Take time before you start dropping videos

matters in charge as to larae one is

mine I bought to it what are you talking

about where's the bad boy

for better yet it's six of them on there

so on come on let's do if you bought 406

on there that means I got to up

I'm just being ingenuity me live off a

nose here we go ah empty some you're in

the bag

stop leave me [ __ ] where's my

[ __ ] vaping

yeah I tell you nothing to you

materially of them is a [ __ ] leap

that you can catch ah oh you tell me

about what I should do but you're

putting something lace with kerosene to

eat a lining in your lip for you to

receive the nicotine I'm back your ass

but aren't you in a Bop listen folks



don't look at the videos

getting your feelings and start dropping

videos before you're a certain height

great boy wait were you working

knb Campisi's this guy's Lisa Lisa

operator right now he's coming from

he's own company


so he was the owner out before right

they think he's a tried to lease thing

before and it didn't work out so

basically a que failed please film

once we drew to you

so even driving two years tried it

sucked any one company oh he's also had

a truck man's done 75 miles per hour and

he has also been on paper so you kid

he knows everything you know he got that

big big truck and he was about to lay

the company can't be but they offered

him range so he decided okay then what

is he making big like okay I'm gonna say

whatever they weight it lazy

actually got a chance to go through his

watch a couple this videos love sitting

at home scratching my balls in front of

my wife I was just like this is the dude

who sits here in comments religiously on

mobile page you stop comment on my page

because I blocked the [ __ ] cuz

he no names yeah I refuse the feed a

stupid [ __ ] right

hey I blocked him okay because he just

is the user ID is for this ignorant make

45 cent

45 cent amount works for can be can be

transportation whatever flatbed no

what does he do Walmart boxes Oh No

oh okay

this is what it

goto thing make sure you can see it


to the feet

that makes 40 percent of I'll try to

Lee's fail


and he's trying to educate people who

listen to me

okay and Esquivel oh look it's right he

drives me he D does reefer

I think van reefer saying I was free for

okay that's pot yes we're gonna say

reefer okay so you wanna just take a

meows I think he deserves that he's been

driving for freakin two years to you hmm

let's say it he told me that I have more

money he says that he has and I quote he

has more money because in comment on

party hard to choose answer he makes he

has more money than I do

he's been doing it two years so I

combated came back to him asiya I tell

you what since you feel you have more

money let's play Big Bang takes a little


and I was like I'll show you what's in

my account and you gotta show me what's

in you account didn't see so he didn't

want to play cuz I woulda took his

[ __ ] Bank main event Bank you know

asking for another rape but wait a

minute what does he spit in the bottle

somebody nice to chew and I did it's

just tobacco spit he called them hog


[ __ ] you know I'll put all gun butt in

my mouth right here or rabi terms like

pause alright well you guys I hit

somebody puttin hog nuts and a mouth I'm

done hey les who y'all should listen to

you know oh look

let me tell you something about a lot of

these youtubers be like them I told

y'all before in the video if a

[ __ ] got to come on and tell you

not to listen to other youtuber live no

country they are [ __ ] dying and

thirsty for subscribers because that's

that's just dumb why would you tell

somebody why would you be first of all

why are you worried about what another

man doing if you don't like my content

press fast forward go on to the next

goddamn channel but for you to sit there

and your content is telling other people

not to listen to other youtubers or

truckin youtubers that that sound like

if that ain't hate to me I don't know

what you call a don't Raymond no so he

just move my girlfriend is are their way


she's in training over somewhere else

she's coming over to came here because

she knows we make money you make 40

percent smile a Custer demands on this

money and me give me from a lot of

calculator calculators pull down that's

calculator the spitting truckers money

okay 45 cents 45 cents you're gonna

average 35 to 3,000 in a mile we all

give them three thousand give them three

back down three thousand yep

I got 1350

no come on come on now you gotta be

better I got 1345 set times three

thousands how many miles from where

we're going to to look on 1500 how much

are you getting gross gross make sure we

got it we got it we got to say Greece is

a rose but that ain't what they really

take six meters six bit how much fuel

you fire about

600 $600 got a six bands Elizabeth 5400


and you there has been 5400 then you

gotta take a 25% out alright

roughly yeah so my rocker plus the two

plus the percentage of the company 25%

good that's going to lead you somewhere

around 25 or set out of 54

true I've come up with a calculation

somewhere about

about me at 40 44 or 45 they're gonna

walk away we don't say 4-flat it's just

a year for all this in so you drove

we drove 1,500 miles that means we

personally drove 700 mouthpiece true

ended up with four to $2,000 apiece

so you're telling me you ended up but

basically double what he makes in a good

week at 3,000 you don't get 3,000 we get

it with double what he makes driving

half of the mousies drip

I know he's my wife since cuz he wants I

hope you guys know I watched all you if

you watch it okay

all right what you did is you fail all

right you went out there you are a proud

white American I hold you to a high

sting how the hell did you come out the


all right into an industry that's

predominantly white male okay and fail

in your lease and let two jig blue cones

make more money than you

how'd you do that Billy they're out here

getting double what you make you're

making us a little bad out here Billy

what the hell

I don't understand what the hell's wrong

with you

I mean hell you couldn't make the least

work well they're lying that I don't

care for Dhokla I'm telling you you're

pissing on your leg and telling you it's

got them lemonade you should make more

than them Jim you're a failure cuz they

lie yeah

1300 and I will scratch my ass for less

than [ __ ] [ __ ] grant t this is a

proof that the Negro is taking over

America well the system is built for you

Billy it's built for you how are you not

measuring up o God help us what the

hell's going on Negroes taking old jobs

they were president Congo Angus rice

what the hell's going on bill tell us

what's going on 45 cent

forty-five cents you are if you're

making forty five cent which is not a

bad wage that's not is that okay you're

making 45s okay I will put to you like


the guide is cleaning

the person that's working to register

does not make expose videos to the owner

of Walmart

you can't do it

you have to lease be in a equal position

to throw stones but Jumby 100 which you

laddies youtubers ain't okay an equal

put never leaves be a lease drought yeah

at least lease a truck at least and then

our we'll talk

but bill you went out there little girl

a negro a no-good black dumb big lip

tune make more money than you in a

system that has been designed for you

you are a white male okay

that shit's better than gold what can

you not do and you still managed to make

shitty money now ain't you money if you

starting that's good

and it matter of fact if you happy there

that's even better but to start throwing

stones at the people making more now we

gotta have a talk Billy I know you're in

here say some [ __ ] too scared cat got

your tongue boy Oh guys are getting

donations and you guys are helping TV

you get a camera you can get a laptop of

the veal still a time oh my god Billy Oh

still look time I got damnit so stop

playing negro don't know how to use got

my own laptop

he has dreadlocks listens to that

bippity Boppity hip-hop music hey you

understand let me tell you what he man

and I shouldn't do this

what I'm gonna do may shout out to all

of my Caucasian brothers that watch this

and support you're not in this group

slide it to the side but there is a

portion all right there's a portion of

God American god-fearing blue blooded

white watchers that can't stand to see a

dreadlock big lip [ __ ] not being

shackles and I tell you nothing to a lot

of them that that don't like to see us

doing good or black too so we day they

both over there we exclude nobody oh

yeah yeah black people don't like see

you video a Billy

all you had to do was go to prime and

lease and you least could have pool more

245 but his numbers was exposed nice way

to chug it exact exposed and casa knows

it so go boating eat it all shut your

ass up like meet new you trying to clean

it up now trying to call we are that's

the part problem right there you Negros

get over here your star cousin saying

loot stuff gonna bring that back bring

it back

Bruce Lee never question it man if man

was the one who talked foolishly never

I'm a good fighter

I can fight at forty five percent worth

forty five cent of my worth it man it

man hit him with that 250 right hook

back sit your tail down

I don't know why white drunk is having

more subs and views

I've been look oh I'm time I'm watching

don't you

I don't watch nobody [ __ ] now saying I

don't watch white truckers aren't

watching nobody [ __ ] besides like lo

Ricky Thorne right brother

I watch people [ __ ] like that but I

think it's funny I don't like to poke

fun at it cuz you got to run 3000 miles

3000 ran every day bro you understand

you ran every single day that could be


where you gonna do oh gosh not and

that's not got nothing do being poor

tell them one story of somebody's runway

oh honey says in the video oh I only got

to see McDonald's two times a year and I

got my shoes from the family dollar or

two dollars to re-do stop what the [ __ ]

shoes they selling in the dollar stone

it is Bojangles in our home Kevin we

have never implicated we don't stop

doing what we doing I come in on it

because it's fun I like to it brings me

joy don't think this slows down anything

I never heard a truck coach couldn't

tell you never heard of well I just

heard about trucking coaches this

weekend I'm sitting at the house I don't

know about a damn trucker coach [ __ ] do

you know about the tics ass on the cow

in the field what the [ __ ] is that I'm

trying to do something no Billy

understand oh he wants you to say his

name so [ __ ] watch these videos

no Billy these sumbitches are stupid I

don't look done with monkey nuts in the


yeah oh I got a whole night in my mouth

guys oh maybe this is a rabbit turn like

dude get the [ __ ] I just as you're doing

good besides you with the [ __ ] little

bad boy in the background gal the fact

that you're even paying attention to my

Africana color hat wearing tail tells me

I'm doing good

cuz you wouldn't pay attention no

otherwise you wouldn't even look you

wouldn't even be interested unless it

was thunk goes to jail and Shaq I'm


I can get federal job hey my credits


hmm I buy everything cares over his

truck hmm how are you living check the

tag hmm ha oh that should eat Joe ass up

don't it I do whatever I want I'm

growing passing me mother [ __ ] who

sewed that piss Schwerin listening to

this dude he's vulgar he's angry yells

Congo Angus rice no the new one is - I


before it was Oh

you're at least operator you're never on

the truck I you say that so much now

when you make it monthly payments oh you

got owner operates you own the title

god damn it bro what switch one is it

don't which one is all right now when I

get out it now that I got at least thing

I say guys stop making weekly payments

start making money papers now it's oh

you're not an owner operator to operate

so you own the title to your truck and

then when I own the time my truck in

what you gonna say oh you're not a true

owner operator you have your own

authority that what you get authority

was to be Oh got a fleet owner until you

have a thousand trucks um well I'm done

like come on man god damn and it is

crazy rock crystal sets trucker Brown

you're very positive I have the same

drive as you trucking to own a fleet by

hope low would be more cool with you and

not fake but when I get my money up we

would brainstorm much love

Billy needs to understand that

regardless of age race sex or even

experience most view listen for

knowledge and you and low game from out

there oh I'm coming back rock crystal

what the [ __ ] do you mean that uh in

that end what you say that alone what he

saying it low it would be more cool with

you and not fake but what the [ __ ] does

that mean would you fake them that's why

I'm trying to figure out the [ __ ] are

you talking about where I fake on it

anything hey we're trying to stop using


Omar see that's why I can't come on your

channel though because your subscribers

gt-1000 my god they touch a nerve right

no what you think oh I saw same point

out where I've been faking and if

anybody comes and says oh you're prime

numbers for what trucking executives and

exec gave y'all false information I put

out every information that I was given

and that I explained in the [ __ ]

video that I put out was exactly

everything that your expenses was in

crime Oh what is it I have a trailer

payment because you don't pay for

trouble payment it and prime you be way

too big got the bully very little

minutes long I'm trying I'm trying

exercise Experian's about you have to


oh poor girl all about the going back

there I told you I get the preacher

d'Agata two problems who relies on

numbers your lines or subscribers do

your own research

Oh God I'm giving you truth I'm at the

stop y'all y'all about to go in

no no Greg they go in no I can't no Greg

say funny go in I'm sorry y'all that's

one I ain't cut yet I had to pull it

back I had to pull back right because I

was about to get the quitting in the

sermon whoo what about Mike I love him

with em I gotta let me window down one

Louis I go in right now man hey hey lo

st. Paul's pulling thing he trying to

pull it back Oh bro what about my

subscribers piss you off man and they

say dumb [ __ ] like that

Oh lobe infection how explain how

explain what you were doing to what

you're doing all right you were selling

woof tickets all right you were selling

woof tickets you're telling people

you're make look money down there prime

you were telling me come on over there

primer you were taking money for them

coming over there if you come over to

JPL PCP or wherever else Carl you come

over here I don't even want a dime for

you that's just me you're [ __ ] stupid

cuz I I want the money I [ __ ] that put

my name down why wouldn't I take that

low to arouse it a coming out of the

driver's pocket making the company pay

so basically you come over here I don't

want no money for it I just want this

already huge corporation to grow

I was taking referral money

referral money how now much referral

money I didn't see let's talk about that

nothing that's not something funny what

you miss 1:29 let's not talk about it

low I got 32 people over there they kept

29 of them to screw you let's not talk

about them that means you supposed to

have two years of free trunk payments

which add up to fifty two thousand

dollars a new days TV so fifty thousand

here times two thousand four thousand

dollars dollars for you you add up money

that's not the truth what town all want

to step on no toes concern make them say

out when you got to doing it oh he's

just talking bad about the company but

what about the company that did me wrong

oh and we still tell you to go to those

besides all of that does it have a good

pay scale for truckers not two years

later make 45 cents spitting in the

bottle I'm talking about coming out the

game with a day of having your license

and walking away before t3 center mile

Craig I digress

tell you what no been holding a lot of

stuff at one of these days you have

nothing one of these day hell is going

to explode and put it all on the tube

dog hey buddy don't do that don't hold


get out here tell the truth tell them

the truth let it go man put all out on

the table

put it on the table

god I got so much anybody oh this person

said this oh my god you know how much

stuff I got on that person

you know I'm saying huh

Frick's they go in on our cake dog yeah

I just don't know

the löwe got a lot of [ __ ] man final

luck I know a lot of [ __ ] about a lot of

[ __ ] people but I try to let

everybody stay in their Lane anybody get

a little shines on I stay in my lane but

it's gonna get to a point where all of

this exposed I'm about to expose a lot

I'm gonna expose those numbers I'm hot

but I'm trying to just be PC about

everything man you know I'm saying all

this vaping in the camera I wasted my

time so much vapor than the camera all I

doing this vapor

I rather show them me spitting tabacky

drop the bomb on a megastar say hell

with it

hell with it I can't do that man [ __ ]

Amon go in low I can't do it y'all the

point is got to chill right at the end

of the day


I'm growing faster these people live

close shouldn't be up here cuz he

thought he's doing to do it for five


I should mean be officially be done I

mean five years I jumped up in 16 17 18

months and they knew it


I don't know and I know I try to be

nicer you see ain't dropping the f-bomb

as much

you know I'm trying to pull that back

and everything but I'm thinking Jacques

I understand why he's so mad though you

understand why they so mad they don't

want to see that they don't want to see

that all these boneheads truckers don't

know what they doing but who got our

situation right now

who got what some of the people who got

as many subs as us

that's pataga I think them who got our

situation are they gonna start comparing

you to Indiana Jack and on Angel vlogs

who do I and we're about on our name

because none of them don't come into our

sector of YouTube they happy doing these

stuff and they want to be they don't

want to be in no drama and I'm not here

to put him in none

a youtuber who got our same situation

are damn close to it is that lady flat

better lady tonight

the flatbeds met later on a flatbed

chicks on the flatbed chick and Shannon

even be something like that I only think

she's got a Trump a bit know she pick

all our own loads specialized step deck

and it's a woman you're a grown white

man I mean come on brother come on bro

they don't add up to a goddamn bell the

picture of a dog and a cat getting it oh

shut up little Pharaoh they don't want

to see you in and they want to see you

in the finish and bread oh I know a

pissed mess why smile I'm gonna do it

pissing off

well I know it kale I know it they can't

stand it that's why I say everything you

do has to be built from the ground up


either they [ __ ] black people on a

suspect why are super religious no this

is for the real whiter black this is for

the real people the genuine people the

original okay catsuit is fun they not

gonna like us if they they can't mess

with your numbers they're just gonna

call you gay you know you're gonna do

why are you talking about it cuz it's

fun and hilarious and that's how I

caught up in the numbers cuz I talk

about it in it I don't care I don't care

what it is what is there it is BAM we're

gonna do like he just talked about it we

own everyone's gonna come out of the yet

everyone come out my mouth you never

know 149 Whoopi with like button right

now doing that good engagement I got

that eight plus plus engagement

get him Derek - but I digress

why you say that merely

one day

local arts both now

although Long's poseable Uli's could've

gate a man shout out someone gets up

name this whole quantum Dillman there's


keep talking about low local itical and

lo gonna let off the atomic bomb for

truckin youtube imma put it all out

there and I know a lot of [ __ ] down whoo

did it be an atomic bomb dog I'm telling

you if I if I do it it's gonna be an

atomic bomb I'm going all the way back

to the [ __ ] Zelo channel mmm

we'll bring a holster I will make I

would they don't piss low off and up

logo drop atomic mark oh and I'm gonna

[ __ ] up the whole truckin YouTube [ __ ]

no they don't want to see you

within the dead red van

I want from John I'm like a miracle

right now I'm trying to hold atomic bomb

from Isis Rome same time she gonna be

gonna make me George Bush the button

pull up didn't they call us terrorists

terrorists one year


right crystal you lame too [ __ ]

talking dumb [ __ ] and you got a picture

up there kill yourself

[ __ ] piece of [ __ ] let's play big

banks a club a guy makes you wanna take

that no will you take that back

so Joe is down let's go today's a good

day for it is why not man they're riding

they won't listen - what what what -

Rhett look man we know about everybody

situation run all of them even the one

you think we don't know we know

everybody situation man leaning over

just jumping on people situations talk

about it cuz we don't think about it who


is a get Louis snicker bar

big Bank is my favorite game get him

Brad trunk

we'll go in on potatoes Erica thank you

good air to drop the chin spine I'm a I

reckon you trying to pay for information

oh hey let's now start talking about

that no flexes older the subjugation Oh

step back pull it back low okay

me go do a seminar I am this one good a


yes this is good I feel like you me you

know enough man hands

he had a girl over backburner for Dario

bar down hmm oh god that's hilarious

with rock question because tell me be


but you can't be coming at low sideways

dog you already know that I said low is

ready to do ready just dropped an atomic

bomb no ma'am

so the first thing they need to do for

low there just deep low chill keep low

chill you look wound up tight man I'm


i buttered about 5 next right this

weekend good I'm doing fantastic

ok why is this so lead ring gee you know

sometimes I let y'all know what was ooh

first I gave it to a young band again 20


know had them legs up boy headed in the

mouth barbers Chuck Wow

wait up comater bus three times while I

looked up the guard Krispy Kreme donut

oh you ain't getting hand jobs and moved

in hey suck me daddy all the no oh that

[ __ ] oh hi Kelly

hey this is not me hey I said him

talking he didn't like belly I did like

DMX you don't own kitchen move your


oh oh yeah turn it and boy talking to an

everyday Hooters on young Thundercat

Laura stop it man stop it hey my man

before I went back to Paul don't do it

too bad I'm good

oh you got there light as a barrier time

to ride hey hey I told my wife I was

feeling elated it x-ray yeah [ __ ]

trying to get emancipated I'm feeling

hey I'm telling ya don't getting

pregnant 80000 god damn Billy watch like

wanna keep smiling cuz we ain't run

3,000 miles $1,300 right I mean dang was

a lot of miles


I'm French I am in first committee and I

want you to participate in my movie at

the Paris theatre Kenya

yeah I can I don't know I'm gonna get

the Paris they didn't eat Rose passports

not here buddy

no I say when they got one 564 people


you actually pissed off about you come

on hurry knee will talk about rugged man

you got on people in your live feed

that's some [ __ ] cuz they not giving

out information cause man all that [ __ ]

is redundant I don't listen to [ __ ]

first of all what is a [ __ ] oh like

I've heard him I've heard of this [ __ ]

[ __ ] like that a [ __ ] because it's

funny cause the spot cards

bro that's way too corny to me to have

ever accept that we're [ __ ] I've

never heard a [ __ ] stop I mean that

is the most stupidest of [ __ ] I've heard

driver to Desert AZ drove off the dam

broke 5 minutes ago when lo started on

his home time activities exactly TV can

you tell us how you and your credit up

I'm thinking about going

please purchase man I got videos on that

about credit man that's a long

discussion but I have videos on it

okay the movie name is alert at Malibu


hey man you got to hit the uh I have to

email me at TV at trucker Brown calm

gotta email me there if you want to do

some type of dealings with me or


even control concerns about that they

want to trim even controls can email me

man tbh a truck around TB and truck

around trying to get directly the truck

Brown is TV a truck around deal the

business I didn't know one said she was

a troll uh there crystal do

all day Schmitt a little back gun flame

Smitty come over there guys on one of

those fitted caps looking like a thug

selling the goddamn drugs

I'll clean the children inside clean

enough with the [ __ ]

I love you up against eat smells like

ass big y'all sniffing seats high dams

huh mom dude boys never cease when you

want a restaurant been whole Emma

snippet what hey smell like somebody's

dirty ass Billy release it right he'll

lose my like some goddamn balls Oh amen

157 people hated life but at the same

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appreciate y'all beer I do y'all come

back now you hear

I'm not I'm not imitating around all I'm

saying is

oh really biking truckers in the

building this is

we need to do

that ain't ran Viking trucker this is

really [ __ ] for credit am where's


I am that only got a picture one is you

think I said I'm scary yeah

come on now

now my boss long

damn Billy where are we out of here man

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for u1l yeah Billy

you go now are you building and pumping

faster biscuit oh god thanks Stacy Lynn

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Jessie hitter John my underscore black

is beautiful the life of the burner of

the van

Corie underscore 1977 Oh score zero 77 I

appreciate all of you

King underscore underscore Ram gate I

appreciate you all of you

we got 42 we got 42 new

Instagram 42 new Instagram

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and we don't get on out of here

free Shh stay up cops always get off man

it is what it is there's nothing new

[ __ ] them all