Yaz, Yasmin birth control pills suspected in 23 deaths

CBC News has learned to birth control

pills of suspected links to the deaths

of at least 23 Canadians

Yasmin and yaz are taken safely by

millions of women but for a very few

there can be tragic results and for the

first time in Canada a judge has given

the go-ahead to a class-action lawsuit

Natalie Clancy has the details

it was just another workout for Miranda

Scott until the 18 year old suddenly

dropped dead in her campus gym one of

the people that saw her collapse

backwards and then she said I can't

breathe that was actually the mother had

no idea why her athletic healthy

daughter died so young as soon as I

heard that she had been on Yasmin I

thought oh my god this is what's killed


CBC News has obtained the latest adverse

reactions reported to Health Canada yaz

and yasmin are now suspected in the

deaths of 23 Canadian females as young

as 14 years old most died from blood

clots like Miranda Scott Brown top ski

report did say that there was a

pulmonary embolism when the Yasmin

delegation in the class-action is that

it has an increased risk of causing that

this Ontario lawyer is representing

hundreds of women in a class action

lawsuit certified in Ontario against

Bayer the makers of the two pills that

include a unique synthetic progestin

called risperidone Health Canada warns

yaz and yasmin increased the risk of

blood clots compared to older birth

control pills even so that reaction is

rare while one in 10,000 women on older

birth control pills will develop blood

clots as many as three and ten thousand

will develop clots on yaz or Yasmin

usually soon after starting the pills

that was all it took five weeks start to

finish that was the end of a beautiful

beautiful girl the lawyer representing

women outside Ontario believes deaths

like Miranda Scots are vastly

underreported to Health Canada there are

about 30 or 40 deaths that we think are

known but that is usually just the tip

of the iceberg because all sorts of

people will have died they

know anything about the litigation they

don't know anything about the problem he

also claims more than a thousand

Canadian women have had gall bladders

removed strokes or on blood thinners for

the rest of their lives while Bayer has

already paid more than a billion dollars

settling thousands of lawsuits in the

u.s. in a statement to CBC the drug

company says we are very disappointed in

justice cranes decision to certify a

class in Ontario in an ongoing lawsuit

regarding yaz and yasmin we fully stand

behind yaz and yasmin the fact that a

judge is allowing a class action is not

a finding a fault against Bayer the

company is now seeking permission to

appeal the certification of the suit

that alleges hundreds of Canadian women

were injured or died because of its

birth control pills Natalie Clancy CBC

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