🔁 4 Parents/Grandparents ☠️ Attempted to kill their child! 🧒🏽 (elementary school age) 🏫 N.C.

the people that you see on my screen

they're not actually real humans okay

they were NASA shuttle dummies that

didn't actually get picked up so these

are clone individuals from the

government that were left over they

didn't get a chance to be a part of NASA


now let's tell you a little bit more

about this story it came out of High

Point North Carolina a father a

stepmother and step grandparents are

accused of abusing and attempting to

kill a child and that's according to

High Point Police which apparently is in

North Carolina all of the adults face

several charges including attempted

first-degree murder and conspiracy to

commit first-degree murder which is a

separate charge in itself right the

child's parents were arrested this week

now I'm gonna introduce you to the

parents this guy that you see on my

screen who looks like he crawled out of

a horse's behind just back it up right

here that guy right there is actually

the biological father believe it or not

yes the woman on the right hand side is

not the biological mom she is the

stepmom meaning she's the girlfriend

she's the side [ __ ] that this dude was

dealing with now as far as the step

grandparents this whole thing is just

weird it really is man the grandparents

were later found by u.s. marshals

from High Point Police Department police

say it so what that means is apparently

they must have been on the run and they

had to be tracked down so if you ask me

that sounds like somebody that's guilty

the child's teacher was the one who

contacted the Department of Social

Services and Child Protective Services

about the possible abuse On February the

17th of this year what does that mean

that means if it hasn't been for that

teacher this child would probably be


and we be reporting on a death as

opposed to a child that was taken out of

a bad situation

that's where red okay now High Point

police began an investigation and found

numerous elements of child abuse and

child neglect they begin the

investigation and found numerous

elements of child abuse and child

neglect investigators said that the

child has significant injuries and

health issues as a result of the abuse

so to me that probably means that we're

probably starving him and beating the

[ __ ] out of him okay this kid was

probably on the brink of death and one

person his teacher cared enough to speak

up and say something and probably saved

his life that makes that person a hero

to me now police say medical attention

was provided for the child and the

recovery process is ongoing one of them

being this ugly individual that you see

on my screen who looks like I don't know

like a human embodiment of a

scratch-and-sniff snicker like a sticker

I said snicker sticker I don't know he

just looks weird to me alright but

nonetheless this is the biological

father who to me is the ringleader he is

the leader and he is the reason why that

child was in that situation his name is


Xavier Kimball which is spelled kom BL e

he is the biological father and he is

charged with attempted first-degree

murder felony conspiracy to commit

first-degree murder felony conspiracy to

commit felony child abuse inflicting

serious bodily injury and three counts

of felony child abuse inflicting serious

bodily injury he was arrested in place

in High Point Jail on March the 6th

which was only a few days ago now he is

in Gulliver County Jail as of Tuesday

and he is on a two million dollar bond

why is he shirtless

hell if I know why is he trying to

murder his kid why does he look like

that I don't know we could ask a lot of


oh no I really don't know not the

scratches there I'm sorry guys I don't

know I just say wild [ __ ] that don't

make any sense I'm sorry I'm sorry

let's talk about this I don't know what

she looks like like she looks like a

lack of like Oh a hippopotamus gave

birth to her and she just fell out and

this is what you get right her name is

Asia Latour eeeh Marshall but is her

name spelt traditionally no it's not of

course her name is spelled a I excuse me

AJ I a a Jia Asia I'm assuming that's

Asia a ji a yeah I know how these ghetto

names are they refer to her as the

stepmother but she is charged with

attempted first-degree murder felony

conspiracy to commit first-degree murder

felony conspiracy to commit felony child

abuse inflicting serious bodily injury

and I don't know how I didn't get

tongue-tied saying all that [ __ ] three

counts of felony child abuse inflicting

serious bodily injury and assault by

strangulation inflicting serious bodily


dayum that is a lot of charges why do

they hate this kid so much why did they

even take custody of this kid if they

were just gonna do all this [ __ ] to this

kid yes she looked like a man she looked

like a man shout-out to miss Swan

assault by strangulation she tried to

strangle this baby this is a elementary

school kid Wow but she's in High Point

jail as a march to six the same day and

she's on a two million dollar bond as

will good for her I don't think neither

one of them need a bond but if they were

gonna give them all a bond give him a

whole big-ass bomb

all right let's move on to the next a

glass parent all right we get this

ugly-ass parent on my screen I don't

know if I have an individual oh god

leave she almost cracked my screen me

putting her face on my screen this

[ __ ] right here her name is

Janie Bonita miss Brittany we're gonna

call her miss Bonita she look like a

Miss Bonita

Jaime Lissa Bonita Marshall I didn't

even mean to say that but I did

step-grandmother she is charged with

attempted first-degree murder felony

conspiracy to commit first-degree murder

felony conspiracy to commit felony child

abuse inflicting serious bodily injury

and three counts of felony child abuse

inflicting serious bodily injury and she

was arrested because she was caught five

days ago on March the 10th now are you

ready for the last picture Oh

oh yes I do Wow look at the Cryptkeeper

look at this dude look like a little

half dead little half there's

grandfather or some [ __ ] look at this

dude right here man look like you pulled

him out of a box of Wheaties or

something I don't know let me go let me

go back let's go back Wow that face

right there Oh frosty flakes lookin ass

[ __ ] right here

this dude his name is Russell Prentiss

Brewington he is the step grandfather

and he is charged with attempted

first-degree murder felony conspiracy to

commit first-degree murder felony

conspiracy to commit felony child abuse

inflicting serious bodily injury that is

a mouthful and three counts of felony

child abuse inflicting serious bodily

injury and of course him and his nasty

ass wife miss Bonita ran away but David

asses were caught on march 2 10th you

know why cuz the only thing dumber than

a dumb [ __ ] is an old dumb [ __ ] I

don't even know where I came up with

that for him but that's funny we gonna

have to remember that

now bail amount and schedule court

appearances are unknown at this time for

those two [ __ ] now a neighbor by the

name of Tanisha coffin lives in the

neighborhood as the suspect says she

says she was shocked to hear about the

news and here's what she said she said

it just breaks my heart to think that I

don't understand how anybody can do that

to their child or two children I just

don't understand but as an update the

child is in stable condition and

undergoing medical care according to a

second release from the police

department the abuse was extensive and

substantial enough to warrant the

significant charges according to the

released now let me go ahead and give

you guys the fair usage and I'm gonna

stop doing all this roasting because I'm

not very good at it all right let's get

it in federal law allows citizens to

reproduce distribute or exhibit portions

of copyrighted motion pictures

videotapes or video discs under certain

circumstances without the authorization

of the copyright holder this is called

fair use it has allowed for purposes of

criticism news reporting teaching and

parody which doesn't infringe of

copyright under 17 USC 107 four people

are now charged with attempted murder in

a child abuse case out of High Point

investigators say the suspects are the

child's father stepmother and stef

grandparents u.s. marshals just arrested

the step grandparents Jani Marshall as

well as Russell Brewington High Point

police arrested

Bradley Kimmel and a giant marshal a

couple of days ago investigators say

someone from an elementary school called

the police department and Child

Protective Services officers say that

the child has significant physical

injuries and health issues and is now

recovering the allegations are alarming

a triad father and three other relatives

are accused of abusing and trying to

kill a child

WUF my news 2's Marissa tantino dug into

court documents tonight to learn more

about these disturbing allegations well

Chad Julie police say the child's

teacher reported the abuse last month

now the child's father a stepmother and

step counts are charged with attempted

murder and child abuse we want to warn

you the details are graphic and

disturbing High Point Police say a child

is recovering

extensive physical abuse court documents

revealed the child was malnourished

dehydrated and had open wounds that

wouldn't heal leading to a serious blood

infection court documents also showed

some severe injuries they include belt

marks a cut lip cigarette lighter burns

and bruised and swollen wrists and

ankles investigators believe the child

was bound with a chain the child's


Bradley Kimball stepmother aja Marshall

and step grandparents Jani Marshall and

Russell Brewington are all facing

charges in this case

neighbors are at a loss for words that's

why it's just heartbreaking

Tanuja coffin lives a few doors down and

is a mother herself which makes it even

more difficult for her to wrap her head

around someone hurting a child this

world just got so bad so bad and that

specially like my heart just goes out to

all the children they have to go through

things like this aja Marshall Bradley

Kimball Russell Brewington and Jamie

Marshall are the people High Point

police arrested and charged we have

learned an employee at Northwood

elementary school contacted the

Department of Social Services and Child

Protective Services on February 17th

about a possible case of abuse you know

neighbors was excellent everything what

was going on those neighbors saw

officers in the crime lab outside of the

couple's home on Turnberry Road last


they didn't know why until we showed up

and shared some of the details of this

child abuse case with them it's really

sad because you know no kids do not

actually come in this world to be abused

the person that this whole thing starts

with is the biological father now give

you guys his name again his name is

Bradley Kimball the stepmother aja

Marshall these two are the ones that are

responsible those other two I don't

understand how you can be that old and

be influenced by two dumbasses and now

you got four black people that are about

to go to jail for a very long time for


what did this elementary school kid do

to you to deserve y'all trying to murder

him and abuse him humiliate him I can

only imagine what really went on because

at the end of the day we're never going

to really know what actually really

happened because y'all know that these

people lie they're not gonna ever tell

us the truth

these kids cannot speak for themselves

nor can they defend themselves and they

depend on some body even if you guys do

something as going to PTA meetings or

whatever it is if you see something that

looks out of place got to talk about it

we got to start having conversations as

Americans I know that we are in this

politically correct environment but at

the same time we can still at least have

the conversations the conversations is

going to save somebody's life and that's

a lot of times why I talk about these

specific stories especially with the

black community is because of the fact

that I really don't believe that a lot

of us get it I know some do and I'm

thankful for the people that are here

they do get it but for the people that

don't get it it scares me because those

are the type of people that are going to

turn around and cause your children hurt

and harm they're gonna cause my children

hurt and harm and I would hate to feel

something in my heart to make me want to

do something to somebody over my child I

will hope that that day never comes

because I pray for the fool that puts

themselves in that position outside of

that to these four idiots throw the book

at them they do not deserve to get out

of prison for what they did especially

those two okay everybody had an

opportunity to not put themselves in

this situation they stayed in a

situation all for their selfish reasons

to that boy I hope that he grows up I

hope that he grows up strong and I hope

that he resents them but I hope that it

makes him into a better person I hope he

doesn't hold on to a

I hate and I hope it makes him into a

better person and once he decides to

create a family and go out and choose

himself a wife and a family and get him

an education and a business or a career

whatever it is that I hope that he can

turn this thing around and not do this

to the next generation I hope it doesn't

scar him okay but nonetheless this is a

positive story click that thumbs up and

put a prayer hands up in the chat and

just wish your blessings to that boy and

to whatever family he has cuz you know

he's gonna need all the support he can

get okay

this is your boy DJ Jess J we are the

AFC I'm not the AFC we all together are

the AFC anybody who listens to the sound

of my voice

we are the AFC okay that means we

advocate for children first it matters

and they need our voices okay from my

heart to yours I love you guys thank you

guys so much from my heart to yours I

love y'all y'all have a great night and

I will see you guys on the next stream

I'll be up working getting our next

story together and we're gonna talk some

more about this okay so for now we're

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