Dollar Tree DIY 4th of July ⭐ Fourth of July Decor

hey everyone welcome back to my DIY home

with Liz in today's video we are doing a

Dollar Tree fourth of July video so if

you enjoy decorating for fourth of July

this video is for you so the first thing

we're going to make is a really creative

sign so I picked up four rulers at

Dollar Tree and these come in a package

of two so you wanted to get four and

then there's a little pink sticker on it

that has like all the measurements on it

just peel those off of all of your



next what you're going to do is put them

in a formation to where they're in a

nice square now there's a little hole on

the end of each of the rulers so I try

to put that hole in both of the corners

so that way I could disguise it later

with a bow and some other things that I

had so just make sure you don't have a

hole on every single corner whenever

you're putting these in place and I just

attach them together with some e6000

glue next I picked up this long sign at

Dollar Tree that had three signs in it

I'm going to be using the one that says

fourth of July so I just cut that sign

off of the bottom next I came back to my

rulers and painted them with two coats

of waverly white chalk paint


from there what I wanted to do was

create kind of a woven look with my

ribbon so to achieve that I just grabbed

this red ribbon I had this on hand but

this ribbon is from Hobby Lobby and I

believe it's the 1 inch ribbon so what I

did was I started going one direction

and I hot-glued the ribbon at the top

pulled it down to the bottom hot glued

it and cut a little bit off did about

1/2 to 3/4 inch gaps in between the

ribbon I didn't measure it I just

eyeballed it and I think you can do that

all the way across


next I turned my sign so it was facing

the other direction and I started hot

gluing ribbon towards the top and then I

pulled it to the bottom and cut it I

didn't hot glue the bottom and I did

that all the way across


next I did a woven pattern with the

ribbon to where I laced it in and out of

the ribbon that was already held down in

place and I alternated so that one

ribbon was going over the top

the next ribbon would be going under the

bottom once all the ribbon was woven

together I went and attached it at the

bottom with hot glue from there I

hot-glued that fourth-of-july sign onto

the ribbon in the middle next using some

of the fourth of July ribbon that they

have out at Dollar Tree I just tied a

bow and then I hot glued that to the top

corner to disguise those holes at the

bottom that we were talking about I just

hot glued some of those foam scatters to

the bottom corner

and here's a look at the final sign so

the next project that we're going to

make is this really adorable terracotta

pot and a fourth of July theme so what I

did for this pot was I painted the base

of it in two coats of Waverly white

chalk paint


next around the top rim I did two coats

of just a blue acrylic paint that I had

on hand


once those had a chance to dry I took my

painters tape and taped around the top

edge where the blue is and then I just

did stripes going down the pot now these

stripes were not perfect I did have some

that were different than others but I

kind of was okay with that look because

I wanted it to be a little distressed

and not so perfect so I just did strips

going down next I came in with some red

acrylic paint and I painted in between

the stripes


from there I removed the painters tape

and I came in and I did some distressing

so it looked a little bit beat up and I

did that on the blue the white and the

red to help it look a little bit more

patriotic I picked up these star

stickers from Walmart they're avery

stickers and they were over in kind of

like the avery label section at Walmart

and I just put the silver stickers

around the top to hold them in place

I came in with some matte Mod Podge that

you can grab at Dollar Tree just to kind

of cover it so that the stickers

wouldn't be falling off


this would be a great gift that you

could give out at your 4th of July

celebration you could put a real planted

here I put in one of my ikea plants that

you guys know that I love and this is

how the final project turned out so the

next project we're going to do is

actually a centerpiece that you could

have out on your 4th of July table

because I think a lot of times we're

getting together and so a centerpiece is

definitely something you need so what

I'm going to be using for this project

are this clear red and blue glass jars

that I found at Dollar Tree in their

little fourth of July section the first

thing I do is add some white rocks that

I already had on hand to the base of

these jars

I bought this star hanger that they had

at Dollar Tree and I cut and pulled the

ribbon off the back of that because

that's what I'm gonna use for the main

piece in this centerpiece I also grabbed

some of the smaller bamboo sticks for

this and what you want to do is you just

want a hot glue a bamboo stick to the

back of the stars next I grab some of

those foam scatters that they sell in

the 4th of July section and some more

bamboo sticks and with the bamboo sticks

some of them I left long others I just

kind of broke so that I had varying

links to my bamboo sticks and then from

there all I did was take the pointy side

of the bamboo sticks and stick them into

the foam scatters

from there I put the big stars into the

jars first and they didn't hold in place

so I needed to use more rocks to

stabilize them I didn't have any more

white rocks but I did have some other

rocks and I didn't think it really

matter because I was gonna wrap them in

ribbon anyways so I just used whatever

rocks I had on hand to stabilize those

in place


once I got the three main stars in place

then I came in with the little stars to

just kind of fill it in and make it look

full so for the next step I took that

same fourth-of-july ribbon that I had

used on the sign and I just wrapped it

around the glass jars and hot glued it

to the back and here's a look at my

finished centerpiece okay so we're not

done yet today I have a bonus fourth

project to share with you I thought it

would be really cute to have a cute

little banner so I picked up this burlap

banner that they sell for just a dollar

at Dollar Tree which i think is a great

deal and what I'm gonna be doing is I'm

gonna be painting these pieces so I

split them up so I had half and half and

I'm going to be sponge painting which is

the cosmetic sponge they sell at Dollar

Tree I'm gonna be painting half of them

blue and the other half red I'm using

those same colors that I used on that

terracotta pot so you want this to be

worn and not looking great so I just did

one coat sponge painting onto the burlap


after that I let those have a chance to

dry and then I alternated blue and red

and strung them through the burlap



to dress them up a little bit more I use

those same foam scatters and I use the

white ones and I've hot glued them to

the front of the banner


here's a look at the final banner this

would be so cute on your mantel for with

your fourth of July party okay you guys

let me know in the comments which one of

these four projects was your favorite

mine was probably the terracotta pot I

just thought it was really cool and I

love the way it turned out so let me

know yours I love knowing your guys's

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