and his cousins are all

gonna have their picture taken right

here this coming weekend we're making it

a fall tradition to do a picture every

single fall with all the cousins so we

can see their growth like this year he

has a brand new baby girl cousin who's I

think how much younger is she than him

Aaron nine months younger yeah she's

like nine months younger than Benjamin

so she's she'll be a new addition in

this picture so it'll be so fun to see

how they grow through the year and have

the all the fall festivity kind of

behind them in all the pictures so

anyway I probably share a picture of

that on Instagram when we get that taken

this weekend so anyway thank you guys so

much for watching this video I hope it

inspired you and motivated you and I

would love to see what you're doing on

your patios by your front door so tag me

on social media on Instagram especially

I usually check all of those and I get

to see what kind of fun stuff you guys

are all doing so anyway thanks again for

watching and we will see you in the next

one bye you and out oh you want to stay

with your squash here I feel a little

bit better if you were back here there

we go

you want a pile yeah one ah one two

three four