10 Minute Masterclass: Dreamfeed

hey it's Rebecca Mickey here and welcome

to the ten minute master class in this

master class are gonna be talking all

about a dream feed and how it can help

you and your child to get a better

night's sleep so let's get started so

what actually is a dream feed a dream

feed is when you get your child up

whilst they're sleeping you feed them

you burp them and you lay them back down

now the idea is that because you are

feeding them earlier in the night

they're not then going to wait for a

feed and will be able to sleep for a

longer stretch most people are doing a

dream feed then before they go to bed so

let's just for example sake say that

your child goes down to sleep at 8

o'clock and then you go down to bed at

11 well if your child is then waking at

midnight that means that you've had an

hour's sleep before you've been woken so

let's see if we can actually introduce a

dream feed here to help your child to

get a longer stretch asleep and then in

turn means that you are getting a longer

stretch of sleep before you're needed to

go in and help your child again just

before you're gonna go down to bed you

want to go into your child and you want

to pick them up and feed them and get as

much for feed into them as you possibly

can now make sure that you burp them

this is not a step that we want to skip

because we don't want them then waking


shortly after then chances are they're

going to be still asleep and you're

gonna lay them down and then hopefully

they should then be getting another long

stretch of sleep which means then that

you are gonna be able to go to bed and

you are going to be able to get that

long stretch to sleep as well before

you're awoken again I think the perfect

time to introduce this is at around 3

months of age you can try before then

but often times it doesn't work but

around 3 months is a really really good

time to do this and as when we are

working with anything sleep related it

doesn't just mean that it's going to

work from night one and so what I would

do is give it at least three nights to

decide whether it's going to work for

your child or not if you're nursing you

can most certainly try nursing your

child at this time but remember that

often times a child who's nursing is

just gonna fall asleep really really

quickly it uses a lot of muscles

sometimes people will have an easier

time expressing some milk and another

time of the day and then giving this

dream feed with a bottle this is

something that's nice to do then with

your partner is that you can take it in

turns then to do this dream feed and it

means that one of you can go to bed

really really early and then the other

can stay up and do that dream feed and

so when it is potentially you're going

to bed early and you mean be able to get

a really long stretch then before you're

woken up for that next feed so it may be

worth doing then if you are able to have

your partner give a bottle at that time

a lot of times children who don't

actually take a bottle at any point

during the day do really well with a

bottle at this dream feed because we are

getting them up and they are still

asleep and so they may still just take

that bottle even if they will not

entertain a bottle in any way during the

day they may certainly do for a dream

feed so as I mentioned earlier you can

introduce a dream feed at about three

months old but it doesn't mean you have

to it may be that it doesn't actually

work for your child at that point a lot

of this does depend on how many feeds

they get in during the day whether

they're just ready for this we're

looking at their temperament we're

looking at so many other things whether

you're going back to work or not we're

looking at a lot of things that means

that three months may not be quite ready

for your child so just if you try this

and it doesn't work for your child at

three months don't worry

you could try again in a month or two

months even and see if it works for your

child then don't just give up completely

on the idea because it didn't work once

we want to try for at least three

consecutive nights before deciding

whether it's working for your family and

if it's not give it a week to or months

and then try again how do we get rid of

that dream feed well there's a good

times at around eight months of age or

after that you may want to consider

getting rid of the dream feed and I said

that you do so really really slowly

because if your child is used to getting

a fairly big feed then at that point and

you just cut that out their tummy is

going to be hungry and that is going to

wake them because their stomach is used

to getting that certain amount of milk

at that time the tummy is gonna get

ready to digest and that's when they're

gonna stop that their tummy is gonna

start rumbling and that is going to wake

them up so what I suggest you do if you

wanted to work on reducing down the

dream feed we the nursing or with the

bottle is to gradually reduce the amount

that they get so this is really easy to

do with the bottle you can see how many

ounces they have and work on gradually

reducing it down making changes every

three or four nights works really really

well so you may reduce down by half an

ounce or an ounce and what you're doing

is you're helping your child's stomach

to adjust the amount that they're

getting the amount that they're

expecting you also want to do a similar

sort of thing if you are nursing you can

reduce down the amount of minutes that

you are nursing so if you're nursing for

10 minutes initially you may nurse for

nine and then you can gradually work on

reducing it down now remember some

children will needs to feed during the

night until they're around 12 months of

age that's completely biologically

normal and some children will most

certainly go beyond twelve months of age

again that's completely normal for that

to be the case don't worry your child

will make up for this milk if they need

it if they are needing this hopefully

they will begin to make up for what

you're reducing down at night during the

day but if they know that if they don't

then they will continue to wake and they

may just you may want to start up that

dream feed again for a little while and

then work on gradually reducing it down

after you've settled into that so let's

just say your child obviously needs to

have that feed at that time they're

still waking you may fall back asleep

after you've helped them but if they

wake again really quickly then

definitely hunger is an issue and so I

would just feed them if your child is

hungry feed them they're hungry and so

they want something to eat

and so help them with that then

everybody is back to sleep so much


and then just giving them those feeds

for however long you're comfortable

doing when you then think that they're

ready to try reducing it down again then

try reducing it down you will probably

naturally increase the amount that

you're offering during the day if not

that may be something that you want to

be a little bit more aware of to make

sure they're not missing out on any of

that milk make sure that you click the

link below and you will be able to get

the download instantly get that download

which gives you all the information

about the dream feed and reducing that

down and I will see you in the next ten

minute master class