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hey you guys welcome back to my channel

I am gonna show you in today's video how

I lost 40 pounds in two months

now I want to do a disclaimer I did have

a baby and I am breastfeeding which

helps a lot but I'm going to show you

great tips and tricks that you can use

even if you didn't have a baby to help

you get off those extra pounds before

summer so if you want to see what I did

in my daily routine keep on watching the

video okay so if you throw me on

Instagram you know I absolutely love

this protein shake

so I usually work out in the mornings I

like it just because it jump-starts my

day I feel like that I get a good start

to the whole day I'm not gonna eat

crappy if I start out right in the

morning so anyways what I like to do if

I have an early morning workout like 5

a.m. this will be my breakfast so what I

like to do is I add some water and

unsweetened almond milk just a little

bit I kind of measure out a tablespoon

of Adams peanut butter the next thing

I'd love to do is take

and freeze them and put them in the

freezer so I go about one whole banana

and put it in now if I'm using this as a

meal replacement I love to add a little

bit of old Mel so Oh bill is amazing for

fiber you get your healthy carbs in and

if you're breastfeeding this is amazing

for your milk supply so I just go ahead

and scoop about 1/3 of cup in and then I

love chocolate weight protein so I do

one scoop of that now if you're not a

fan of chocolate if you're more of a

fruit lover and you don't love peanut

butter the other protein shakes that I

absolutely love to do is I like to do

water unsweetened almond milk and then I

add a little bit of frozen mangoes -


pineapple the next thing I'd like to do

to kind of sneak in my veggies is I take

my spinach and I blend it with water in

my Vitamix and then I port into ice

cubes and that way it's a little bit

less gritty and I throw about three or

four cubes and my protein shake to get

that my veggies in so if you don't love

spinach just do one cube and then work

up to 2/3 for however many you want so

I'm going to go ahead and blend this and

have this for my breakfast this morning

okay you guys so I'm going to show you

some of my favorite snacks that I like

and some snacks I like to take on the go

so this is a cutest little container

it's been a lifesaver for getting

vegetables in you can buy this off at

Amazon and I'll link it down below so

basically what I do once a week as I

talk with my vegetables and they go in

these little cute containers right here

so I have some cucumbers some carrots

some broccoli some bell peppers anyway

so I chop them up and they're right

I don't sit here and wonder what am I

giving it up or getting heat I may sound

weird but I absolutely love things that

are unique and different and it makes me

want to try them so I love anything

that's bright and colorful like beet

hummus or like rainbow organic carrots

one of my favorite snacks too is a

protein bar and an apple simple as that

this is my go-to snack in between

breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner

on the go throw it in the diaper bag

easy 1/2 I love the things then

Barbara's there zero grams of sugar they

taste so good but get your favorite

protein bar and a fruit and just throw

in your back the next thing that I love

is I try to get about 90 ounces of water

in a day if you can't drink that much

totally fine get a mug or something that

has the hours on it there's a ton on

Amazon ton online that you can see what

you're drinking throughout the day and

what you need to hit I love true lemon

so this brand doesn't have any aspartame

in in it which Crystal Light does and I

love purse away but this does it and so

my favorite flavor is peach lemonade and

watermelon so what I'll do with that

sometimes to mix it up if I go ahead and

grab matcha tea powder and I throw some

in there if you haven't heard about

matcha tea powder it's so good for you

my brother has a tea company and I'll

link them down below and they sell

amazing tea that is all organic so go

ahead and check them out I love getting

my tea from them too last thing I'm

gonna show you is a snack that I do that

I love I'm so passionate about this you

guys this is a brand called Creole brew

absolutely love them so it's a coffee

alternative doesn't taste like coffee

it's not coffee

but you brew it like coffee you can have

a French press I put about half a cup in

it and let it brew with boiling water it

curbs your appetite it has antioxidant

in it it's just really good for you so

what I like to do is grew about three to

four servings at

put it in a bank mason jar so you can

see i'm towards the end of mine and then

i love to grab a premier protein shake

and pour it right in so when i do that i

feel like i have this like yummy treat

this one is gonna be like a banana

chocolaty treat I love them all I love

salted caramel I love the chocolate I

love the vanilla

I love the banana I seriously love them

all with the trio and I just go ahead

and throw some ice in that and that is

the yummiest treat you can have and it's

so healthy for you and so great for you

and this premier protein has 30 grams of

carbs and only one gram of sugar which

is amazing so my last tip I want to do

for you guys for having a snack is make

sure you have apples or bananas or some

kind of fruit all in the counter make

sure whatever is in your eyesight is

healthy for you so it's not chips or

crap or anything like that because once

you see it you're gonna take it have the

things that you want to eat in your

eyesight the chopped up veggies the

fruits and vegetables on the counter hey

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ok the lunch time you guys so this is

the time I really try to get in my

vegetables lunch and dinner I love to

have a big ol salad during lunch I just

feel like the bigger the better and I'm

going to be so full after but being a

mom sometimes I don't have enough time

to make a complete salad I always try to

have kale or spinach or lettuce or

anything like that in the fridge that I

can make up a salad but lifesavers is go

to your local Costco or Sam's Club they

have these bags that are so healthy so

convenient and so yummy free this one

has Cal chia seeds and has dried

cranberries pumpkin seeds Brussels


cabbage all that it

they ready for you to go now I don't

want you to stop there what I want you

to do for me is drop some Tomatoes we've

got some feta cheese grab some chicken

and things of that sort have them in

your fridge so when you get your salad

add some protein into it add some more

vegetables broccoli tomatoes have some

feta cheese and you have a huge big

salad for lunch and it's art you pay for


I love enlightened ice cream seriously

love love love love it I love protein

ice cream and this is so creamy so good

my favorite is chocolate peanut butter

cookie dough and red velvet so if you

see this or if you have a sprouts by you

pick one up and try it there ice cream

bars are so good to you I seriously make

sure I get a treat every single night

whether it's a couple squares of dark

chocolate or whether it's a sunlight and

ice cream I don't want to starve myself

of not having much abuse throughout the

week and then I completely binge on the

weekend and that whole diet or the whole

eating healthy just went out the window

and I feel like awful about myself so

make sure you give yourself a little

treat every day so Sunday if it doesn't

come around and you think I gotta just

binge so alright cuz I'm not gonna have

it for the rest of the week make sure

you give yourself a little treat

throughout the week whatever it may be

so let's talk about dinner time I love

dinner time and it's so yummy but I

understand it's so hard to pretend

especially if you are working or your

partner or spouse is working - it's so

hard so one tip I have for you as I like

to do is make sure you grab your phone

this right here is gonna save you so

much every Thursday what I like to do is

I go through and I plan out every meal

from the

sweet at least dinner's I find out what

ingredients I need what I'm gonna make I

always make sure there's a vegetable in

it so it could be chicken on the trigger

with asparagus salmon with broccoli I

like making stuffed bell peppers or

zucchini boats or anything like that I'd

go and write the ingredients in my phone

of what I need at Walmart or my local

grocery store or Costco and so when I go

to the grocery store I'm not spending

more than what I don't need I know

exactly what I want what I need and I

don't spend more than that so every

night the mill is planned out I don't

have to worry about what are we doing

for dinner and the second tip I have for

you is make double and triple of

whatever your dinners are so me and Gail

Oni are huge fans of leftovers and for

lunches too so we will always make

double or triple of what we're eating

and then for lunch we can both have that

for lunch when we go to work and so it's

super easy and simple your lunch is

already done you don't even have to

think about it

so my very last tip I have for you guys

it's really hard and really difficult

when you have friends that say let's go

to lunch or let's go grab some ice cream

or anything of that sort make sure

people know what you want to succeed at

and like your goals and what you want to

do so they support you all these recipes

that I mentioned today you can find in

my Instagram on my recipe highlight reel

they're going to show all what you need

in there and how you make it so you can

just screenshot it my Instagram is that

catcon aloni so go ahead and follow me

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and my fitness to losing weight thank

you so much for watching make sure you

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