The Real Reason Hair Turns Gray And What To Do About It

gray hairs man it's a thing that happens

what's up beautiful I could do it so

today we're talking about a little bit

of a stressful subject for some people

gray hair it's inevitable for a lot of

us that it's going to happen aging is a

real thing I realized that recently when

I just had my 25th birthday that I am

aging and I'm having a quarter life

crisis if I even live that long gray

hairs are probably in my future soon but

listen there are a lot of myths out

there there are a lot of facts out there

about gray hair and we're gonna go over

them all today we're gonna learn all

about gray hair find out why gray hair

happens debunk all of the myths you've

ever heard about gray hair and then

we'll move on to ways you can treat gray

hair or not treat gray hair let's go

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of you already hot okay let's get into

gray hair why don't we start with the


what is gray hair is it actually gray a

lot of people think that literally your

hair turns gray there's no such thing as

gray hair I hate to break it to you it

actually is just a loss of pigment in

the hair follicle so as you get older

you lose pigment in your hair these

cells in the follicle actually die off

therefore leaving your hair strand with

no pigment left therefore it is

basically a see-through strand of hair

so when clear hair strands are layered

on top of your scalp or on top of darker

hair that is not yet turned gray it

appears to be gray because of the darker

surfaces reflecting through the hair

fiber that is why it appears to be gray

but if you really hold a strand out look

under a microscope it is just a clear

piece of hair kind of cool that you can

have clear hair like we should start

calling it clear hair instead of gray

hair because I just feel like that's

cuter that way like kind of trendy you

know naming basically you have less

melanin in your hair fiber which is the

stuff it makes your skin the color it is

the stuff that makes your hair the Clara

t'v and so on so once you lose that you

no longer have colored hair it actually

turns a different color which is kind of

a beautiful process if you really think

about it I mean really it shouldn't be

something more ashamed of it's quite

miraculous that our hair can just change

colors and it's one of the things about

the human body that is just like what

like it's right up there with like women

having babies like how does that happen

how does your hair turn clear somebody

explain this stuff to me am i blowing

okay also a very interesting fact you

may or may not know that hydrogen

peroxide is the way we lift hair that is

how you get from a darker color to a

lighter color we use hydrogen peroxide

that lifts the pigment out of the hair

actually hydrogen peroxide naturally

occurs in our hair follicles and as we

get older it builds up and actually can

block the production of melanin

therefore losing that pigment in your

hair follicle it's so weird okay let's

now go over some of the things that

cause gray hair aging is gonna be yours

when it comes to having clear hair no

I'll call gray hair does not confuse

people today but clear hair is the same

thing as gray hair so if I interchange

to both of them in this video

I just mean gray hair but it's not

really great it's clear about 50% of the

population over the age of 50 has about

50% gray hair on their head half it is

gray half of it is their color they

usually have before they turn gray

that's kind of wild so basically at age

50 you really have a lot going on with

that gray hair not everybody but most

people also besides gray hair your hair

also changes in texture as you get older

it typically gets more coarse as you age

your ethnicity and natural hair color

can also be a deciding factor and if

you're gonna go gray sooner or later

white people Caucasians tend to go gray

the fastest out of all of the different

races on this planet all you punk Asians

out there gonna go grey and also

apparently redheads are the fastest to

go gray out of all people on the planet

so my very small population of natural

redheads watching I'm so sorry

it's afraid to do so after Caucasian

people goes Asians and then African

Americans so if you are not white you

probably have a better chance of not

going great congratulations I am

actually my bad scare bug Greg I'd

rather not and maybe I would I would

look good as a silver fox daddy you know

what I mean so aging and ethnicity are

two of the biggest culprits and why your

hair turns clear or gray and now there

are several other reasons but why don't

we just go through some myths and if

they are true let me explain how that

can affect you going gray so the main

question that I was asked if this myth

is true or not was if you pull out one

piece of gray hair more will grow back

in its place do you think that this is

true or false okay

Falls man what that doesn't even miss

achill II scientifically make sense that

would I got so much honestly have no

idea who made that up or what they were

on when they made it up no you can't

physically make a difference in how your

cells operate through pulling a hair

fiber out of your head that's not how

cells work they act on nutrition and

stress and hormones not pulling a piece

of hair out your head unless pulling the

piece of hair I've your head did cause

you stress maybe more will come back but

no so the next myth I want to debunk is

that stress plays a huge role in you

going grey do you think that's true or

do you think that is false true or false

true ish

basically it stress is your worst

nightmare so stop being stressed go to

yoga go meditate go do something makes

you happy and get unstressed because it

really ruins you ain't all different

kinds of way not just getting gray hair

ruins your skin it ruins your life and

it ruins your hair get unstressed go get

a massage if you are I don't know do you

think makes you happy yes stress can

cause an imbalance of hormones in your

body causing yourselves to react causing

a loss of pigment in your hair causing

all kinds of damage to your body

so yes stress can cause gray hair

however I wouldn't say it is the biggest

factor of you going grey it can make you

go gray a little bit faster but I

wouldn't say it's the full-on reason why

you're turning gray however just don't

be stressed I'm just learning how to be

not stressed not succeeding

now the next myth we're gonna go over is

your hair it doesn't turn gray it grows

that way do you think that's true

maybe that's false do you think it

actually changes color what do you think

it grows out of your scalp all is one

color true or false that is true it will

grow out of your scalp a different color

than it was before it will not all of a

sudden magically turn a different color

all of a sudden

okay you have to actually lose that

entire hair fiber and when your cells

regenerate a new one that is when it

kind of loses its momentum and stuffs

putting as much melanin in your hair

causing it to be clear so save your damn

hair fibers okay don't let them fall out

however you do lose about 50 to 100 hair

strands every day so good luck trying to

save them from going back great okay

moving on Brahe hair is more coarse than

colored hair is that true or is that

false I'll give you a second there this

one's a weird one false and I actually

learned that while doing the research

for this video

I always thought gray hair was more

coarse more difficult to work with

immunity's but not because it's cool

more coarse actually gray hair is

actually finer than colored pigmented

hair one of the factors of this could be

because your scalp gets drier as you get

older therefore making your hair fibers

drier and they're not as silky and as

soft as they once wore making it feel a

bit more coarse also another factor

could be because people love to pull out

their damned gray hairs and you

shouldn't do that because guess what

usually they grow back differently and

they grow back more coyly and they grow

back uglier

so stop pulling out your gray hair

unless you want a full head of crinkly

coiled nasty grey hair I don't want that

for you

and next grey hair is resistant to hair

color true or false

oh it's true grey hair is sometimes a

hair stylist worst nightmare you

typically need extra coverage when

covering gray hair as hair cells call it

a double natural and n it usually is

applied to the hair in order to fully

repayment the entire hair follicles need

to refill the hair with all the

underlying pigments and then it deposit

the tone on top in order to get a fully

beautiful rich looking color on your

head if you have gray hair sometimes

people have extremely tough gray hair

honestly I've seen people who get full

coverage color and somehow it still

doesn't cover their gray hairs

it is so separate needs to go under heat

and used to be processed for longer

needs double the amount of color it

needs a giant permanent color over the

permanent color in order to fully cover

those great hairs

and listen that's just a lot of work

okay it is much more difficult to color

a gray hair than it is natural pigmented

hair fibers your diet can seriously

affect you going gray is that true or is

that false listen your diet affects

basically who you are and how you feel

and how you live you are what you eat

I'm sure you've heard that one before it

is so true I am a big believer and you

are what you eat it makes sense you why

are you putting your body is who you are

and how your cells operate is through

the nutrients you give it without food

you wouldn't be living with the right

food you'll be living better with the

wrong food you'll be living worse you

know actually loss of b12 vitamins is a

serious contributor to going grey so

eating foods with b12 in them can

actually slow down in the process of

going gray and losing pigment along with

helping cure heart disease cancers and

other ailments eat well stay hydrated do

some fitness and you'll feel great and

you will look great basically it's what

I'm trying to get so now that I have

went over all of the myths and facts

about grey hair let's now go over how

you can treat your grey hair there are

several different options on what you

can do to treat your grey hair all right

why don't we just go over my favorite

first which is highlights most people

with grey hair don't have a full head of

it it is very uneven it is a lot in the

front a lot of here

none back here hair turns grey faster

and slower in different parts of your

scalp I like to try and even out the

entire grain process with some really

beautiful very very tiny highlights to

give the effect like you are growing all

over beautifully and it's more like just

highlights you can throw in a single

process color with some foil highlights

and you will get a beautiful blend of

your natural gray hairs and your natural

pigmented hair and a full on different

color however it will not be as much

upkeep as doing a full on single process

double natural full gray coverage

retouch single process color why don't

you talk about that - I don't like

single process colors full-on all over

one color I don't know who is a big fan

of it if you're a hair stylist Heather

listen honestly it's easy money for us

you just walk in a salon we quickly

apply it and our assistant does the rest

it doesn't look good and the reason why

I say it doesn't look good and the

reason why I actually try and transition

a lot of people out of doing a full on

single process over their gray hair to

cover it is because no matter what

typically it always looks too pigmented

when you're feeling gray hair you need

to refill the hair fiber with all it's

missing pigments and typically you're

never gonna get that natural looking

hair color unless it's really is natural

when you're putting such a pigmented

color over gray hair it tends to look

heavy and dark light absorbent and it

never really has like that vibrancy that

real natural pigmented hair has and that

is why I like to throw in those

highlights and throw in dimension that

way we're not trying to combat the gray

we're trying to work with the gray that

is what it's all about is working with

the gray and not against it so

highlights are gonna be your friend

working some highlights can still do a

single process coverage color working

some highlights he'll be all set it'll

look beautiful also if you are used to

doing a single process all over one

color maybe another option for you will

be to not do a full coverage single

process do a partial coverage single

process my mom I love to do that with

her because she has about 50% gray hair

on her head and when we do a single

process color at a level 7 which if

you're not a hair stylist is like a dark

blonde if we do a partial coverage

single process she ends up with a little

bit of pigment in her gray hair her

natural hair color colored so when you

layer those two on top of each other she

gets little flecks of beautiful silver

highlights but it's not as in-your-face

as it was before but it really gives her

a lot of dimensional a lot of shine and

it's just so beautiful I am obsessed

with doing partial coverage

single-process on people with gray hair

because it gives you that

beautiful glisten of highlights and

keeps you looking young and fresh but

not like you're trying too hard to be

young and fresh because also that's not

a good look you know you can really

always tell in somebody like is really

grasping onto their youth when they're

doing the darkest single process color

possible and you're like doesn't look

good your other option also is to just

let your hair be gray especially for

people who have beautiful distribution

of gray hair on their head it is

perfectly distributed there's no spots

of extreme gray anywhere you can work

with it I mean like live your grey life

it is very trendy right now to be gray

do a lot you can I have no problem with

gray hair how you think it's beautiful

and a lot of women and a lot of men and

it's a beautiful sign of aging and

honestly you're not gonna be young

forever which is a little scary to me I

think it does look beautiful all the

people I've actually follow a bunch of

hairstylist on Instagram who do gray

hair for a living and they do a

beautiful job at transitioning people

from a dark single-process to their

natural gray hair color and blending in

their roots their entire head all

inserts and pictures here it is so cool

to me

and it's such a beautiful art and I see

a lot of women you know doing the gray

hair thing now I feel a lot of people

are more comfortable with it for some

reason and the more we talk about it the

more cultural people will be about it I

think it's really awesome and if you do

have a single process color and you want

to just embrace that gray there's an

option out there for you just go to the

right ear dresser who specializes in

that I think it will look wonderful

and lastly you can use a purple shampoo

if you don't want to go to the salon you

already have gray hair you want to

embrace it but you wanna make it the

best possible gray hair you can grab a

purple shampoo I like finola they have a

great purple shampoo it's awesome for

toning hair I use it on my hair every

once in a while to make sure it stays

nice and white it's great for gray hair

get that yellow out of it because what

happens with gray hair and collusion

from the outside world if you're living

in a city you have a lot of that so if

you're living in a city you probably

have some yellow right hair and it's

probably a little nasty my hair turns

yellow also from the pollution outside

that is why I need to keep on toning it

and keep on taking care of it

or else it turns really nasty yellow

which is just gross

so it actually does also happen with

lighter hair and gray hair it will

turn yellow do some clarifying

treatments use a Malibu clarifying

treatment you can find them a lot of

places just google it do that every once

in a while once a month once every two


clarify your hair and use a purple

shampoo and you look at that perfect

sparkling shiny white beautiful silver

hair that we sometimes see on the

streets and you're like how did you do

that that's probably how they did it or

you can go into a salon and get what's

called a glaze or a toner put on your

head if that will just remove those

yellow tones in your hair and won't

permanently color your hair and will

wash away within the several lashes

those are some of the options she would

dealing with gray hair living with it

not living with it fixing it whatever

you want to do with it I happen to

really like gray hair and I think it's

beautiful on a lot of people and I think

embracing it is really fun whatever

makes you happy go for it that is all I

have for you today I hope you learned

some things about gray hair it's a very

interesting topic and I hope you enjoyed

listening to me blabber on about it

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amazing person and I love you and that

is all for today don't forget to live

your extra-bright haired life or not and

I will see you next time bye