Skyrim Special Edition: How to Start DRAGONBORN DLC (Remastered Gameplay Walkthrough)

what's up squad

my name is ESO and welcome back to the

channel a ton of you are asking me on

the stream last night how do I start the

Dragonborn downloadable content in

Skyrim so I decided to make this video

guide to help you guys out if you have

the scone special edition game the

Dragonborn DLC will come with it if not

you'll need to download it and install

it but once it is installed you can

start the DLC there are actually two

ways to start this downloadable content

and I do suggest doing the first method

because then the story makes more sense

but the second method is much faster and

you can do it straightaway at level one

so for the first method we must first

reach the part in the main quest line

where you are asked by the Greybeards to

retrieve the Horn of jurgen wind cooler

you don't need to finish the quest you

just need to start it and it happens

very early on in the main quest line so

after you've started this quest you can

pretty much go to any major city like

Rifton or Whiterun and then just wait a

few hours you there you're the one they

call Dragonborn

you will then be approached by two

coasts these cultists will then engage

you in conversation before proclaiming

that you are the false dragon board and

then they turn hostile and start

attacking you now these can be quite

hard enemies to kill our low-level so do

take care no matter what you say they

will attack you though now there is

still a bug even in Skyrim remastered

where the kotas might not actually

appear for you so you might be sitting

there waiting in a city and the coaches

still haven't appeared so there are two

things you can either do now you can

either just carry on playing the game as

normal and wait until it eventually

appear in a city or if you just really

want to start the Dragonborn DLC right

now we can actually solve this with

method two and I'll talk about that in a


so if you just kill these cultists you

will then find that one of them has a

note if we then read this note it will

update your quest log and tell you to

seek passage to stop Stein where the

Dragonborn DLC is based in fact it's a

whole new area that you guys can explore

so now we must travel to win town docks

which is just here on the map on the

right of Windhelm

once you arrive at the docks you will

find a boat that you can take the

solstar but you're just going to want to

talk to the captain of this boat here

and as you're talking to him he'll have

the speech option within the

conversation to either pay him 500 gold

to take you there or down here you

actually see you have an option to

intimidate him and that will mean you

can go for free obviously we're going to

choose the latter

there's nowhere you're going to pay this

guy 500 go for taking us there the

second method is just to go straight to

wind town docks and come straight to

this captain on this boat here and ask

him to take you there himself and you

can do it that way at any level the only

difference is that when you reach Seoul

time you will miss some of the quest

dialog and instead in order to actually

start the Dragonborn DLC main questline

you'll need to do this once you reach

Seoul time you must travel from Raven

Rock north east to the temple of MARAC

which is located here in the map and

this is the map of seoul's time that you

unlock when you get there and once you

reach the temple of mirik you must speak

to Freya you will then be able to stop

the main Dragonborn DLC quest line I

really do hope you enjoy this storyline

guys because it's a really good one and

if you want a full commentated

walkthrough of the Dragonborn DLC make

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