Pink Stork Fertility Tea | Amazon Review| Problems With Fertility? Watch This.


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today i'll be doing a video on this

fertility tea


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so today we'll be doing uh

okay now i don't feel as awkward anymore

hubby was kind of like giving me my

space to record but like

he was here okay so anyways yeah

so i'm doing a review on the fertility


um i thought this was pretty interesting

because um

everybody cannot afford to go to doctors

and get

these um pills or whatever they give you

to become fertile um i really didn't

have a fertility issue

although i was kind of like concerned at

the same time because

i do have a six-year-old sign

and in that whole time frame i never

conceived it wasn't like we weren't

trying not to like of course you know

the only thing we did we

we just if you were kid don't watch this


i'ma throw that doctor you a kid don't

watch this video go ahead and test it


thank you for the view make sure you

still like the video that i'm not

sharing watching

i work hard for these videos but um

you'll need to be watching this

um so yeah

okay so anyways yeah the only thing the


method we had was the pull-out method we

never used condoms or anything like that

and for all those years i never


so i did have thoughts going on in the

back of my head but

i was like i'm not going to overthink it


so the whole last year of 2019

me and my husband was trying for like

seven months but like it wasn't like

trying trying we just wasn't pulling out

anything we were like you know

we'll just be surprised right the

surprise never came and i started

i started to grow more concerned

because i'm like it seemed like

something should have been happening

where is the baby

where is the baby so

yeah no baby so i think around october

is when i started to become a little

anxious i'm not only still little i

became a lot anxious because i'm like

as a woman we all want to be able to

have babies when we're ready to have

babies so i started doing my own


and i was like okay maybe i need to

start incorporating um

prenatal vitamins so i got these cheap

vitamins um i integrated at the bottom

of the screen or

if i'm filling up to it i may even


how the bottle looks but that's what i


i really wasn't feeling it um even

though i heard

that a lot of people did conceive my mom

told me she i think she conceived with

me with it or wanted

one of the kids y'all don't even know

her but one of my siblings

she ended up conceiving as soon as she

started taking that multivitamin

so if you want to try it try it

i just wasn't really big up

on it um so i got on amazon

to look up um

something with fertility and i wanted

something more organic so i kind of like

typed in fertility

organic you know like certain keywords i

really didn't know what i was looking

for i didn't even know that this was a

such thing right here

and so i happen to come across this and

they also have fertility uh

pills but i wanted tea because it goes

straight to my

it goes right to your system versus with

the peel it takes a bit longer

and your body doesn't absorb the whole

pill and i want it like i want it all

the smoke

period okay i want a baby okay

i want a baby so yeah i bought the

fertility tea also okay i'll take my


um my protect my prenatal vitamins i'm


and i'm taking a fertility tea so hello

you know yes i'm gonna get pregnant boom

yeah got back on my period in november

and i was like bro

all these months are going by what is

going on lord

lord what is going on um i

am looking at my notes to make sure i'm

putting everything out there

the whole purpose of the fertility tea

and a predator vitamins is to prepare

your body

to conceive it's not a promise it's not

a match appeal it's not magician

it's just helping to prepare your body

now you have other issues going on then

you may want to look further into it by

going to your doctor

um but i didn't want to go too deep in

it without first seeing how long it was

going to kind of take for me to conceive


conception is at its own pace depending


how your body does um obviously it just

took me a very long time

and i'm grateful so yeah

it says what i did when i dropped this

tea was i took

i drunk it i tried to drink it like


a day i tried to drink it twice a day

and you get 15

um teas and i would take them before

i would get on my period i was i

know right after my period i would take

it because that's when your body is

preparing the eggs or whatever so yeah

so that's when i started taking the

fertility team

and um i still continue to take my

prenatal vitamins

every single day okay didn't miss a beat

maybe one but for the most part i was

very faithful with taking my

vitamins um the tea

tastes pretty darn good i'm not a tea

drinker so surprisingly

it was really good i actually have a few

tea bags left i don't know what i'm

gonna do with this

um because i don't really know anybody

who's trying to conceive

if you know me personally and if you're

trying to conceive you can have these

let me know

read my bill and i will give them to you

free to charge you're gonna have it i

don't need it anymore

um but like i said it's pretty darn good

um to say the least about it

i did have to purchase this three times

because even though i was trying for

the seven months but when i started

getting a bit more anxious i

started really trying at this point in

um those were the three months within

the seven months that i really tried and

that's when i

bought these bad boys it took me three

buys and also take my prenatal vitamins

and then

trying when i was fertile i forgot the

the name ovulate yeah ovulation um

i tried that and so um yeah

got pregnant december the holy semen i

didn't even know i was pregnant y'all

i didn't even know okay i was

i found out the day after christmas and

this has been the biggest blessing

and i'm just so forever grateful because

right you know i didn't know how it felt

to try to conceive of anything when i

was younger

my mentors was like who would want to

try to have a baby

babies are little but now that i'm grown

i'm older

and it's like bro thomas just gone my

son is six

i need he needs a sibling okay like we

waited too long

it's time to get the ball rolling

um and yeah that's all i can really say

um i didn't want the video to be too

short because i didn't want to

take out certain key things that you

guys didn't need to know like

as far as um this is not like i said a

magic team

it's not a magic pill i will also insert

um the i will also insert the

prenatal vitamins somewhere on the

screen that i take

and um yeah i think that's about it you


so yeah that's the conclusion the end of

the video that's a conclusion i'm so


but yeah that's the end of this video i

hope you guys enjoy and that you guys


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um comment below how long did it take


to conceive if you were even trying to

conceive and

words of encouragement for women who are


trying because um it

emotionally is draining and um

worrisome to say the least and um

a bit scary if you've been trying for a


then you still haven't conceived um so

yeah words of encouragement um

and yeah i keep saying um it's because

i'm thinking i'm sorry yeah

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