5 Signs You Should Start Weighted Calisthenics

so you heard about weighted Kel

aesthetics but you're not sure if it is

right for you or if you should get into

it what's up saw squad you know who it


Austin Dunham and in this video I want

to tell you five signs that you should

probably start and waiting Cal

aesthetics right so if they tuned and I

hope you guys enjoyed the video sign

number one you have mastered your body

weight alright so you're a pro at a lot

of the calisthenics exercises you

learned your front lever you learned

your one-arm pull-up you can do 90

degree handstand push-ups plants

push-ups you can do it all and now

you're just bored doing the same

exercises over and over again and you're

trying to figure out the next step well

the next step will be to add weight to

either the beginner movements or even

add a weight to the advanced movements

if you're that strong doing this will

actually potentially make you even

better at those advanced variations that

you are already doing trust me I've been

there because I've mastered a lot of the

advanced exercises that a ton of people

want to learn within bodyweight training

and I honestly got bored of some of them

so I started implementing wait a Celt

setting so if you're in my shoes at all

then that's a sign that you should

probably start - all right sign number

two is that you love weighted compound

movements so this goes out to all my

weight lifters out there if you are

watching this video so if you happen to

love the bench press or the military

press or any other weighted compound

moment then weighted calisthenics will

probably fit you well I say this because

the way take L said is compound

movements replicate weight lifting very

very well so for example the weighted

push-up is literally almost the same is

that thing as a bench press but instead

of moving external weight away from you

you're pressing your body up along with

adding weight to you so it won't feel

like you're making a huge shift you

won't be doing the you know crazy

push-up variations instead you would

just be doing weighted push-ups you

probably already do where they pull us

because a lot of weight lifters already

do that but if you're not then instead

of lat pull-downs you'll be doing

weighted pull-ups

point is if you're in the weightlifting

community and you tend to love the

compound movement more than likely

you're gonna enjoy weighted Cal

aesthetics so guys speaking about

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on to sign number three is that you

aren't building enough muscle with only

bodyweight movements now I know a lot of

calisthenics practioners when they get

into calisthenics that's the only thing

they tend to do they're like screw

weightlifting screw adding waste to it

I'm sticking the bodyweight only but the

thing is they expect to build a ton of

muscle with it very very fast as if

their weight lifters that's not true

why because calluses focuses more on

neurological adaptations to make your

body more stronger in doing a certain

movement it's really not serious about

building muscle like your body's not

going to be like okay let me get better

at this front lever or this one-arm

pull-up by adding a ton of muscle to you

that's not the case and we can actually

see that in a lot of calisthenics

athletes compared to weight lifters how

a lot of them are very very skinny but

they're really really strong and they

have no muscle mass now here comes the

problem is where you when it builds more

muscle while also having that strength

such as myself I figured out a way how

to build muscle while focusing on skills

and getting that neurological

adaptations now if you're in that same

Boult that's the sign that you probably

want to start included in weighted

calisthenics within your routine and

kind of switch it up from just doing

bodyweight only all right sign number

four and this is a sign that I kind of

mentioned in the first sign and that is

is you want to get better at bodyweight

movements and the reason why I say this

is because if you're able to do let's

say weighted pull-ups with two three

four pounds attached to your body then

more than likely you definitely have the

strength of performing a proper one-arm

pull-up now on the other hand if you're

able to do a pseudo planche push-ups

with a 45-pound plate on your back and

do that for proper form then you're

probably going to be able to progress

the full planche push-ups even faster so

waiting calisthenics is definitely a

good supplement to your bodyweight

training if you don't want to dive

headfirst within weigh take L tell you

so if you really are focused on

bodyweight only then try wedeck

calisthenics out to help supplement

supplement your bodyweight training so

that you can get even stronger in those

movements and sign number five which is

the last one is that you have access to

a gym or you already trained in one so a

lot of tell sex people they tend to

train at parks or places where literally

you're only limited to your by the way

some may even train at home where all

they have are the double dip bars and a

pull-up bar right but if you're in a

situation where you love to Train out

the gym such as myself or you have a gym

that you have access to then it is

simply a no-brainer to start trying

weighted calisthenics or start

implementing a little bit within your

workout routines dearly you're already

there the weight is there your chain

belt you have access to so my website

and you have all the resources available

to you so why not just take that step

and make even better progress not only

in your physique but also in your shunt

why not is simply a no-brainer and you

are seriously limiting yourself if

you're not so guys those were the five

signs that you should probably start

doing weighted calset X if you at least

hit probably two out of five of these

signs the

I'm gonna need you to start doing waita

calisthenics starting the following

Monday or whenever Monday lands for you

all right no excuses remember you can

get fifty five percent off my new

wedding callous ethics program beyond

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