What Do They Teach Dogs on the First Day of Obedience School? : Dog Training & Care

hi I'm Tony drug Minh with sit mean sit

dog training where a trained dog is a

happy dog today we're gonna talk about

what we teach on the first day of

obedience class in our class we teach

the art of attention and place attention

because it's difficult to teach the dog

anything without acquiring is it

attention around distractions and place

because it acts as a calming and

relaxing exercise it's difficult to get

the dog to pay attention if you can't

get him relaxed and calm so the two

exercises go hand-in-hand let's talk

about some training equipment here we

have training collar of choice could be

a slip collar could be a head halter

directing the head a pinch collar of a

remote training collar we want a

six-foot trained English some favorite

food treats a food pouch and a favorite

toy we're ready to get going attention

to our dog as a concept is simple we

only reward the behavior we want

attention in this case we want our dog

to stay on a loose leash and remain with

us and we won't take one step forward

until they can do this when he can

perform this then we'll begin to move

and it'll be the same goal our

expectation is a loose leash walking

stop turn and that's it that's attention

so let's take a look at it right now

okay let's move shadow out in a nice

loose leash for me sue now our training

specialty is working with the remote

collar and that's how she's cueing the

dog for attention and her leash is nice

and loose and doing a beautiful job

she's gonna direct shadow back to her

place and this next dog is a puppy and

he may need a little more help with his

training tools and his food and all that

kind of stuff let's go ahead with Kelly

we want a loose leash there we go we

want to stop and bring Kelly right back

to position without using your leash so

you want to maintain that leash more

with more slack there you go and you're

going to only go one step and then stop

and ask Kelly to come back to you and

then tap and bring her back and use your

food to reward her and bring her back

that's what the food is for to help the

dog maintain attention put your that's


keep your leash loose walk forward

tap and ask her to come keep your leash

loose there you go tap and come back yes

and stop and bring her back right to the

food use your food to help you good and

that's the start of teaching that

attention let's take her back and show

the same thing with Levi okay let's

bring Levi out I want you to tap using

your remote training collar for

attention use your food and keep that

leash slack now stop and bring him right

back to you perfect and go ahead and

feed him quickly there you go and reward

the right behavior very nice tap and go

forward that's our attention cue come

there you go and take him on back come

he's a puppy and so very good nice to

back to our place and Elsa let's bring

your dog out this is peanut loose lead

turn around come come very nice peanut

come and back to the place and let's do

one with Miss Emmy a nice loose lead

that's exactly what we want we want to

turn we want her to follow you and back

to the place the place we use is the

calming exercise it's easier for the dog

to do the place exercise after he's

walked and had some practice thinking

and that's how we what we teach our dogs

in our first day of obedience class

thank you for joining me today

I'm Tony drugged Minh and remember a

trained dog is a happy dog