Induce Labor At Home Fast | Midwives Brew

hey wonderful it's really R at the time

of this recording I am still pregnant

I am 39 weeks and one two two three four

days and I have decided but I've been

actually trying different means of

natural at home induction to try to move

things along

not because I'm in a rush but actually

because um I have been having an issue

with my pelvis where when I'm walking

I'm an extreme pain and this has been

going on for since about seven months um

there is a long diagnosis for it but I'm

not going to get into that maybe I will

just put it at the bottom of the screen

so you can read up on it yourself

anyways so today I am trying it is

called the midwives brew and it is a

concoction of things but I heard that it

works really really really well

and I wanted to share my process whether

it works or even if it doesn't work I

wanted to record and share that whole

process with you all okay so the recipe

calls for two tablespoons of almond

butter two tablespoons of castor oil

which I'm kind of scared of

and hurt the stuff tastes like sludge I

guess I'll be able to tell you first

hand experience all right 250

milliliters of living Ravana tea and 300

milliliters of apricot juice I'm going

to go ahead and do the apricot juice

first 300 milliliters it's a lot of

limit to ingest cheese 350 milliliters

250 milliliters of this stuff so if

you're like me and all I was like how

are you supposed to fill I figure out

milliliters but apparently it wasn't

already on my measuring cup I'm just

going to hold this here and pour it over

the strainer I was fortunate enough to

get most of the leaves to stay in the

pot all right so we got all that in

there awesome we're going to blend this

stuff and a money even pour some price

because I'm kind of scared of how it's

gonna come out don't why am I doing this

to myself

actually it's not bad

that's me it's okay all right yes almost

all of it

so it is currently my clock over on my

stove says 323 323 Pam October 3rd

hopefully hopefully this works and if it

works that you could try and if it

doesn't work you don't gotta waste your

time loosen