How To Train Your Baby To Be Super Smart


hello what how many how many



unlike the left that is slower the

rights after brain it has photographic

memory function as well as a music and

creativity we do an activity at normal

speed the baby's just using the left

after brain if you do it so fast the

baby where she turn on the rest of the

brain to cope with the spin what's your


it's me

I will see a story twice for you to

remember and say all the key words a

llama drove up rancho de casa along

coming shot triangle appear meet casa

amarela there's a big question that

nobody's really answered about how

translatable that skill is just by being

able to go through flashcards will it

help the child to be able to think

better that has never been shown






has it made Allen smarter I can see that

he suffered that anymore inquisitive and

he's definitely more confident when he

does go into like standard one do you

think he's gonna have the edge I think

he is able to sit in the classroom be

part of the classroom not be too



trapeze which enhances the maturity of

the lungs which would encourage speech

from the child with a lungs expand more

oxygen goes in it goes up to the brain

and it creates a child's development is

best improved on by giving a child a

full range of experiences there's a lot

in our environment that offers very very

rich experiences giving you a huge range

of visual and auditory stimuli