Beginner's Basic Obedience Class

you don't back to try to get touched

get your dog back

leave the map you know that's a wrong

behavior so what I want you to start

doing is I'm taking to consideration

what do you want to say to be if you

tell your dog sit stay is it good enough

that they're standing up and staying in

the general area is it okay if you pull

them to sit but they lie down releasing

their heads that okay would move so kind

of decide your criteria kind of now so

that you're teaching your dog your kid

setting the home for success and if you

don't change things around because I can

kind of one stabilize the behavior so

I'm feeling like okay did you have

treats with you yeah one of the things I

want you to start doing is um if Stanley

looks up at you are he stops shooting

just to get used to the clicker give it

one get out

so what I'm going to start doing try to

set the dorm up conversely remember when

I would start three minutes I would just

stand here today and just maybe take one

pot back Ritchie state clicking - and my

little a click and treat

I might wave my hand click a treat and

stabilize with the general movement to

begin have some dogs you can plant in

front of them how to loose it say the

second you turn your back on them they

can't get on so you're kind of I start

stabilizing a big crowd so I'm going to

do is stand here and just turn to away

from her okay so start doing that with

your puppy first and then once they get

a little bit simple with that then you

can say okay tasks stick and then you

take it back and try clicking and

treating at Portia's ends up okay use

the pieces that make up these are trying

to get along the mattresses link it to

the decimal anytime is a touch right now

choose either wait or stay or whatever

your choose there you go very well it's