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okay so let's today talk a little bit

about GU breeds you have to have a

strategy for it you can't just turn it

on and hope that you're gonna win

because what's gonna happen is you're

gonna drive really long distances to the

restaurant now remember you're only paid

from the restaurant to the customers

house right so what I was finding was

happening is I was driving 10 or 12 or

15 minutes to McDonald's only to find

out that the passenger ordered

McDonald's from the closest McDonald's

to them which was a mile down the road

and therefore I get a mile feet and I

end up making $3 or whatever it is

you're also going to end up spending a

lot of time in the restaurant itself you

walk in you wait in a line because

there's people at McDonald's ordering

and then you go up and you dive in

overeats order they they collect the

information from you

they either start making it maybe

they've already made it usually they

start making at that point and three or

four or five minutes later you are

walking out the door with it so you have

now just drove fifteen or twenty minutes

you've waited five minutes in the

restaurant and now you drive your mile

and you hand it to the customer

is that worth it no it's not so I had to

come up with some ideas and some plan

some strategy to help increase that

money so I'm gonna share some stuff with

you today I hope that you take it into

account I hope that you try it and

hopefully it works for you just like it

doesn't mean

when a request comes in you will need to

determine whether or not you should

accept it there are two main things I

look at the direction of the location of

the pickup and how long it will take me

to get there in this example it's eight

minutes out but it's already in the

direction I'm headed so I went ahead and

accepted it also I very rarely will

accept any orders that are over ten

minutes away unless I'm extremely slow

or it comes up and tells me it's a

bigger payout if you also have lyft

running you'll need to switch over and

safely turn that app off safety is

priority number one so if you need to

pull over to do this absolutely pull

over if I'm not running in a time where

I can get passenger request through lyft

and uber then I will probably be a

little more lenient on accepting a

longer pickup for uber eats the biggest

complaint that comes from people

ordering uber eats is the length of time

it takes to get their food now I'm not

telling you to speed but I do go a

little bit faster than normal because I

don't have any passengers in the vehicle

this next part of the video is not going

to be a video of me speeding but just

beating up the video for demonstration

purposes as a new driver I would

recommend ordering something through the

uber etes app just so you see from a

customer side what it looks like and how

it works by doing this I learned what

not to do from a delivery standpoint the

person that delivered my food was not

very personal and basically handed me

the food and just walked away he

definitely did not leave me wanting to

give him a tip because the normal

delivery charge is not very much you

will need to think outside the box for

ways to get your customers to not only

tip you but be excited about tipping you

once you arrive simply take your phone

in and pick up the food you then rate

the pickup and once you are back in your


select the customer's name and start the


once the delivery has been started you

will find out where your delivery is

going and your GPS will automatically

start remember earlier when I was

talking about thinking outside the box

for ways to get the customer to want to

tip you well this is how I do it

believe it or not I simply start a text

message to them through the app and let

them know that I'm on my way sometimes I

will text them more details about

traffic or the pick up process and say

something like I'm sorry McDonald's

didn't have your food ready when I

arrived but I have it now and I'll be

there as soon as possible or something

like I have picked up your food and will

get it to you as soon as possible

however the traffic is really heavy

right now the key is you're trying to

show them that you care and that you're

trying as hard as you possibly can to

take care of them and get them their

food as fast as you possibly can

now don't be discouraged if they don't

write back or say anything back to you

it is totally normal and as a matter of

fact they very rarely do later on when

you deliver the food I'll be showing you

how to use this same technique to help

you get a tip through texting them once

you leave the food with them I also

highly recommend you invest in a food

delivery bag to keep food hot as well as

a small cooler if you need to keep

things cold and always take the food out

of the bag

in front of the customer so they know

you're making the effort I'll put a link

in the description of the ones that I

use that I purchased on Amazon they work

really well and they weren't very

expensive if you do not have a bag or

cooler yet I would just make sure to

tell them upon delivery that you made

every attempt to keep their food hot or

cold remember you want them to know that

you made every attempt to take care of

them as much as possible at the

beginning I mentioned having to build a

strategy to win it uber eats and I'd

like to take a minute to talk to you in

some detail about how to do that now if

you're focusing on uber eats and not

passenger pickups then it may take you a

few weeks to understand where people

like to order from the most then make

sure you are in those areas at peak


that you get the most amount of orders

and you don't have to drive all over now

if you used my referral code when

signing up I will help you in more

detail and building a winning strategy

however I will tell you the biggest key

to uber eats is not driving around a lot

but focusing on an area of town with a

lot of restaurants that use uber eats

for their deliveries again I want to

reiterate how important it is to present

yourself professionally as it will

determine whether or not you get a tip

so make sure to be polite and smile say

thank you for ordering from ubereats and

if they thank you say you're welcome I

know that that all seems pretty basic

but remember when I ordered uber eats

myself I was not real impressed with the

driver as a matter of fact I did not

give him a tip mainly because he had no

personality so the little things makes

such a big difference

once you have delivered the food and

walked back to your car you write a

simple text message back that looks

something like this I use the note

program in my phone to pre make up some

text messages so as all I have to do is

copy and paste I usually give it just a

minute to ensure that they see the note

the last thing you're going to do is

rate the customer and then hit delivered

once this is done your screen will turn

back to your regular screen and the

amount will be added to your total for

the day I hope this video has helped you

with delivering for ubereats

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