Part 1 of 2: How to Fix a Dripping Faucet

we're going to repair this leaking

dripping faucet which is much more than

just a drip at this point it's almost a

steady stream of water having a dripping

faucet can waste an awful lot of water

of course here we have the hot water

faucet as you can and the entire sink is

filled in just about an hour so not only

are you wasting water you're wasting the

energy needed to heat that water to

determine whether the leak is in the hot

water side of the cold water side we'll

use the water valves and shut off each

one of those in turn to see so first

we'll shut off the cold water valve by

turning it clockwise and we still have a

drip so we'll turn the cold water valve

back right and then we will turn the hot

water valve off by turning that

clockwise and it looks like the problem

is in the hot water side of the faucet

once we have the hot water valve the off

position so that hot water is no longer

coming through we're going to pop this

cap off it's a decorative cap we could

take the handle off in this particular

style of faucet but we don't need to

take the handle off to take the cap off

you want to get a thin object at that

instrument or tool could be a thin

screwdriver we're using a this type of a

blade here to pry it off so we don't

scratch the fixture and this has a

rubber red ring to indicate that it is

the hot water faucet next we'll take a

Philips screwdriver and remove the screw

that is holding on the handle and then

we'll simply lift off the handle next

we're going to get a wrench and remove

the cartridge nut that holds the

cartridge in place that's this plastic

piece here and we're going to be pulling

that out okay you'll want to carefully

look at your cartridge

and see any notches anything to indicate

which way that goes so you'll be able to

put that back in correctly when you

purchase a new one there's a couple

others in that chair and some

protrusions you want to make sure you

don't know where those are now we're

going to take pair of pliers and grasp

the flat sides of the cartridge stem

here and pull that out

firmly and there's the part that we need

to replace your fossil we're linking

over the the faucet fixture then all you

need to do is replace these o-rings here

that would solve the problem but since

it's leaking through the faucet it

spouts itself will need to replace the

entire cartridge there makes and models

vary they're just about as many

cartridges and styles of cartridges as

there are styles and brands of faucet so

the best thing to do is take this with

you to the hardware store or home center

or check online to see where it is

available whether or not you're working

on the hot water side of the faucet or

the cold water side of the faucet you'll

want to turn off both water valves the

shut-off valves both the cold water and

the hot water otherwise this will happen

for example we are working on the hot

water side of the faucet we have the hot

water valve shut off if we fail to shut

off the cold water valve somebody could

come in and turn on the cold water and