FALL HOME TOUR 2019 | Cozy, Modern Fall Decor

hi guys welcome back to my channel if

you are new my name is Kayla and I make

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lifestyle home decor and everything in

between so today I'm going to be doing a

fall home tour so I did a fall decorate

with me so if you guys have seen that

you've seen almost everything in my


but I didn't want to do like a formal

home tour to show you guys what I ended

up doing what I ended up changing and

just how everything looks like untouched

and finalized so if you guys are

interested in that then obviously keep

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of the newer like fall stuff as I can

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without further ado let's get into all

of the fall decorations in my house okay

so we are starting outside of the house

and there's a little bit of a shadow but

hopefully you guys can see okay

and we also Patrick just mowed the grass

yesterday so there's like grass

everywhere here is our little rug we

have outside we just have a gingham rug

from Amazon underneath the big doormat

and this doormat was a gift from my

sister-in-law and I think it's so

beautiful I love it it just needs to be

swept off right now but I really love

that look this season so I was so

excited to set that out I think it looks

so good and then on our front door I

just have this wreath from home goods

and we have a door and then like a glass

screen door so I wasn't able to put the

wreath on the actual door so I got these

really strong magnetic wreath hangers

from Amazon and it seems to work pretty

well so far we haven't had any like

severe weather if we do I will probably

try to just take the wreath inside and

then we will go inside and I'm filming

this first thing in the morning guys so

I have no rings on and I'm still in my

pajamas so then you first walked in our

door and this is what you see and yes

you will always see my dog sitting right

there on the couch if you watch a lot of

my home decor videos I'm sure you've

seen him quite a bit but

this is the living room and this is

obviously the first thing that you see

when you walk in and so this is like the

space I really wanted to go all out with

fall home decor so this is kind of what

you see when you walk in and then over

here is our mantel a coat rack I'll

quickly show you guys that because

that's very boring this is just an old

coat rack that I got a long time go up

Pier one starting off right over here

beside me I just have this gold bin from

Target holding our blankets and then I

have a little basket from Big Lots

holding our dog toys then right here we

have this little key rack that holds six

pictures and I love this as you can see

we have one little key on it because we

don't really go out this store we go out

our side door mostly and then I do have

this little tiny fall decor piece up

here that says fall in love and that is

from Michaels also right here needed a

little corner we have a little pumpkin

Wallflower from Bath and Body Works I

think that's so cute so I guess we will

move this way to the little console

table so if you watched my decorate with

me you know that I said this is one of

the one places in the house that I still

wasn't quite sure about and I do think I

am gonna leave it like this so you guys

can let me know what you think in the

comments down below it's definitely a

little busy but I think I like it like

that I don't know I just like I said

wanted this room to stand out be very

fall very cozy and I think that this

space kind of incorporates that so up

top we have these beautiful gold

candlesticks I'm not sure if you'll be

able to see them because the lighting in

here is so crazy you can kind of see

like that

but I love these I just got a shorter

one and a taller one and then I got

these fake little candles they do light

up I don't have batteries in them right

now but those are just from Target then

of course the standout piece here is

this fall sign I love this I think it's

absolutely adorable and I think it is

such a statement piece in the room which

is exactly what I wanted and this is

from Hobby Lobby and then our other

standout piece is of course the truck

right here which I did get a lot of

questions about in my last

and this guy is from Kirkland so this

actually for the price I didn't think

was that expensive on I bought it online

so I wasn't sure of the size but then I

do remember picking it up in person I'm

being like dang that's big I did not

realize it was that big so that's always

a good thing when things are bigger than

you thought they were rather than

smaller than you thought they were but

yeah I absolutely love this again it's

such a statement piece and I can see

myself having this for years to come and

just loving it every single year and

then I just added some leaves around the

decor pieces here on this table these do

actually light up again I don't have

batteries in them right now but I'm

going to the store later today and I

will get batteries so now for the bottom

two shelves I will quickly go through

where everything is from here like I

said this is all decorative I mean it's

really not a functional space at all so

over here on the very right corner the

happy harvest sign is from kirklands I

was very inexpensive and I just love the

look of like a wooden sign in that space

beside it we have this big golden branch

from a pier one I struggled so much with

what to do with this I actually bought

this when we first got our house but I

could never find a vase that I liked it

in so I tried it just laying down right

here and I actually do like the way it

looks I think it's different beside that

we have some ceramic pumpkins also from

kirklands this came in a 3-pack and I

actually really love these I think these

are a great piece if you just like have

a space where you're really not sure

what to do with it those are a great

thing to have because there's different

colors different shapes different

heights and I think they can really add

a lot to a space next to that I just

have my little squirrel from Kirkland I

love the little animals I think they're

adorable below that we have a decorative

box from Michaels I definitely recommend

using decorative boxes guys it still

looks functional but it's a fall pattern

so I really love that beside that I just

have a stack of books and a white

pumpkin spice candle on top from TJ Maxx

or HomeGoods whatever and then

here on the very right hand corner we

have the greatful pumpkin from Michaels

that I love I love that pumpkin it's so

gold and glitzy and beautiful and then

right beside that we have the matching

Fox to the squirrel right there so just

a little family hanging out on the

console table my dogs actually well my

dog that you see on the couch and my

mom's dog who I watch quite often they

actually destroyed the first Fox that I

had so I had to go to kirklands and get

another one actually my mom went to

kirklands and got me another one because

she felt bad that her dog participated

in destroying the Fox but yeah so that

is it for the consult table or entry

table I mean it's kind of next the door

but I don't even know what to call this

table um let me know your thoughts on

this one guys down below I like it in

person but I feel like on camera it

looks like cluttered I just really can't

tell anyways okay so I had to turn the

lamp on to show you guys that console

table but here is the couch and like

coffee table and all of that so we will

just go through everything that I have

here the couches are from Grand home


I love the couches they're very

comfortable and I like the look of the

big pillows in the back I think it's

really cute we will first start the

pillows even though I feel like I've

talked about them a lot and like home

decor videos and stuff but the orange

pillows that you see on both couches are

from home goods they were sold in a

two-pack for $17.99 I think so really

good deal on those these velvet pillows

in the middle came with our couch that

we bought from Grande and then I have

two pillows right here as well so this

first one says thankful grateful blessed

and that is from kirklands and then we

have a little truck pillow right here

and that one is from Pier one so moving

to this corner our lamp is from Target

we love that lamp that I have this

little sort of end table I guess between

the couches that is from Wayfarer and a

few decorative pieces on that so of

course the main thing on this table is

this sign that has the day Patrick and I

started dating the day we got engaged

and our wedding date and it says the

best days of our lives and my

sister-in-law got us that it was such a

sweet gift love that and then I just

added some like gold decor pieces here

so we have the little Fox candle holder

here from Bath & Body Works I love that

Fox so cute and then I just sat a little

acorn next to it like that and then I

actually recently picked up this woven

basket behind here so that is from home

goods and I just got this mostly for

day-to-day use when my dog knocks off

all of our throw pillows instead of

having them in the floor we can throw

them in this basket right here so right

now I just have a burgundy blanket from

Nordstrom in that but um you know

eventually it might hold throw pillows

that have been thrown on the ground over


we have our mirror hanging above the

couch that is from Target and then for

all of these pillows again the orange

ones are from home goods the plaid ones

and the back these guys also from home

goods I love those they are so soft and

so comfortable sparkly pumpkin right

here is from home goods as well so

here's another angle to look at the

living room our rug by the way is from

rugs USA it does get dirty very easily

so I will say that um and then we'll

move on to our coffee table the coffee

table itself is from Wayfarer and I just

have a few little pieces on this little

centerpiece here on a tray from the

target dollar spot we have these marble

coasters also from Target and then this

beautiful pumpkin here from home goods

with a gold stem and then a little

floral arrangement also from home goods

with a gold base and then i did add this

cute little piece from the target dollar

spot this year it's just a little

tic-tac-toe game i thought it was so

cute to just have sitting on your coffee

table if you have people over they might

play a game of tic-tac-toe

who knows

but either way even if it's just for

decoration I think it's adorable and

then the last space in this room is the

fireplace mantel on top of that I just

added a couple things I really hate that

wire sitting right there but kind of

have to have it this garland is

beautiful is from Hobby Lobby and I

loved the gold Leafs and I think it

works perfectly with the decorations

that I already have in here I did

already have these gold vases from home

goods so I just added a couple things

from Hobby Lobby inside these are like

the velvet pumpkin stems that I think

are so cute so I just added those and I

got the same color on both sides and

then that's just our little HomeLife



yesterday there was Sun and there was



that's the


okay so next let's make our way into the

kitchen our kitchen is definitely one of

the favorite places about our house I

love our kitchen it is so I mean for us

it's really big I know it's not the

biggest kitchen in the world there's no

island there's you know not everything

but we love our kitchen so anyways the

table is over here and then the actual

kitchen is over here so I guess I'll

show you guys this part first there's a

lot of natural light in here so it's a

little hard to show so this is kind of

where you come in from the living room

and you take a left and you see this

this is kind of like our bar slash wine

area it is Patrick's birthday when I'm

filming this so that is why there is a

gift right there for him so we usually

keep several bottles of wine right there

and our wine glass is hanging there in

the back I love this little simple decor

moment that we're having here I just got

this woven basket from Big Lots vase

filler is from Michaels and Pier one and

then I added this little candle holder

from Bath & Body Works with the warm

apple pie candle inside love that that

literally smells like an apple pie and

it's so good and then another one of

these little sitting acorns from Hobby

Lobby those just add a little something

no matter where you put them moving on

right here we have our oven and

microwave those are from Pier one I just

randomly saw them one day and I knew I

had to have them because I loved the

pumpkin spice life next we have our

fridge we have like our pantry over here

and then our side door which is usually

the door we leave out of and on this I

just hung this little sign I wasn't

really sure what to do with it so I just

hung me on this door it just says tis

the season to be thankful and I will

quickly show you guys out here so on our

screen door we have this wreath right

here from them at kirklands and I love

this one too it's so colorful and a

little bit smaller which is great for

our side door and this one I just have

hung up with a suction cup free thing

from Amazon so yeah both of those have

worked great for me so far

yeah and then this is the view that you

see right when you walk in our door from

the side okay so moving on to our coffee

station here so here we have a floral

arrangement from Kirkland and then I did

add this leaf bowl from Marshalls I am

actually going to the store today and

I'm gonna get candy like fall candies to

put in there and then we have these

little shelves up top that we kind of

like to make a little bit decorative so

right here I just have the throwaway

cups from home goods I say give thanks

and then a Rea done work mug i raid on

relax mug some mason jar candles someone

got for us

and then this little thing from the

target dollar spot that has the recipe

for a cafe latte so cute

and then my Winnie the Pooh mug at the

very top and then you go over here this

is where the lighting is gonna get

really weird but at the very top we just

have this coffee sign from Etsy and then

I hung a happy fall banner it's not you

know let me show it but that's the best

you're gonna be able to see the happy

fall banner with the sunlight coming in

but that's just from Amazon and then

I'll move on to the other stuff here so

I just have my pumpkin love raid on mug

sitting on the Keurig I think that just

adds a little bit of decoration there

again today at the store we need to get

K cups and then they will sit on this

little spinny K cup holder back here

it's like my fave

pumpkin pie spice skinny syrup and has

zero calories zero sugar the pumpkin

spice and everything nice sign is from

Amazon we have this coffee mug holder

also from Amazon probably I got that as

a gift actually so this is another sort

of situation like in the living room

where it has the day we started dating

the day of our engagement and our

wedding date a friend wrote this out for

us for our engagement party and ever

since then we just kind of had it up I

think it adds height to the space and I

like the chalkboard look to it so we're

gonna keep that in here I just added

this little scarecrow guys I found him I

must have had him in college or

something but I found him

tonight so I was just like where can I

put him and that's where he landed so I

think he will just stay there but so

cute yes like a little bean but where he

sits somewhere and his legs hang down so

I love him so cute and then right below

that we just have our coffee and these

do actually have coffee beans and then

guys and then this holds true via for me

I like using trivia and my coffee we

have our amazon show I believe it's

called the one with the screen so very

cute it's like my parents dogs that I

love so much on there and then right

next to it we just have this grey tray

that was a gift at our bridal shower and

then I just put the gold paper towel

holder that we have on it and the gold

utensil holder from Target so I thought

that'd fit perfectly on there and I just

added this random little pumpkin here

honestly just because I didn't know

where else to put it then we have some

appliances a toaster a blender a little

cactus that I've had for quite some time

now don't mind the part that is dead

just look at the part that is alive then

we have our sink we have a few little

you know soapy type things this thing

from Grove is amazing we love that

that's like Patrick's new favorite thing

you just like press down and has like

the soap in it and you just press it

down and scrub your dishes and then this

little space over here so honestly this

little stand here is probably one of my

new favorite dishes to the entire house

that sounds crazy but something so small

just added so much like our kitchen was

one of the places where I didn't feel

like it was very decorative at all

before and I feel like I just found so

many ways to just make it super

decorative and super festive so I love

this and I'll probably keep this stand

here forever more that is from kirklands

I just have our gold soap dispenser on

it from Target this little I don't know

decorative festive piece from Target as

well and then our mrs. Meyers apple

cider dish soap back there moving on

here we have a recipe book stand from

Michaels that's just holding my simply

keto book because we are on the keto

lifestyle until the wedding we have our

wooden cutting board here with some

little salt and pepper shakers that I've

had forever as you can see mr. Apple

that's one little antler but that's okay

another utensil holder holding all of

our like you know metal and black

plastic utensils and then a little

pumpkin apple candle with this beautiful

leaf decorative piece from Bath & Body

Works it's just magnetic so I love that

then we just have our gas range here our

little spoon wrist and moving on up here

we just have this little moment so first

is a dog treat container from home goods

this is a little floral arrangement I

put together kind of last minute but I

kind of like the way it turned out I

don't know it adds a little something

maybe it's too much in here but whatever

so this is from the target dollar spot

and then all of this stuff is from

random places I think home goods Hobby

Lobby Pier one we have our little

produce basket here from probably home

goods and then a couple coasters and a

wooden tray I love this wooden tray a

family friend has like a wood making

business and they made this and I bought

it from them

I love it I love the white handles it

just like ties in perfectly with this

and then we just have our letter board

up here it just says welcome to our home

only 60 days until we say I do even

though that's 60 I don't change everyday

shocker and that should be more like a

40 now so that's crazy that is the

overview of our kitchen oh I forgot to

mention that bone Appetit sign is from

Target as well and then we have our

barstools below that are from wayfarer

our door to our back deck and then on

this side of the kitchen we just have

bucks dog bowl right there our kitchen

table is from wayfarer and then we have

this little centerpiece from Hobby Lobby

and then my fave place and the whole

house probably is my bar cart here so

there's a lot going on here but that is

what I love about it so the actual bar

cart is from Target then we have the

tiered tray right here in the corner is

from Pier one and I just have some vase

filler from all different places in

there honestly I think mostly Hobby

Lobby in there

couple things from the dollar store in

there as well the little hay-bale

glittery pumpkins things like that and

this glitter clip right here is also

from the Dollar Tree on this top tier we

have some wicker pumpkins from Hobby

Lobby and this little bead thing that

says blessed also from Hobby Lobby we

have a home sign that is so cute from

the target dollar spot and then this

little pumpkin tray from Big Lots with

two leaves on it from Hobby Lobby and

then this adorable floral arrangement

from kirklands so then from there we

have these towels that say eat eat drink

and wear stretchy pants from Kirkland's

below we have the gold glitter K&P

letters from our engagement party a raid

on be kind sign that usually holds

decorative straws but they are not

sitting out right now about ten little

pumpkin from Hobby Lobby a couple

bottles of Rose a probably from Target

and then four little champagne glasses

so I love the bar cart I think it is so




there's something in the

aniss partition on our sin








Bellavia dog


okay so those were definitely the most

decorated rooms in the entire house so

the rest should go quickly we just hung

up this canvas right here in the hallway

from our engagement session my mom got

me that for the bridal shower and it

just hangs here on our wall I guess

first we'll go into our guest bathroom

first when you walk in we have this

little cabinet system that the owner

previous owners left when you actually

go and we have the sink right here it's

just like a standing sink on this we

have this little glittery pumpkin soap

that my mother-in-law actually got me

that is so cute

and I think patrick said she got it at

Gabe's I actually smells really really

good so we really like that and then

aside from the soap we just have a

Febreze pumpkin air freshener and then

this mrs. Myers Oh - blossom hand lotion

that it's actually really good hand

lotion so if people need that it is

their little hand towel and then on top

of the toilet we just have a fall floral

arrangement a raid on pumpkin candle and

then the classic potpourri that I think

someone got us as a housewarming gift

just funny and then above that I just

made this when I first moved in that I

thought it was funny so I saw it on

Pinterest and instead of buying out on

Etsy I just made it myself with a little

chalkboard from Michaels and some chalk

pins so yeah

that is our bathroom nothing too

exciting on the shower is right there

just a few little things to make it you

know a little bit festive then this is

like my closet room and this room is

like kind of a mess usually but I will

show you guys just like a simple

overview for fall and of course all of

my same furniture my filming stuff is

everywhere in my laptop my hair tools

everything my chair here is from home

goods I do have this rug in here that I

believe I got on the world market


then we just have the closet system here

on the wall and then we have some shoe

shelves in the back and then here is the

only place that I decorated for fall in

here this little drawer system here so

these leopard boxes

are so cute they are from home goods on

top of them I just have a little giraffe

ring jewelry holder from Anthropologie a

Hello fall sign from Kirkland's next we

have a couple of pink pieces both from

Big Lots I love that little lantern and

it also does have a candle inside that

does light up but I just haven't really

turned that on a gold branch from

Anthropologie to hold my dainty gold

jewelry another little jewelry holder

here that has nothing on him he's just a

little giraffe and then a gather sign

also from Big Lots I really want to get

a cover for that it's so ugly

yeah so that is the only place that I

decorated for fall and here




all right so if you walk back out of

here we are going to go right into our

bedroom so this is the master bedroom I

will turn on the light so this is what

it looks like when you first walk in

again all of our furniture in here the

nightstands the bed and the dresser are

all from Granholm furnishings and the

rug is from rugs USA let's talk about

our bed since that is the first thing

that you see when you walk in our duvet

is from Bed Bath and Beyond we have lots

of pillows on our bed the two white big

pillows and the teal ones are from home

goods and then this little hell of fall

pillow is from Pier one I just loved the

way it already matched the teal accents

that we had already and then I just have

a teal blanket from Anthropologie

sitting here it's just like very furry

very nice and then my barefoot dreams

leopard blanket which is also super nice

and super comfortable so then right here

we just have our tall stand-up mirror

from home goods as well and then we have

our fireplace TV stand sort of thing

right here so I didn't do a lot on this

either we just added a little candle

here this is sugared snickerdoodle from

Bath & Body Works and then we just have

these pumpkins here that are all

different shapes and sizes and colors

that is from Amazon and they just say

thanks and again they have the teal kind

of incorporated along with the orange

and the white so I love that for this

space and then I did also recently add

this little gold leaf tray from Target

it doesn't have anything in it right now

but I just thought it was super cute and

then the last place for decoration in

this room is on our dresser and that is

just this little cluster right here so

the tall candlestick in the back is from

home goods it just has a leaves candle

on it and then I just have a little teal

vase next to it also from home goods and

that has a premade floral arrangement in

it from Hobby Lobby and then I also just

added this little champagne glitter

pumpkin from Pier one I think that is so

cute I'm obsessed with it and I think it

looks absolutely perfect in this room

that is pretty much it for the

castles out upset reaching full of

it's willow


so now if we go back out through the

kitchen through the living room with

buck still laying on the pillows and

then we have downstairs here's our

basement there was a lot going on down

here but you know his space and I just

added a little bit of decoration to this

space not much at all the main thing

that I did was just take a few gingham

pieces like these pillow covers and add

those so first right when you walk in

from like the stairs if you turn right

here he has like a mini fridge that is

crazy with stickers and this little

trunk and some dog toys right there but

on top of it I got this little letter

board from Target I just thought it was

cute and I brought it down here and

apparently he found it and wrote man

cave which is fine um so that's kind of

cute and I think it actually looks

really good right there so he did good

with that then we have the TV area here

so on this I just added a banner that

says happy fall and that's from Amazon I

also added a few little gingham pumpkins

from kirklands this one is like a plush

one that is really cute and then on the

other side we just have these two wooden

ones also from kirklands and then a

bourbon pumpkin candle from Target and

then the gingham pillows let's talk

about those so these gingham pillow

covers I just got from Amazon and a

2-pack so I got 2 2 packs for the

pillows that we have done here so that's

a 4 gingham pillows and then I found

this other little tiny gingham pillow in

the target dollar spot very inexpensive

just adds a little bit of a different

look to the gingham theme down here so

really like that and then we just have

this blanket that I am obsessed with

from Amazon it is so silky soft and

comfortable and warmth um sports stuff

up there more sports stuff that I made

him when he played baseball in college

an American flag hung up and then

I just added my left touch to the

basement is this gingham rug right here

they're just kind of tying the entire

look and then that leads to our back

yard so that is everything down here

we'll go back upstairs to our living

room alrighty guys so that's going to be

it for today's video I really hope that

you guys enjoyed it let me know your

favorite part of my house let me know

what you guys have been doing in your

own houses and if you have any fall home

tours of your own I love to watch these

kinds of videos so I would definitely be

interested in watching your guys's home

decor in your house for fall but as I

said in the beginning if you like this

video give it a thumbs up and subscribe

down below if you're not ready and I'll

talk to you all very soon in my next

video bye guys


we got something magical