Pomegranate Juice & TTC! | March 5, 2019

- chatters murmur me no that's actually

afternoon I'm ill this is a really great

angle hi muchacho good afternoon I mean

dad the noon so I'm already pictures

else and way thank you daddy

it is dirty I told you it's dirty look

at that all that sauce on your face girl

yo I'm your baby's good Gina oh oh my

gosh yummy

good morning which oh this is a better

angle it is wait I said good morning

good afternoon it's currently 111 and if

you want to hold the camera okay and my

vlog is exporting from yesterday and so

soon as that's done exporting I will

mommy me is dauveen to death Bobby's

already to mark it did go through that

turn page tomorrow and office and me but

my puppy's not tell me could Tessa

our source puke a puppy's bathtub yeah

yeah Wow so yeah so gonna be me you and

poppy going tomorrow yeah yeah Alondra

changed her mind she wants to go to the

Crayola tomorrow because she wants Etan

to come because she wants it to be with

her family

ah so cute do something as this alway


yoy yoy you sadly the disease so I am

waffled and I have a warm bottle budgets

in the shell and a and mommy may have

but I have one piece oh and I had

actually I should share yeah you need

lots of pizza rolls on yeah I'm a face

doctor me yeah I still don't need to go

wash your face and watching so this is

Revati betcha track just by oh my see on

my next feel bad

vlog is live track and now I need to

work on these dishes

remember these dishes from last night

yeah your girl needs to do them I did

like a few let's see here

I did empty the dishwasher because the

dishwasher was completely full and like

look see I did four six okay I did ten

dishes so this was like obviously a lot

worse but um yeah I need to go ahead I

want to clean this because yo I'm should

be on his way home soon and I just want

like the kitchen to look nice and clean

for him





okay Real Talk I've been watching dishes

for 14 minutes and I still have just

these items left but I'm over it I'm

already over it

my hands are pruning I'm just yeah I'm

not feeling like it so anyways a part of

me just honestly just wants to leave

this and not even finish it but I'm just

gonna finish it how long does it take

you guys to do dishes

I feel like dishes should not take

longer than five or ten minutes anything

over that I'm like okay I'm done I'm

done I hate doing dishes by the way and

it's funny too cuz I usually don't like

it there's like a full sink a dishes I

won't wash them all at once I'll wash

like ten and then I'll come back later

and I'll do like ten more because I and

well I'm like cranky I'm cranky for

doing dishes isn't that crazy all right

guys we just finish this crap up and

voila dishes are done kitchen is clean

and got them all right there wipe down

the counters we're good oh how do I take

off my jacket too because I was like

sweating oh my gosh alright anyways now

I'm trying to think what else do I need

to do I actually I need to check on a

laundry because I told her to clean her

room if you guys remembered her room

from last night and yeah it's not making

that much progress I always we heart

well I guess a little bit of progress

because she has some toys in there but

um yeah this is uh oh you're tired

you're tired you weren't too tired to

make this mess huh oh my goodness girl

alright finish cleaning it up okay yeah

that's what I want to do I'm trying to

step back and have her clean her room

because I always tell her let's clean

your room and then it'll always be like

me or you Dom cleaning her own room and

her just like sitting there watching us

so I really want her to start cleaning

her own room so I'm gonna leave her to

it and I don't know what I'm gonna do

right now it's 3:21 so II Dom

should be out of work he had a work till

3:00 today because he had like a

mandatory meeting but my phone died so

let's see if I have a little bit of

charge I do I need a text okay cool so

he's a done with the meeting so he

should be on the way so all right I'm

gonna get out of pajamas you know that

way I don't cook a complete slob and I

don't know just wait for my man to get

home yeah papi brought you a cookie

and he brought mommy some pot-bellied I

love you too baby thank you so he had a

meeting at work and they catered pot

belly which pot belly is delicious I

have this when I was in Minnesota oh

you're so sweet go do that did you hear

her baby Poppy's the best poppy in the

whole wide world

oh I love you so anyways you guys these

sandwiches are so good and the cookies

are to die for

and chip ooh there's macaroni salad I am

just so excited it's the macaroni salad

and then mommy got some oh my god

I'm so excited they used to cater this

all the time when I worked in Minnesota

and I loved it any nom actually never

had it so Oh

oh my gosh I am going to forever so

happy it has been summer hours later

muchachos it is now 7 a 31 to be exact

but a Tom and I have just been snuggling

watching Ozark it is getting so good

we're still on season 1 but what episode

are we on like six seven oh I feel like

we watch so much Ozark but I guess we

have yeah through yesterday and then

today yeah so we're going on an Ozark

marathon when you decided we're gonna

stay up late tonight cause II Don's not

working my battery's dying um we're

gonna stay up late and watch I know I'm

so excited we're gonna watch us have a

little Ozark marathon which I am excited

about I must say I don't know because

mommy's just sat around so we're getting

ready to have some dinner we're gonna

have ideas yeah I'm gonna try some

cutters ah yeah so yeah launders having

a quesadilla and then um the leftovers

like the french fries and the cotta may

we're just basically making um County

burritos I guess you could say oh you're

giving me a cottony okay you can put it

on thank you but all right I'm gonna go

ahead and eat because clearly my camera

is about to die and yeah it is 8:41 the

launchers asleep I just go to the shower

and you know just took little spotty and

now it is time for us to think our

pomegranate juice we have been drinking

this every day and this is our second

bottle too this is not gonna last me

until ovulation day so I should have

honestly bought more of this when I was

on sale so it's gonna suck paying full

price I guess for it but I don't know I

tried doing the math I clearly failed to

the mouths of 60 ounces and we have to

we each drink 8 ounces a day by the way

if you're wondering what the hell I'm

talking about this is pomegranate juice

and it is supposed to help you when you

are TTC or trying to conceive so I've

not got your questions about this like

for females it helps your uterus so it

helps thicken it and stuff like that and

then it does about trailer shop too but

and then from guys it does other stuff

too for them but the main one

is it helps the sperms mobility there

what was it for the sperm something like

about their mobility and I don't know it

just helps them you know it helps them

be strong I don't know that's what they

say it's not scientific it is just what

people say so I don't know I mean if

it's a hundred percent works or not but

we're gonna give it a go

why not it's not the most awful tasting

thing you down loves the taste of it and

I think it's it's alright it's not

something I would drink just to drink

but anyway so you basically take this

starting from the first day of your

period during a hundred melanoma okay so

um Cheers love cheers Cheers to your

sperm I love you and cheers to my uterus

so you take it from cycle day one to the

first day of your period all the way

into ovulation so yeah that's what

you're supposed to do and then once I do

that like look at this already when I

put the cap back on yeah we're gonna

have to go to Costco for sure and get

more of this but um and then I'm

actually gonna also do the pineapple

core look at that it's like already gone

but I don't know then we're gonna do the

I'm full I'm into the pineapple core

where I eat the pineapple core from the

first day that I like ovulate like the

peak I think can you do it for five days

so that day and then four more days so

I'm not is supposed to help like baby

stick there's something I don't know

what the scientific term is but that's

basically what it felt like I said this

is all just it's not I don't think it's

anything that's ever been proven like

this will definitely get you pregnant

so my battery died so that is basically

what we're doing to pomegranate juice

and then I will start eating the

pineapple so I don't know we'll see no I

eat the pineapple when I marry smart

okay then I need to buy a pineapple

probably buy one tomorrow and probably

like some more pomegranate juice

tomorrow too but anyways yeah if you

guys have ever tried the pomegranate

juice or the pineapple will let me know

because I'm just curious I did watch one

girls video where she did it both of

those and she got pregnant that cycle

however she was taking low-mid too but

she took clomid like her first munch

like she did clément like the first like

round she ain't get pregnant

so then the second round she still she

took the clément again she's a

pomegranate juice and the pineapple got

pregnant so I mean I guess it's I mean I

don't know but I'm sure there's some

people that do do the pomegranate juice

and the pineapple and they I'm sure they

don't get pregnant so I don't know I

just figure it doesn't hurt to try

like what you know what I'm saying and

they say pomegranate juice is really

good for you I know it's nice right you

don't say he loves that he was

understandable arms so anyways yeah

that's just a little bit of ttc things

that we are trying this month also to I

know that I've gotten comments and like

direct messages about like fertility

supplements that you guys have tried

also Makkah or maca root naca maca

so I have been looking into all of that

stuff as well and I do appreciate you

guys like telling me things that you've

done or try stuff like that so yeah I

don't want you guys to think that like

I'm ignoring that and I'm not I'm just

looking into like although the options

you don't I mean so any

Oh also true real quickly before I go

because I'm a ready to say good I'm two

guys I didn't talk about it on any of

the vlogs I don't think but I know I

talked about it and my plan with me so

seeing where you watch my plan with me

is I took about different stuff

sometimes shameless plug but anyways my

grandpa had a surgery today so I know

I've gotten some comments and messages

from you guys saying like you know I

hope your grandpa is like doing well and

etc and I just wanna let you guys know

that number one I appreciate that more

than anything because I am a grandpa's

girl my grandpa was like a father to me

growing up I I love that man so much I'm

not gonna get emotional cause he's fine

the surgery went well he is staying

overnight in the hospital just to be

observed I think is that the right word

observation yeah so if everything checks

out good then he'll be able to to be

discharged so I really really really

hope he gets to shush tomorrow

cuz obviously that means good news it

was just scary for me cuz my grandfather

is getting older I don't know if he's 87

or 88

I think he's 88 this year January here

in 88 so just carry me and it's just

scary like his health isn't that good

and just you know what I mean I mean I

don't know I just I was just nervous

obviously it's a scary situation so but

I mean he's doing good and I'm happy and

he's recovering so I will definitely

keep you guys updated but I just want to

tell you guys that it did mean a lot to

me there was some of you guys that watch

my playing with me as I did reach out

and stuff so thank you and that's just

the update on my grandpa's oh he's doing


but anyways that is all I have for this

video I feel like I didn't really vlog a

lot today but I mean honey love came

home and we watched Ozark and was

honestly just so nice to just cuddle and

just watch TV together I feel like you

Dom and I haven't had a lot of time

together recently cuz he's been really

busy with work and stuff so

I was taking you know full advantage of

that so anyways we're actually gonna

color right now and watch some more

Ozark if he doesn't fall asleep huh me

so I'm gonna go ahead and end the vlog

here so I hope you guys did enjoy the

vlog anyways please give it a thumbs up

if you already know my channel please

subscribe and I will see you guys


guess where we're going guys Crayola

laws what's new I feel like we go every

Wednesday but anyways alright you guys I

will see you tomorrow thank you so much

for watching i'm muchachos are you


oh my god i knew it he was gonna fall

asleep guys we're not watching Ozark