When to Start Disciplining a Child | Fatherhood Series 1

there's no point disciplining a child if

they don't understand what discipline is

so you need to train a child from an

early age from really from birth for

example when a child is born they have

they didn't they require food it's one

of the first things that they require is

food now if you and if they don't have

food they scream because that's the end

I swear they telling you I need some

food feed me I can't talk so they scream

it's apparent you got to understand that

why you screaming Oh hungry long way so

you give them the food but if their

child keeps crying every minute because

it wants food and he had queston it

demand then you're not training the

child and a child will end up running

your life and dictating your live until

and if you're not careful that will

overspill from childhood from a baby to

infant to child puberty and on and you

will be always whistling and dancing to

the tune that your child whistles

because of me being in work and my wife

at home and working from home she's able

to be more hands-on with the kids and

she leads a very disciplined highly

disciplined life staff for working

homework studying and and the children

they spend time to give around the table

every single day with homework or study

studying is more of a social thing in

our house rather than a chore and that

environment is created quite well there

are times when I can I join

because I'd love to take point in in

that side but purely because of times

when I'm around its the thrust of it is

primarily my wife and she does that very

well so routine is her Forte so you will

say to the child I'm gonna give you milk

and of course a period of time has two

laps before you can start inflicting

disciplines but use you will tell the

child will be by your actions rather

than your words you will get fed every

four hours and I'll feed you this amount

if this amount if you start crying

afterwards I'll give you water

so therefore the child starts to learn

how it's working and if the child

continues to cry you'll try and console

the child etc but at some point you may

just leave it requires that the child

will learn because if every time the

child cries you give in to their demands

then it knows from birth I'll cry and

I'll get some food

an Indian you're not training a child

free boundaries that we have value of

time to go to bed so they have enough

time to sleep and recharge boundary of

food I'm not a believer of snack in

snakey snakey snake in a snake in the

snack in sake number of children mercy

suffer because they are not eating the

right foods they can't concentrate in

school and the boundary of what they

watch I think far too many programs on

TV may come across quite innocent but

they display great folly and so I don't

allow them to watch certain some some

even some kids programs because they're

not dressed up as kids programs or

should I say they're dressed up as kids

programs but they've got very very kind


underline an adult-themed so we've with

TV so programs that allow them to watch

so the discipline starts really from

birth in terms of external forms of

discipline and chastisement it's no

point in just starting the job until

they are aware of what that chastisement

is there could be physical punishment it

could be deprivation it could be put in

a stand in a corner or stand on the

stairs where the hands are wherever the

point is is no point in giving those

forms of discipline if such a clue

what's going on so there must be honor

to correlate discipline with even one of

my Forte's is character development and

developing the characters between the

three also to be able to develop them as

characters to develop each other as a

team is also an important thing for

children to have within siblings in fact

a lot of the activities that are brought

into the house or outside is for them to

actually work as a team or share work

together complete their tasks together

so they know how to you know to be in

that three-legged race as you we're not

to say they can't do things by

themselves but I want them to be I

wanted to have the character to work

together which also helps outside in the

wider community when they can learn how

to work with other people so between

routine and and and building character

there's there's a skill set there's also

the character to to actually take those

skills and use them in a wider community

but if the child has done something they

must understand consequences of their


now as they become older and wiser and

more intelligent so their understanding

grows of the consequences of their

action but nonetheless the training of a

child as far as I'm concerned starts

just after birth one of my high points

in my computer game in life was

completing something the Hedgehog I felt

really great it's fantastic one of my

low points in my life was this took the

place of my revision and I really really

really failed to become honest in doing