Deworming My Foster Kittens!

Good morning, kitten ladies and gentlemen. Today is dewormer day for my little kittens

So I thought I would show you guys what exactly I do on dewormer day

Now, if you have a copy of my book Tiny But Mighty, you'll find that there's a whole section about deworming and

different GI parasites that kittens can have.

This is my GI parasite cheat sheet and it explains the name of each common parasite

What it is, how they get it

symptoms, and treatment. The important thing to know is that you don't want to just wait until you find out that they have

parasites to treat them. We can assume that most of the kittens that we get in are very likely to have the parasites

I'm talking about here. So we're going to treat them prophylactically,

which means preventatively. You'll find that in the book

I share some of the common medications that are used for treating kittens

It's of course important for me to say that you're going to be medicating kittens under supervision of a veterinarian

so talk to your vet about the medications that work best for your kittens and you

The medications that I use for deworming are Pyrantel Pamoate, and this is going to treat against common

Parasites like round worms and hook worms. Then I'm going to be using Fenbendazole

This is used to fight and prevent Giardia. Ponazurill is a prescription medication that you're going to need to get from your vet

And this one is going to be used to treat coccidia. I'm not making a specific

recommendation. You should talk to your vet about what works best for you

This is just what I use. Now, most rescue organizations start deworming at two weeks of age and repeat

after two weeks and that is what I do as well

Of course if the kitten is younger than two weeks and they have an extreme parasite load that is potentially fatal to them

I will treat them younger than two weeks

But the important thing to know is that everything you do, you are dosing by their weight

So before I can deworm my kittens

I'm going to weigh them and find out exactly the right dosing that they need

Again, get your dosing information and your medication through a veterinarian. I'm gonna tare my scale

Shining Sunbeam is first, how much do you weigh? Six hundred and six grams. Good job!

So I'm going to just write that down. Shining Sunbeam,

Six hundred and six grams. Then I'm going to turn that into pounds and I have my handy cheat sheet here. So that is about

1.32 pounds

Good job

Purple Crown Fairy is

Six hundred and fifteen grams, and that is just about 1.35.

Good job

Good job. All right next up. I have Fire Crown

Fire Crown weighs in at

Six hundred and fifteen grams. That's the same as your sister. So that's 1.35 pounds.

Good job. Little Woody

So Little Woody, oh, you're small.

She's five ninety-nine.

So that is gonna bring us to just about

1.3 pounds.

And Mountain Gem weighs

Wow, you're huge, dude

seven hundred and thirty grams

Okay, so seven hundred and thirty grams is gonna bring us to just about

1.6 pounds.


Wow, you're so huge

Now, the reason that I put them in this - this is actually just a refrigerator drawer

And I really like these because they're just tall enough that the kitten will stand on the scale without

jumping out of it

You did a good job. You did a good job

You did a good job!

Okay, so now I have their weights in grams and I have their weights in pounds and this is going to give me the information

I need to safely dose my deworming medications.

Okay, so now I have my 1 CC syringes and I am going to use these to pull up my medications.

In terms of dosing information, you should definitely talk to your veterinarian about that

Ok, so I've got my Pyrantel ready. I've always thought this stuff actually smells pretty good

It smells like a cake batter or something.

I don't know that the kittens agree with me, but we'll see how they like it

Ok, so when you're ready to give your kitten their medication

You just gently hold their head in place and then you slip this into the side of their mouth like that

Ew, yucky! That's not the favorite

It's not our favorite but it helps us stay healthy

Ok, did you guys get that? Let's do another one. I'm gonna hold his head steady

I'm gonna gently put this in the side of his mouth and there we go

Good job Mountain Gem. No worms for you. Let's do one more just to make sure you guys got it

I'm holding her head steady, I find this little gap in her teeth right there, and that's that

There's your medication. Good job, Firecrown

Ok, so now we're done with our Pyrantel

and that drug is just

Once every two weeks. Now with these two, you're usually going to use them a couple days in a row

I want you to talk to your veterinarian about what they recommend, but what my veterinarian recommends is

Three days on the Fenbendazole, which is also called Panacur

So three days on Panacur,

And then three days on Ponazuril. If the kitten has really serious Giardia

Then we'll do a little bit longer on the Panacur. But again talk to a vet

'Cause the vet knows best. Now, we're gonna pull up our Ponazuril.

That one's kind of icky.



Uhg, yucky! But that's gonna help you not have coccidia, and coccidia is nasty

you don't want that. And we got our last round of our

coccidia medication, Ponazuril

Oo, it's so icky.

I know, it's gross, it's disgusting

Sometimes when they get their medication you'll see that they lash their tongues around or they shake their head. That's okay

They'll get over it quickly. You can give them a little treat. Now we have our Panacur, also known as

Fenbendazole. Now, if you feel bad for these kittens getting their medications just

Open the book and see what the alternative is if they get these parasites and they keep these parasite loads in their tummies

They are risking diarrhea, constipation,

lack of appetite


vomiting worms, blood in stool

labored breathing, watery or mucousy diarrhea, abdominal distress

dehydration, foul-smelling stool, weight loss gassiness, bloating and even fatality

So take this really seriously. You do want to deworm your kitten. You don't want to wait and find out that they're extremely symptomatic

Just go ahead and deworm your kittens on a regular schedule

Okay, I'm sorry in advance, I know this one's icky. I know this one's icky.

Oh, icky, it's gross! know. It's okay.

We got this. It's gonna be over soon

It's gonna be over soon. Oh

It's gross. It's gross, it's yucky. We don't like it.

Your got this, it's just one more and you're done. Oh, it's so gross it's so gross

You guys are it.

After this, we're all done

After this, we're all done, good job. Good job. Good job. Wow, you did a great job

You took them like a champ. How are you gonna do?

Let's see if you can do a good job too

it's so yucky. But you guys did great, and now it's all done!

And you're not gonna have no more yucky, uninvited visitors in your bellies, and that's a good thing

Good job, you guys did it. You got your dewormers. You guys will forgive me later