EATING DATES to induce labor | when to start eating dates during pregnancy

it's Atlas Turner here I am a doula at

childbirth educator and I spin this

wheel of birth to get the topic that

we're going to talk about today let's do

it okay so number 21

we've got eating dates so do you eat

dates I have found that when I talk

about this topic in my chopped earth

class some people are like what the heck

is a date even so a date is really part

of the Mediterranean diet and it is a

fruit you might hear called a date fruit

and it's about this big kind of brown

and it's very sweet kind of very sugary

tasty now what researchers have studied

over the past couple of years is whether

eating dates has any effect on the

ripening of your cervix so I mentioned a

few words in there that might be a

little confusing

first of all ripening of your cervix

what does that mean so our cervix as you

guys probably know or you might have

seen in this video

dilation or this one effacement that the

cervix has to open and thin in order for

our baby to be born that is really the

process of labor that disturbance has to

change from thick and hard and closed

and pointed backwards to open and thin

and pointed towards in our anterior so

what this the study has the results of

the study was that eating dates in your

final weeks of pregnancy will actually

help right than the cervix so help

prepare the cervix for opening and for

labor now what that usually means is

help thin the cervix that effacement now

you might be wondering like why would we

want to do that okay so the

that eating dates or wanting to ripen

your cervix get your cervix ready for

birth is that a lot of our providers

especially it varies who you're seeing

in the comfort how comfortable your

providers are about going past your due

date but usually if you go past your due

date you have an increased chance of

being induced having your labor induced

our artificial we've started so if you

are someone who is very much not

interested in having your labor induced

you might consider doing things to ripen

your cervix get your cervix ready and so

eating dates is one of the things that

researchers have found can have a

positive impact on you going into labor

before your before not necessarily

before your due date but before 41 weeks

so you might be asking how many dates

and when do I start eating them now the

studies have shown that eating dates in

late pregnancy and it is about six dates

so six dates a day in your late

pregnancy so starting at 36 weeks until

you go into labor having six dates a day

can decrease the need for induction of

Labor or also augmentation of labor

which is adding pitocin to increase the

strength of the contractions now one

special note is if you are on a special

diet because you have been diagnosed

with gestational diabetes or you're on a

controlled diet because of some

borderline gestational diabetes

definitely talk this over with your

provider because dates contain a lot of

sugar and that might have an impact on

the rest of your body so make sure you

understand that now how do you eat those

dates I know that a clients of mine have

found that if they put them in smoothies

that they

are a natural sweetener for smoothie and

that that could be a way to get those

dates in again

this is that one of the reasons you

would do this is try to help get your

body prepared to go into labor naturally

so it's an idea certainly something you

can talk to your care provider about and

again I'm going to put more information

down below so you can read more about

those dates and maybe even try them for

the very first time okay guys if you

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