How to Earn Money on YouTube: 6 Tips for Beginners

YouTube YouTube is a truly exceptional

platform it allows creators from all

over the world to not only share their

ideas and work with the public but also

we're in a living from it do you want to

start your own channel or perhaps you

already have one and are wondering how

you can make your hobby a steady job

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major YouTube channels make a profit

from their videos and work and it's a

decent amount of money so if you're

seriously thinking about making YouTube

your main source of income where should

you start what are the steps to success

don't worry we've got you covered the

first thing you have to do is of course

start your own channel if you haven't

already the magic of YouTube is that

your channel can be about almost

anything you can make short and

meaningful cartoons sing or share your

lifestyle the options are endless your

YouTube account is basically the same as

your Google account and you can either

use it as it is or create a new one it's

better to choose your username carefully

because the more complicated it is the

less chance there is that you'll make it

big it should be something easy and

memorable so that people won't be saying

I saw a cool video on that channel gosh

don't remember the name anyway if your

current user name is just not working

for you that's not a problem simply

change it on your Google+ account and

you're good to go

the more people that find your channel

the better so don't forget to add

keywords connected to your content in

the Advanced section of your channel

settings ok now that you finally have a

youtube channel it's time to work on

your content and upload it you have to

find your own topics and discover your

unique style try not to make your videos

too long and always to make sure that

your audience won't get bored you want

them to keep being intrigued by every

second of it of course nothing happens

right away and your videos and their

quality will grow with you just watch a

couple of the very first videos by

popular youtubers

not exactly as amazing as what they do

now right well try to upgrade your

content buy a better camera use better

editing software and so on the key thing

however is to post videos regularly if

you only post videos once or twice a

month your audience can quickly forget

about your channel if it's not some one

of a kind content so try to keep a pace

of at least one video a week this way

people will be waiting impatiently for

the next week to find out what your new

video will be and don't forget about

tags and keywords make sure everyone

who's interested in the topic can find

your videos and this is where it all

begins you can monetize your content and

make money from your videos just go to

my channel click on the video manager

link click on channel again and choose

enable monetization done from now on

YouTube will place ads in your video but

don't forget that to make it all work

and make real money you need to have a

steady audience that will watch your

videos don't be shy

share your videos in your social media

and interact with your viewers are more

often to keep it personal your audience

will find you and then they'll stay

there's one more simple requirement you

need at least 4000 hours of watch time

and 1000 subscribers to start earning

money if it's necessary you can monetize

your old videos as well by opening video

manager and clicking on the dollar sign

next to them don't forget to set up

Google Adsense so you can get your money

you can do it for free at the Adsense

website if you're younger than 18 years

old ask your mom and dad to help you

Adsense will need a PayPal account or

valid address to know who you are and

who to send the money to another

important thing for any youtuber or

blogger is analytics it's basically your

feedback along with the comments to help

you learn which topics really resonate

with your audience and vice-versa every

youtuber checks it regularly so if

you're still building your audience pay

attention to those numbers and

they can tell you pretty much anything

about your viewers and subscribers and

give you ideas on how to improve and if

one of your videos happen to go viral

there's also a way to get your dose of

profit from it simply speaking you can

license your content in exchange for

money now TV news media outlets and

other creators will have to reach out to

you for the rights to use your video

okay let's say that you have a good

steady audience and are earning a nice

amount of money can you do anything else

to step it up a little bit

sure just become a YouTube partner for

this you'll need to meet another

requirement fifteen thousand cumulative

watch hours for your channel over the

last 90 days when you achieve that go to

the YouTube Partner page do a couple of

clicks and voila there are other great

additions to this title as well YouTube

partners have access to more creation

tools community support and tips and can

even win prizes not bad right you can

also start selling your own merchandise

so once your channel starts to become

more prominent of course this takes even

more effort and work but it's incredibly

rewarding for both the excitement of

your subscribers and let's be honest

your bank account and with cool March

you can get even more subscribers as

people will ask others where they got

such cool stuff more people will check

out what you're all about then become

part of your audience there are tons of

affordable freelance websites that can

help you with that like Fiverr and many

others just search for more information

on any questions you have and take some

time to think about it and while we're

on the topic of selling stuff you can

also sell other people's products as an

affiliate marketer which means that

you'll be selling them in exchange for a

commission even huge companies like

Amazon and eBay offer great deals to

affiliate marketers promoting their

products so it won't be a problem to go

with this if you decide to however it

may change and affect your content as

you'll have to review your affiliate

products leave links to them in the

description or even make how to use

tutorials which isn't that bad for a

lifestyle blog but may not be suitable

for blogs with other

teams looking for sponsorship with

certain companies for advertisements can

also be an excellent solution so to put

it briefly all you need to make it big

on YouTube is hard work determination

creativity and belief in yourself just

like with any other job out there so

what are you waiting for start to share

your ideas and creations now and turn

your favorite hobby into your dream job

good luck

do you know any small but amazing you