Revise your Elf on the Shelf Tradition = EASIER + More MEANINGFUL + Kids LOVE it!

well if life with this guy has become

more stressful than fun you're not alone

and I have a really easy a new tradition

that you can start with your family this

year that you are gonna love and your

kids will like it too well hi I'm dawn

from the minimal mom and I love sharing

ideas of how you can simplify at your

householder including this guy and so I

don't know about you but I hear from a

lot of moms that after a 2 to 3 seasons

they can kind of run out of ideas and it

becomes more stress than fun so we're

gonna show you just a really quick new

tradition that you could start at your

house this year and I think really at

the end of the day it more encompasses

what the spirit of Christmas is all

about so it's really easy to start you

only need two things the first is a bag

of Christmas bows I just got these at

the Dollar Tree and then the second is

an arrival letter you can use this free

printable I'll link to it down below or

write your own but basically here's what

the letter says it says I'm back and I

have a very important request from Santa

you see Christmas is quickly approaching

and there have been so many good kids

this year there appears to be a shortage

of toys so he sent me with a special bag

of bows and a new mission for us both

each night he is asking that you place a

bow on a toy that you no longer play

with or how about groan and then I will

take it back to the North Pole with me

the elves they will quickly refurbish it

and it will be used for other boys and

girls and this will help make room for

the new toys that you will be receiving

this Christmas I've heard how good

you've been while I was gone thank you

for your help with this very special

mission you were out and so basically

each night the kids are gonna put a bow

on a toy and then elf is gonna take it

back to the North Pole with him so that

it can be refurbished and used for other

boys and girls for Christmas presents

isn't that a great mission and so what's

really fun about it is that it's getting

toys out of your house making room for

the new toys that are gonna be coming in

and it's so simple no more scouring

Pinterest at midnight trying to find a

quick and easy Elf on the Shelf idea

here's a few tips for success you'll

also find a free printable wish list so

I would have your kids fill that out as

well and then elf can take it back to

the North Pole with him so that even

though they're gonna be picking out toys

to get rid of each night that they

so our knowing that it's okay because

new toys are gonna be coming in and then

there's also these encouragement cards

that you can use you can use them to

celebrate the toys that I've already

been giving away elf can bring a special

treat back from the North Pole or

sometimes elf will fill them out with a

special toy that Santa is actually

looking for and then it's a ton of fun

for the kids to hunt through their toys

and try and figure out which one it is

so he can either write a description or

sketch a picture of the toy so you can

find links with all those free

printables down below along with some

other tips and hints for success and we

hope you have a great Christmas season

this year with your Elf on the Shelf