When Can I Stop Feeding in the Night?

hi I'm Dana welcome to this week's video

tonight I want to talk about night

weaning I get asked this question a lot

when is it okay to stop feeding my baby

in the night and it's a perfectly

legitimate question and it's a good one

except for it's not really the question

if that makes any sense

the real question is always alright well

let's talk about bed time how does this

baby fall asleep at bedtime and if you

if you know me at all you know that it

always comes back to bedtime I'm a real

broken record over that because

whatever's happening at bedtime dictates

the rest of the night so if I have a

person who asks me you know my eight

month old is still feeding twice a night

how do I stop that first we need to look

at bedtime and more often than not we've

got a baby who is prop dependent on some

sort of food source for getting to sleep

in the first place right it gets a

bottle or he's on the breast and he gets

himself sleepy or all the way asleep and

then goes into the crib well the bad

news around that is he's going to wake

up for night feeds indefinitely because

that is the prop because that is the way

he gets himself back to sleep so the

good news is if you start teaching that

baby how to fall asleep independently at

bedtime the night feeds will just wean

out on their own you really won't have

to even deal with that because you've

taught them the core skill of falling to

sleep prop free so that's where you need

to start if you've got that issue

however there are babies who are falling

asleep prop free when I say what's going

on at bedtime they say no we've nailed

that that's baby falls asleep on his own

independently no protest does great

there but it's still waking up once or

twice a night looking for food well

there's a couple of reasons for that one

might be that you've continued to feed

to sleep in the night right skills are

there at bedtime however the rest of the

night he takes the easy way and nurses

to sleep or bottle feeds himself to

sleep well that's still half of a prop

right that's the nighttime portion and

babies are really good at separating the

two they don't yeah I do it this way at

bedtime and I do it

wait at the in the middle of the night

so if that's es you need to break that

so if you want to hang on to the feed

and just break the association with

sleep you could try that first and see

if it gets you anywhere other babies

just become habitual night time eaters

right they're going to wake up and have

a feed for as long as you plan on

offering it and so if you've got a nice

healthy baby here who is doing well six

months and up is is a general rule of

thumb when it's appropriate from a

biological standpoint to expect a baby

to sleep all night without food but you

still have some lingering night feeds

going on then you just have to pull them

and cold turkey is really the best

approach I find it's far less confusing

for the baby it should only take a

couple of nights because we've already

got good sleep skills so it's just a

matter of now transferring those to the

middle of the night wake ups all right

so that's the question it's a long

answer to a complicated question but I

hope that helps give you a little bit of

insight into why you're still doing

night feeds thanks for watching

sleep well