Dreft Stage 1 | The Best natural Laundry Detergent To protect Baby's Skin ..!!


hi I'm dr. Jody Levine a pediatrician

and dermatologist in New York City and

I'd like to give you some tips on caring

for your newborn baby's skin bathing is

always something I get asked a lot of

questions about in general use gentle

baby specific cleansers and a tear-free

shampoo in the bath and for babies with

dry and sensitive skin avoid long baths

and use warm water not too hot also

moisturize twice a day with a cream that

contains ceramides or with an ointment

creams are more moisturizing than

lotions appointments are the most

effective I like to moisturize right

after a bath when the skin is most

accepting to the moisture if your

newborn baby has peeling skin like a lot

of newborn babies do especially around

the wrists and ankles don't worry this

peeling skin does not need to be treated

because it is a normal part of your

baby's development however for babies

who continue to have dry sensitive skin

even after the first few weeks of life

special care is needed so just check

with your pediatrician in that case it's

also important to pick the right fabrics

for your baby dress your baby in light

and comfortable clothes without pleats

or seams which can create unnecessary

pressure on babies gentle skin use soft

gentle and absorbent fabrics such as

cotton or a cotton blend such as cotton

polyester or cotton spandex it's also a

good idea to pre wash clothes prior to

wear and pre wash all store-bought goods

such as towels and bedding before

allowing them to touch your child's skin

in fact 9 out of 10 dermatologists

surveyed say that it is important to

wash little ones close with a gentle

detergent before first where parents

should wash their baby's clothes in a

separate wash from the rest of the

families with a hypoallergenic and

gentle baby detergent such as dreft pure

touch created by the number-one

pediatrician recommended baby detergent

brands pure touch is 65 percent

plant-based and made from naturally

derived ingredients it's important to

protect your baby from the Sun I

recommend using baby specific products

for your infant as these products have

been tested and proven gentle unless

irritating to your baby's skin baby's

sunblock is usually made from physical

blockers such as

oxide and titanium dioxide rather than

chemical blockers used in other

sunscreens also stay out of the Sun

infants especially under six months old

should be kept out of direct sunlight

and be covered by protective clothing

and shade when possible especially

between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 2:00

p.m. when the sun's ultraviolet

radiation is most intense when outdoors

seek shelter and shade from trees

umbrellas or stroller hoods sunscreen is

recommended for infants older than 6

months of age

choose a broad-spectrum physical blocker

SPF 30 or higher and spread evenly over

all uncovered skin including the ears

and lips but avoid the eyelids for more

tips and info check out dref calm