Depo-Provera Shot Side Effects, Schedule & More

depo-provera is a form of hormonal birth

control it's an injection that patients

receive every three months it is very

effective up to 99% effective and used

by many women and enjoyed by many women

one women one aspect that you should

know is that if you're trying to get

pregnant it can take up to 10 months to

12 months to get pregnant and return to

normal cycles some of the pros to using

depo-provera for contraception is not

only is it very effective but you only

have to think about your birth control

four times a year most women experience

very light periods and after some time

most women will have no periods


some of the cons it is very common at

least at the beginning to experience

some irregular bleeding that can last

through the first injection and even

into the second injection if you have a

history of major depression you may want

to reconsider using a long term

progesterone birth control just because

in some women it does increase your risk

of depression patients that have had a

history of a blood clot and the leg or

the lung should consult with their

gynecologist and primary care physician

before considering this as a form of

birth control