POKÉMON GO: Should You EVOLVE Or WAIT?! (How To Know When To EVOLVE and POWER UP Your Pokémon!)

what's up guys JB 2017 here and today

I'm going to share my best advice on

when you should evolve your Pokemon and

Pokemon go over the first 15 levels of

the game I always struggled with knowing

when I should evolve a Pokemon when I

should spend that hard-earned Stardust

to power them up or when I should just

wait until I catch a better version of

the same Pokemon it's frustrating

because the game really doesn't do a

good job of telling you how good or bad

your pokemons are when compared to each

other however there are a few indicators

that the game doesn't really explain

that tell you whether or not you should

invest in involving or powering up a

particular Pokemon these strategies are

best used as early as possible so you

can save up your Stardust for when you

really need it most

first and foremost it's important to

remember that the higher your trainer

level the higher combat power Pokemon

you will catch out in the wild this also

goes for hatching eggs using incense and

sitting at lures you will get better

Pokemon the higher your level is and

nothing changes that with that in mind

it's a popular strategy to never powerup

your Pokemon or you start us at all

before level 20 that's because you're

inevitably going to get better Pokemon

later down the line by that logic it

would be a waste to spend a ton of

Stardust powering up your 400 CP

Vaporeon for example when you're going

to catch a ton of 600 EVs around level

20 now I'll be honest I'm not sure how

people can completely save their

Stardust I definitely didn't because I

was always competing with friends to

have the highest combat power pokemons

and Stardust allow me to power things up

and stay competitive the problem with

that is that I'm now level 21 and I have

a few Pokemon over 1,600 they could be

higher but I have no Stardust I have 300

Stardust and so that's the only thing

limiting me from getting better that's

because I wasted it before I got the

better Pokemon so the best most ideal

strategy is to save all of it until you

get some legitimately good Pokemon until

that point just deal with whatever

pokemon you got out in the wild without

powering it up and then you'll have a

ton for when you can actually pump it

into some great Pokemon so that's just

something to definitely keep in mind as

you're leveling up but now let's talk

about how you can tell whether an

individual Pokemon is worth spending

Stardust on or worth evolving the first

indicator is the Stardust require to

power them up taking a look at my best

Pokemon you

see that they all have one thing in

common they require a lot of Stardust to

power up their all at at least 2500

Stardust and some cost even 3000 that's

because they're already very far into

their CP curve along the top of the

screen I can't power them up that much

more before I maxed out and I have to

wait until I level up so a great rule of

thumb is to not evolve or power up a

pokemon unless they require at least

2,000 Stardust to power up at my level

I don't evolve our powerup anything

below 2200 CP it's just not

cost-effective to spend a ton of

Stardust powering up a pokemon that

starts at let's say 900 combat power

because you're bound to catch a better

version of the same Pokemon at some

point let's take a look at a more

specific example here are my stable of

piggies I have plenty of them and I'm

sure you do too

I have a 298 CP at the top who requires

2200 Stardust to power up by my standard

that's a pretty good piggy and has

potential to become a great Picciotto

and an even better pigeon let's compare

that to this 111 Pidgey the progress is

not nearly as far along the CP curve and

it only costs 800 Stardust to power up

when you compare these two clearly the

298 is the better evolution option or

powerup option I would be wasting

Stardust by powering up the 111 and also

wasting Candy's if I decided to evolve

that instead now most likely this Pidgey

the 111 probably was caught at a lower

level and so at some point this 111

probably looked really impressive

compared to the rest of the piggies that

I had but in reality I was going to

catch that 298 in the future so that's

why you want to save until you're around

level 20 and until the Stardust is at

least 2,000 required to power up so

that's the most general basic example of

what I'm talking about but now let's

look at an example that is actually an

exception to this Stardust rule we've

got the same 298 PG with the 2200

powerup requirement but I've also got a

292 Pidgey that requires 2500 Stardust

to powerup which is higher so we've got

the higher CP with the lower power up

requirement versus the lower CP with the

higher power up requirement should I

evolved the 298 or the 292 you would

think it's the 292 because of the

Stardust rule but the answer is actually

the 298 for one main reason this Pidgey

has the higher potential level on the CP

curve at the top

the screen which basically means I can

power up this Pidgey further than I can

the other one all Pokemon that you catch

have a hidden base combat power that can

either be higher or lower so if you're

comparing two pokemons one is more often

than not going to be better than the

other one I can tell just by eyeballing

it that this 298 PG has more potential

to be powered up it has more room on the

curve by a small amount and it's the

higher CP level so that's why in this

particular case you would evolve this

one instead of the 292 let's go ahead

and look at another example before we

wrap up the video I have this 656

Poliwhirl which requires 2200 starters

to power up and I'm comparing that with

a 626 poly world that needs 2500

Stardust now normally you would go with

the 626 because it has the higher


but the CP curve shows that the 656 poly

world has a lot higher potential it's

not as far on the curve and it also has

a higher CP so in this case it's better

to save the Candy's to evolve the 656

poly world since this is just a better

version of the same pokemon since we've

been working with a lot of numbers in

this video here are the summarized rules

on whether or not you should evolve or

powerup your Pokemon number one

generally speaking wait until you're

around level 20 you're going to catch

better Pokemon the higher your trainer

level is so investing in a Pokemon at a

lower level is usually not a good idea

because it will be replaced number two

wait until your pokemons require at

least 2000 Stardust to powerup or evolve

otherwise you're wasting Stardust by

powering them up because you will catch

another better version of the same

Pokemon it's just a matter of time and

location number 3 once you've reached

that point of being over level 20 and

having pokemons with at least 2000

Stardust the pokemons with the higher

Stardust is usually the better one when

comparing the two the only exception is

when the CP curve shows that the lower

Stardust has more powerup potential than

the other as I showed in my examples

some people also consider attack power

and attack moves when choosing to evolve

or powerup a specific Pokemon you can

factor that in too but just know that

evolving a Pokemon usually gives it a

new set of attacks with new attack

values everything changes when you make

that decision so you can't really

control that unless you're comparing

Pokemon that don't evolve or can't

evolve any further that's all I have to

share in this video but I'd like to hear

from you guys what are your strategies

for you know

maximizing your evolutions and power-ups

do you wait until a certain point like I

do share all of what you guys are doing

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