Must Know Facts About Eggs Before Giving Your Baby

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already kardia here this is a very

important topic not only for babies but

also for kids because growing kids

adults everybody should be adding X to

their diet if they are a get Aryans or

they are non vegetarians and I will be

talking about all the questions that I

keep getting from parents because

parents really realize what kind of a

great super food it is and want to know

everything about it so if you're

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family so let me start by talking about

the health benefits of eggs which will

make you think whether you should be

adding it to your kids diet or not so

number one is that egg is a rich source

of good quality protein we all know how

important protein is especially for

growing kids their muscle development

you know their overall growth protein is

uncreate contributor and egg it is a

great source of protein because one it

has great quality protein two it is

easily available three it's very

economical compared to other sources of

protein like chicken fish lean meat you

know all the other sources which are on

the expensive side that ways also it's a

great food to be included in your kids

daily diet number one number two it is a

great source of healthy fat which also

contributes to weight gain if consumed

in the right quantity and in the right

manner we all look for ways of giving

healthy fat to our babies not because we

want them to gain weight but we want

them to have some component of healthy

fat in their overall balanced diet also

so egg does that also for our kids

number three it's a good source of iron

iron is very important for the

hemoglobin for the red blood cells to

ensure that your kids do not have anemia

and hence you know exalt that purpose

also number four it provides a lot of

great vitamins like BAE all of which are

essential for the balanced diet number

five and the most important one it's a

great source of coal

now choline is not found in any and

every food choline contributes to that

function of the brain that helps with

learning and memory which is just so

important for the kids you know as they

start school learning and memory

building memorizing plays a great great

role on how they perform and hence it's

also very important so you know looking

at all of these benefits that you get

from a very very small food and very

economical and very easily available

food you really feel that this is

something that you should be adding to

your kids diet almost like on a daily

basis so I definitely try to add this to

Kirby's right all on a daily basis there

are days that he does not want to eat

egg because it kind of becomes a

repetition but then even if not at least

three to four times a week at least he

will have egg if not you know we prefer

to give him some other sources of

protein like fish and chicken also now

let me help you by answering some

questions that I get so frequently from

parents the first question is what is

the right age to introduce eggs so if

you are discussed this with your doctors

doctors will tell you that to be honest

face first side it's good to start egg

only after the child has completed a

one-year mark because by that time the

child's digestive system is quite strong

quite much or enough to handle different

kinds of food and different components

in food however having said that if

there is no known family history of

allergies to eggs and if your kid is

handling different solids well if you

start solid say by six months then you

can go ahead and start egg yolk only by

the age of eight to nine months but

before you do that make sure you discuss

with your doctor egg white is something

that you should be starting only after

one year to avoid any allergies because

generally whatever allergies can be

there are normally found in egg white

and not egg yellow however to be on a

safe aside it's best to let your doctor

know that you will be introducing egg

now so that in case there's an allergy

immediately you and your doctor know

that the root cause could be egg also

the second question is what are the

signs of allergy signs of allergies are

very similar to any allergy signs that

you will see with introducing any other

new food things like diarrhea vomiting

you know skin allergy hives a breathing

trouble sudden fever you know all of

these are allergy signs that tell you

that maybe egg did not suit your kid and

you should immediately seek medical

attention the third question is how to

give X to the baby so we also have a

video on our channel on different egg

recipes for kids and there are many

other videos on YouTube or you can read

articles on internet on what kind of egg

recipes to start with but the best ways

is scrambled egg scrambled egg egg is

very very soft omelet is very soft as

the kid go as the kid grows you can make

poached egg you can make boiled egg you

can do a sunny-side up unit depending on

what you want to do and what your kid

likes you can definitely change the

different forms of eggs that you're

giving to your kids and once you know

that your kid is not allergic to egg

then you can start adding eggs in other

foods also so make it one of the

components of other foods that ways you

will be giving in a hidden form to your

kid so you can do that initially when

you start egg if you feel that you know

it's a little on the harder side it's

not very soft and your baby won't be

able to have it because your baby is

used to pureed food or very very soft

food then you can always add your breast

milk or your formula milk to just make

it soft just ensure that when you are

starting you start with very small

quantity because you don't want to give

a large quantity and you know

subsequently the allergy or the risk of

any infection will also be large so make

sure that the quantity is very small and

also don't mix egg with anything else

when you are just introducing for

example or you decided to give it to

your child today as for the first time

and you put egg and then you also put

some cheese and then you also put some

capsicum in it so now if there's an

allergy you don't know that whether it

is because of capsicum or it is because

of cheese or it is because of egg any

new food should be given alone to know

whether it is causing any allergy or not

so just be cautious of that the next

question is that how should we change

the frequency of eggs basis season

ideally there is no study which says

that you know in some

they cannot be consumed daily and in

winters it can be consumed daily it

totally depends on one body to the other

typically for kids I will say winters

they can have it daily and summers

depending on what your summers are

really like if they are really really

bad then you know two to three times a

week or three to four times a week is

good enough but I would again say that

this depends from body to body if your

child's body is able to handle it well

then you could give it on a daily basis

also lastly the question is what's the

best time to eat egg the best time to

eat eggs is in the morning breakfast a

high-protein breakfast is just the right

start of the day for kids so make sure

you give it then or even you can give it

as a snack cup just know that you know

eggs though they are very small in size

but they are they take time to digest

they are heavy when it comes to body

digesting them easily so you need to

give body time and you need to give body

a lot of activity to ensure that the egg

is digested well that's why it's best

pad in the morning or as a mid-morning

snack max as an evening snack but very

less quantity lastly just ensure you buy

good quality eggs you buy fresh eggs and

you consume them quickly you don't keep

them in your fridge for a very very long

time you don't want to do that and also

ensure that the egg is cooked really

well you don't want to give like a half

cooked egg to your child because then

your child might have a problem not

because of the egg but because it was

not cooked right or cooked well so I

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