#1 Tip for Better POSTPARTUM Recovery: DIET | Birth Doula

hey mama's maybe you are sitting at home

with your new little baby that you just

gave birth to and you're just entering

that postpartum period or maybe you are

still pregnant but you're just hoping to

get a kick start on what to do for that

postpartum period that will be at the

end of having your baby

either way I'm so glad that you're here

in this four part video series we're

going to be talking about all things

postpartum recovery and how to have the

quickest and most effective recovery

that you can have so we're going to be

covering things about diet supplements

self-care and when to get into fitness

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mama so you've just rocked your birth

and now it's time to rock your

postpartum period but all throughout

pregnancy our babies are like the cutest

and most lovable little leeches it kind

of just like take it all out of us and

then we've just labored and it's been

intense and now you're thrust into

caring for your baby so it's also

important during this time to be taking

the best care of yourself so that you

are able to give the nutrition to your

baby as well as have the energy to be

taking care of your baby so in this

video we are going to be talking about a

big part of postpartum recovery and that

is your diet so like I just said babies

really leech off of moms stores of

vitamins and fats and minerals and all

of that good stuff in her body so at the

end of pregnancy a lot of moms are

depleted and zinc and iron in vitamin B

in selenium in a lot of different things

and so sometimes the inclination is just

to start supplementing those things with

pills and vitamins and such but the

first thing that we should be focusing

on is our diet and our diet is either

going to be our medicine or our poison

and of course we want it to be our

medicine so I'm going to be sharing with

you just some really important things

about our diet and that we need to focus

on during this postpartum recovery so

the first thing that I want to point out

at the beginning of this video is that

I'm not going to be telling you how much

you should or

be eating I really think that you all

have a better gauge of your body you've

had nine months of hard work of building

this baby and then you've had hours of

birthing this baby and so you know your

body and you know how much you need to

be eating and so I am focusing more on

the quality of the foods and the

quantity of foods so you'll see a lot of

times that out there especially for

breastfeeding moms that you are going to

want to add about 500 calories to your

your normal diet of like normal calorie

intake but like I said I'm not focusing

on that but that's just a gauge if that

is going to help you if you do

understand calories and all that but

that again is not the focus that I am

going to for I just want to share with

you the good foods that you should be

eating so with that quality over

quantity in mind it's also important to

point out that you know you want to try

to avoid those high-calorie but low

nutrient foods so the desserts the chips

the junk food things that are going to

give you lots of calories but don't

really they're just empty calories

they're not gonna like fuel your body

and of course it's all about balance so

I'm not saying don't eat the Cheesecake

you know don't eat the cookies or the


it's all about balance but you don't

want to be fueling your body with those

things so what did should you be

consuming to help fuel your body one of

the first foods that I recommend eating

during the first few weeks or even hours

after having your baby is bone broth

because bone broth is packed with so

many nutrients that is going to help

your body recovery it has collagen and

gelatin elastin and all of those things

are going to really help with tissue

repair and help with the cartilage in

your bones because remember your pelvis

is shifting

remember all those vaginal tissues have

should have stretched out your womb has

stretched out so that all of those

things are going to really help with the

recovery process not only does out those

things that also is filled with iron

which tons of mom are depleted in

because of the because they've lost

blood during their labor and their

babies been taking it from them it helps

build up calcium phosphorus lots of

different minerals and that's just going

to help with that recovery process along

with all of that being

in bone broth it's also a great

anti-inflammatory and remember your your

body has just been through a lot during

that labor process and so there is a lot

of swelling in the vaginal area there's

also could be swelling in your ankles

from the end of pregnancy or in other

joint areas and so having bone broth is

great as an anti-inflammatory it's also

a liquid and you really need to be make

sure that you are replenishing your

hydration and just making sure that you

are drinking enough water and bone broth

will help with that hydration factor so

I just mentioned swelling and so there

are lots of other foods that you can be

helping with inflammation and things

like tumeric berries kale broccoli all

of those different kind of inflammatory

anti-inflammatory foods are going to

really help you with the recovery

process so that the swelling goes down

and your body is just able to recover

better so in those first few weeks

you're definitely going to want to make

sure that you have a high fibrous diet

and the reason for that is so that you

have loose stools a lot of times in the

very beginning few days especially if

you've had a like a third fourth-degree

tear or even had a c-section they don't

want you to have as much fiber because

they don't want like super loose stools

that are is going to like cause like

irritation for like your perineum or

that c-section incision but after a few

days you're going to want to make sure

that you have good fiber in your diet so

that your stools they stay soft I mean

you're not having to like really bear

down because again that's going to hurt

your perineum whether it's how to tear

or not and it's also not going to be

comfortable for your c-section scar so

some fibrous foods that you can be

eating our beans lentils popcorn which

is a great little snack for you to have

different fruits veggies all of those

things have a lot of fiber and that's

going to help you keep that stool soft

so your food is either going to be your

poison or your medicine and a lot of

times when we're sick we're like I need

vitamin C right vitamin C is also really

important though for this postpartum

recovery we were talking earlier about

collagen and how that's going to help

with your cartilage it's going to help

with tissue repair well vitamins

see helps with the production of

collagen and it's also an immune Beus

immune booster so obviously you're not

gonna want to get sick during this

postpartum recovery

it's like difficult enough caring for a

newborn and trying to take care of your

body and stay on top of everything else

right so really be tracking your diet

full of vitamin C so you know that's the

orange it's like the citrusy fruits and

that's going to be all the different

berries with antioxidants in it it's

going to be spinach dark leafy greens

those things have a lot of vitamin C in

them um also if you are nursing that

vitamin C is going to be passed into

your breast milk to your baby which is

super important for your baby especially

if you are vaccinating to help flush out

you know the aluminum in it or to flush

out those live viruses and to help boost

their their immune system so it's not

just helping you but it's also really

helping baby

so another nutrient that you're really

going to want to try to implement in

your diet postpartum that's going to

help you with the recovery process and

just feeling like you have energy and

also it's going to help fortify your

breast milk is to make sure that you

have high healthy fats in your diet so

things like omega-3s which are gonna be

found in salmon in mackerel and walnuts

and all those different kind of high

healthy fat foods there's kind of this

like idea that fats make you fat and

that is not true

fats are really going to help you

tremendously during this postpartum

recovery to make sure that your milk

supply is nice and fatty for your

growing baby and that you have the

energy that you need during the day to

take care of that baby and also to be

giving your body enough fat stores to be

doing all the recovery that it needs to

internally so those foods like salmon

walnuts almonds avocados those are

really full of good healthy fats and so

there is such a thing as bad fats and

those are the fats that are going to be

in really highly processed foods that

you're going to get at fast food

restaurants that are you know in your

bag of potato chips that have been

and those are the fats that aren't going

to be fueling your body and those just

build up and they aren't good with

flushing out your body they just kind of

stick in there so those healthy fats are

going to be the ones that you are going

to want to steer towards and stay away

from those unhealthy fats so not only is

your body doing that physical recovery

but it's also doing that chemical

hormonal rebalancing after you've had

nine months of pregnancy and birth and

now you are you know recovering from

that and you're also maybe feeding your

baby you're nursing your baby and so

it's doing a lot of rebalancing during

this postpartum recovery period and a

lot of times it goes on the back burner

thinking about our hormones but our

hormones are fuelled and fed by the food

that we give it and so if we want to

feel that like emotional balance if we

want to feel that like physical balance

that you know healthy bond with your

baby a big part of that is going to be

what you're putting into your body and

so it's so easy to want to go for those

cookies because it's easy and I'm


but your body is going to be best fueled

and fed by going for those those

high-protein foods those good fats those

healthy nutritive dense carbohydrates

like sweet potatoes whole wheat bread

good pastas things like that and I'm I'm

sharing this with you not saying that

like junk food it's bad never eat it you

know go for those cookies once in awhile

but if you are hungry your body is not

really craving those cookies its craving

something good to fill up on so that you

can feed yourself and nourish yourself

and feed and nourish your baby as well I

hope this video helped you get an idea

of what you can be fueling your body

with during this postpartum period so

that you can help yourself with

recovering as quickly and most

effectively as possible if you have any

questions make sure you comment them

below as a mom as a doula I just want to

help you as much as I can whether it's

in birth in this postpartum period or in

motherhood so I am here for you for any

of those questions or comments that you

want to make make sure you stay tuned

for my next videos that are coming up in

this four-part series and I will see you

in the next one