How to begin elimination communication: A little recap of how to start EC at each stage and age

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of how to start easy at each agency age

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episode 75 how to begin elimination

communication a little recap of how to

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me questions alright so today we are

going to address something you may have

heard me talk about before many multiple

times many many times in many different

ways and I'm gonna talk about it today

in a little different way this time how

to begin easy at each age and stage

we're gonna go through this relatively

quickly today and very very simply so

you can get sort of a new glimpse of

what starting EC can look like and feel

way less intimidated to start if you

haven't already or if you've only

partially begun maybe this will help or

maybe you have asked it so far you know

who you are maybe this will help you too

the first thing we're gonna do when we

start EC or get recommitted to EC is

have a paradigm shift in our minds okay

from now on you will need to shift your

culturally ingrained perspective of

diapers as full-time toilets to the

diaper is now a backup for when we miss

one another when we aren't doing EC

right now when we are skipping every

other pee for example or when too much

is going on like I am making dinner or


honest we're gonna have that diaper

backup on for when we are being lazy

even if you're just testing out EC to

see if it's for you please please PLEASE

re-envision the diaper as a backup even

if you never do ECB on your first tries

even if you end up doing early potty

training at 18 months instead which I do

have a resource for on my website you

have a much easier time if you keep your

brain in this new frame of mind please

see the diaper as a backup not a full

time toilet from today onward listen to

my episode that's all about the brief

history of diapers just to see that it

was only ever a backup up until

disposables fermented in 1961 all right

so now after making that paradigm shift

before starting easy let's look at some

highlights for each agent stage followed

by some brief starting tips we make it

really easy today so first we've gotten

newborns the secret to success with ICI

and newborns is to take advantage of the

wakeup P you guys it is our easy catch

number 1 in case you didn't know

newborns sleep all the time newborns are

mammals who emit a hormone to stay dry

during sleep when a newborn wakes up

this hormone wears off and she needs to

pee take her diaper off hold her over

the sink or receptacle like a newborn

top-hat potty from tiny Andy's calm make

the sound of running water or grunt like

a quiet gorilla or do the sound of

running water gently support her head

and body against her torso because we

all know we got to be careful at those

ages holding her with your hands under

her thighs in the classic easy position

there's a photo of it over on the blog

post go diaper-free comm forward slash

75 or try the classic cradled EC

position if your baby cries or feels

uncomfortable in the classic position

this is often really good for babies who

have a little bit of colic and there's

an image of the cradled EC position over

on the site as well on this post then

nurse your baby after he's gotten the

chance to relieve himself first

this causes feedings to go much more

smoothly and they get more fully fed and

who wants to be wet or soiled during a

feeding not me and neither does your

baby so the cycle is wake potty tunity


a tiny bit of a wake time pot eternity

before napping nap and repeat all day

long all night long because this is a

newborn this is the best time to start

you see hands down and that's basically

what I just summarizes the baby care

cycle it's a really great way to insert

EC from the get-go

with a pre mobile newborn baby basically

up to the time when they start to get

mobile now let's talk about mobile

babies the key with mobile babies is to

limit naked diaper free time unless you

have on carpeted floors we want to use

tiny trainers or a sumo-style diaper to

do observation and we will know

instantly when the baby is wet so during

observation we're going to modify things

by using something I recommend the aqua

blue color of the tiny trainers at tiny

Andy's calm for the ease of seeing the

wetness immediately it's just a great

color for that purple is also good right

down on your log when baby goes after

waking or feeding and keep track for a

few hours a day until you see some

signals or rhythm to the whole thing you

can grab my observation log over at the

shownotes post at go diaper free calm or

it slash 75 it is free you can download

it and print it out and then lastly

young toddlers here's my tip for them

with young toddlers ie they are walking

now you'll want to keep in mind the tips

that I just shared about tiny trainers

or sumo style and logging the rhythms

and signals but you'll also maybe want

to add transporting them to the potty to

the mix so see my book in the excerpt

for the hybrid plan for more on this but

essentially you're just gonna do some

naked observation time without trainers

on without a sumo diaper on where you

will bring the baby to the potty or the

potty to the baby every time he or she

begins to pee during that observation

time again grab the log that I mentioned

over on the post for the tracking of

each of these events now that we have a

few keys under our belts some first

steps I'd like to recommend here are

some first steps there are a few things

that will help you start easily so step

one is to download my free Easy Start

Guide for EC go to go diaper free com4

it's a start

grab a copy of it it's totally free you

will see a lot of the stuff I'm about to

mention on that guide there is also

a little place to get it on the show

notes as well then after you download

that do the following number one start

with the for easy catches if you're

skeptical or you want to test this out

and I'll talk more about these in a

second the second one is start with

observation to deeply learn your baby

and learn the four roads to potty time

number three do one of those first to

the other second but I would do the for

easy catches and the observation in

whatever order number four we're gonna

insert tiny habits into existing

routines number five we're gonna dress

for success and number six we're gonna

get the right potty okay so these are

the steps to starting AC no matter

really what the ages number one start

out with the for easy catches if you're

skeptical or you just want to test this

out on my easy start guide you'll see

the four easy catches you will see them

everywhere I post content they are so

helpful and you probably hear my baby

out there she's she's having a fussy

moment um upon waking at every diaper


just the poops and transition times

these are the four easiest time to offer

potty tunity to your baby and it will

really increase your odds of getting a

catch now a catch will build confidence

at this starting stage and you'll likely

continue to explore you see with your

baby because once you catch one you

usually don't want to ever turn back

most importantly your baby will be

thrilled that you finally understood

what he or she wanted you to do all

along so see my youtube channel for a

playlist of the for easy catches or on

podcast episodes 28 29 30 and 32 number

to start with observation to deeply

learn your baby and the four roads to

potty time you'll do observation with or

without tiny trainers or a sumo style

diaper and you'll see how often from

waking or feeding your baby peas or poos

this is observation you'll see if you

notice any signals before they go you'll

get the hang of the rhythm and patterns

hopefully and you'll also learn the four

roads to potty time these are number one

baby signals number two baby's natural

timing how often do they go

number three generic or common timing

which is something that I cover more in

my book you'll just learn those and

number four you're going to become aware

of your your own intuition like oh I

knew that you needed to go so these are

covered more in depth in my book but

essentially this is the learn your baby

stage where you get to just

ever more and more about your babies

inter-workings just by paying attention

it's pretty simple okay now for number

three these are the first steps to help

you start easily number three or do one

of those first the other second so how

can you try it out before easy catches

you can follow up with some observation

time where you deeply are learning your

baby or after you've done some deep

learning with observation time you can

integrate the for easy catches into your

day to day routines to help you find

success with the practice and I think

very least you will establish some very

simple rhythms to your day the point is

do both it will beef up your practice it

will build your confidence and it will

help you stick with EC and number four

I want to insert tiny habits into

existing routines we soap spoke about

this one last week on the last episode

of this podcast so please circle back

and read or listen to it if you missed

it it's good I prefer comma four slash

74 or just go to iTunes and Spotify

episode 74 basically we can create the

new habit of potting our babies when

we're just starting out by just

inserting tiny little trigger habits

into existing routines as I mentioned

last week we can have it stack after I

get baby out of bed I will potty her

after I potty her I will put a new

diaper on her after I put a new diaper

on her I will nurse her etc and we can

set an implementation intention which

attachment last week when X occurs I

will Y when I see a grimace I will hold

her over the toilet so she can poop

instead of waiting to clean it up later

so see that episode please I'm not

kidding do it now we'll finish this

first and now we're number five just

quick tips for starting Dress for

Success you guys we want to reduce any

friction for starting and keeping up

with this new aspect of baby care

dressing baby appropriately can only

help we're actually going to talk about

the EC wardrobe next week in episode 76

so come back for that for sure and

lastly number six get the right potty we

also want to reduce friction for you and

your baby both by choosing the correct

potty for the stage and age your baby is

currently in so you can totally just use

the sink or toilet you can put a low

stool in front of the toilet if you want

to squat on to that while you hold your

baby over the toilet you can use any

mixing bowl or you can use a top-hat

potty or a mini potty or toilet you

reducer and I've got all those linked in

the show notes we'll talk more about the

power of the right potty in an upcoming

episode episode number 77 so come back

for that one in two weeks okay all right

that's about it I hope this has helped

you wrap your head around how to begin

EC in the smallest nutshell I could fit

it I want I'm gonna start going over a

few things over the next few weeks where

we are unveiling things I've already

talked about but in different ways

because everybody usually has the same

little stuck points for more help with

this start with my easy start guide it's

free then move on to my popular EC book

go diaper free or just start with that

to create a potting routine that you can


stick to and that will bring you and

your baby joy and diaper freedom we

don't know how to do this we live in a

diaper in culture it's just the way we

were raised so we kind of need to go sit

down and learn this again see the

written version of this podcast over it

go diaper free calm for its life 75 head

over and let me know what one thing are

you going to do this week to start easy

or make it better from what I've

mentioned today put that over in the

comments I'll see you over there til

next time when we unveil the EC wardrobe

happy potty you guys i'm andrea olson

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