What Made My Wedding Diet So Successful!!


good morning guys welcome back to my

channel this video is highly anticipated

I meant to post it before I left for the


timing was crazy it just didn't work out

so better late than never it's getting

posted now as you can tell from the

title I'm basically just gonna go over

what I think made my wedding diets so

successful I have like 4 to 5 tips I

guess or just like things that I think

made my diet successful so we're just

gonna kind of go through those you will

notice there's a trend to all of these

and I'm kind of a purposely making it

seem like that because I genuinely think

it all kind of came back to one thing I

did that a lot of people don't like

doing but it really is worth it in the

end so without further ado let's get

right on into it and then I will kind of

go into some of the frequently asked

questions I've been getting after I talk

about these tips and my goals moving

forward after dieting for the wedding

and just like I had people asking about

what my goals are now if I my diets

gonna change a ton and my workouts are

gonna change we will address all of that

after what I think made my diet

successful first and number-one thing

that I think truly did make this diet a

lot easier and like it was the best

diving experience I've ever had was the

fact that I went into it knowing that I

was gonna take it very very slow any

time you try to rush into a diet your

one putting your body under a lot of

stress you're normally not gonna feel

very good you're gonna have a lot of

cravings because you went from eating

this diet where you were at maintenance

or above maintenance to like really

restricted calories not able to fit in

food so it's just a really drastic

change the fact that I took it slow kind

of eliminated all of that so I was able

to just ease into it really well still

enjoy life which you will see that most

of the most of the points I'm going to

talk about are kind of all going to come

back to the fact that I did give myself

a ton of time

I know it can be frustrating I know you

want to see results really quickly but

taking your time really will pay off in

the long run way more maintainable and

way more sustainable in my opinion but

that's just what I think worked for me

that's like my number one thing that I

truly do you think made this so

successful whereto is kind of going off

of the fact that I gave myself a lot of

time I started off by making very

realistic goals I wasn't trying to get

like shredded like I did for when I

competed in bikini shows I also kept a

very realistic timeframe given all of

the things I knew we would have I knew

we were going on trips over the summer

that I wouldn't be able to stay

completely like on track I guess you

would say so I was very realistic with

my goals and with the time frame I gave

myself which was huge because that ends

up eliminating a lot of pressure and a

lot of stress that kid could be revolved

around dieting point number three I

wanted to touch on is the fact that I

stayed very consistent without being too

restrictive so I know that can be a

little confusing but when I say that I

wasn't too restrictive I mean I still

went out to eat with Chris we still had

date nights I still had ice cream we

still did normal life things but when we

did do that I tried to stay very healthy

when we ate out and no matter what even

if we ate out multiple nights in a row

or if we went on vacation and I couldn't

eat my normal meals as soon as we got

home I got right back to my schedule and

when we did travel I still did my

workouts like I stayed very consistent

and stayed on my plan to the best of my

abilities when I was gone or like I said

if we went out to eat I still tried to

choose really healthy options I tried to

stay very balanced which definitely

helps a ton you'll hear a lot of people

say consistency is key and it truly is

if you stay really good on your diet for

three days or during the week but you

completely bomb the weekend and overeat

you're not going to be in a deficit at

the end of the week so you might gain

weight you're gonna stay the same the

fact that I was able to

stay consistent made a huge difference

and it was easier to stay consistent in

my opinion because I did give myself

that large amount of time I knew I could

go out to eat and not stress about it

because once again I had I had time that

kind of goes right into the fourth thing

is the fact that I kept discipline in

the gym and with food so talking about

me staying consistent when we went on

vacation and with food I did stay very

disciplined with the fact that I didn't

miss my workout if I was supposed to

workout I still did something when we

went on vacation I didn't just say oh

I'm on vacation I'm not doing anything I

tried to stay super active even if that

didn't mean like going and lifting in

the gym I would go walk I would do some

kind of like hit workout and something I

would be active and like I was saying if

we did go out to eat I tried to stay

very discipline and the fact that I

wasn't gonna get a bunch of french fries

like I still tried to get high protein

lower fat meals not that fats bad but

when you're eating out fat adds up way

faster than most of the other macros

just because they're cooking in oil

there's usually cheese like there's fat

adds up very quickly so I was trying to

make sure I was doing either like a

salad with a lot of protein or getting

like if I got tacos I got there's a taco

place around us so we got tacos actually

kind of a lot I made sure I didn't get

any cheese or sour cream on there so I

just stayed very disciplined throughout

the whole process without once again

being too restrictive and once again

like I said with all the other points I

think the reason that did work so well

for me and I got the results I did was

because I had that time those are the

main four topics I wanted to touch on

that I really do think helped make this

so successful right from the start I

gave myself plenty of time which allowed

for me to make very realistic goals as

far as the plan how much weight I wanted

to lose I didn't set an exact weight I

was just gonna kind of see where I went

see how everything was going

you know kind of where I felt

comfortable and I stayed really

consistent and really disciplined with

that time frame in my opinion I think

that that worked so well for me because

it took a lot of the pressure and like

unrealistic expectations off so I was

just really able to like enjoy life and

just slowly get leaner over time while

once again still being able to enjoy my

life I have competed in the past I know

I can stay very disciplined and

following a meal plan and do like a

shorter diet for a more extreme outcome

as far as like getting really really

lean that wasn't my goal for this

process I wanted to still be able to

enjoy life I wanted to be able to go on

date nights with Chris and what I did

and the plan I created for myself really

allowed for that now some people might

not do well with I guess the lack of

structure I had but just with where I am

in life right now it worked really

really well for me and I hope that some

of you are able to take some of those

tips and kind of apply them to your own

life I know they're kind of a broad

concept but one of the things that I

talk to my clients about right from the

start is studying realistic goals for

yourself if you're trying to achieve a

certain weight or a certain physique in

a very short period of time and your

life and schedule doesn't really allow

for that you're just gonna put a lot

more stress on yourself a lot more

pressure on yourself which is never

gonna help anything and it can kind of

cause this like either a bad

relationship with food or you feel like

you're being too restrictive and then

when you're done dieting it's like you

feel like you want to eat everything or

go go out to eat all the time or just

because you've been so restricted for so

long so this worked really really well

for me

as far as my plans for the future I

don't plan on staying this lean I did

just get back from the honeymoon so I'm

still a little bloated my I'm gonna

basically just try to get back to

maintenance and to a point where I feel

really comfortable I will probably track

macros for a little just to see what

maintenance feels like that's kind of

what I did in the beginning I can't

in macros I would follow them for a week

or two see how it felt and then because

I eat the same thing for the most part I

was able to stay really really well

within that range throughout the process

and then if I hit a plateau I would

knock my calories down a little bit

again or just increase my activity

levels but that's basically my plan

moving forward just to kind of get back

to maintenance and get back to not that

I wasn't enjoying life before but at the

end of the day a diet is a diet you do

have to sacrifice some things you can't

eat everything you want so I am gonna

get back to a point where Chris I are

gonna have like candy on the weekends

again and snacks and all that stuff a

little bit more often but the whole goal

through this day was to keep a very

balanced lifestyle and feel good my

camera ready good storage because all of

the honeymoon stuff is still on there

but yeah my whole goal with this was to

keep it very balanced and just have have

an enjoyable life while you know feeling

good looking good and that's my goal

still so I'm not gonna go into a bulk

I'm not gonna try to like gain a bunch

of weight that's the one thing that I

really didn't like about competing was

the whole back and forth so I am gonna

probably put on a little bit more fat

just to kind of get back to my

maintenance level like I said but other

than that my goals are just to enjoy

life keep kicking butt in the gym and

just overall feel good as far as like

health-wise and like physique wise I

just want to feel comfortable so that's

that is it nothing too crazy I will

probably track macros for a little bit I

was getting that question a lot but

other than that just trying to enjoy my

life and enjoy my fitness and all that

so that is it for the video I hope you

guys enjoyed it I hope it was helpful if

you have any questions at all feel free

to comment down below I will try to get

back to them as soon as I can I do have

a really busy week this week hair stuck

in my lip

I'm trying to get caught up with just

being gone all last week on our

honeymoon but I do plan on recording a

like detailed wedding video as far as

like every my jewelry my dress where I

got my bridesmaid gifts as getting a lot

of questions about that

so expect that soon I'll see you guys