How Soon Can I Workout after Giving Birth? | Exercise After Baby Postpartum Guidelines

did you just have your baby and you're

wondering how soon can I start

exercising after delivery on this video

we're gonna cover just that hi I'm

Tabitha Gomez and welcome to my youtube

channel I'm here to help all you busy

ladies out there juggling jobs careers

and kiddos with no real time to exercise

I'm gonna give you exercise tips tricks

routines and even product reviews to

help make exercise a part of your life

so in this video we're gonna cover

exercise postpartum and how soon you can

do it as you can see I got my third

little guy here I just had him four days

ago so everything is still much fluffy

and we are gonna go over some guidelines

to what you can and can't do

immediately after having the baby now if

this is too soon for you you can go

ahead and click this video here that's

gonna talk about belly binding to help

reduce your belly and your uterus back

down a much faster the first thing we're

gonna cover is exercise

what is exercise and what is the

definition of exercise because I know

all too well I just got released from

the hospital three days ago and they

tell you no exercise for six weeks or

until you're six week postpartum checkup

but exercise is such a broad definition

so let's go over it according to the

oxford dictionaries exercise is activity

requiring physical effort carried out to

sustain or improve health and fitness

pretty general pretty general definition

their exercise from the merriam-webster

regular or repeated use of a faculty or

bodily organ bodily exertion for the

sake of developing and maintaining

physical fitness again the very broad

terms when they discharge you from the

hospital what they don't tell you is

that exercise can be something as

strenuous as running or weightlifting

CrossFit for example but as simple as

physical therapy okay

physical therapy is exercise so when you

get home from the hospital brand-new

postpartum you're not going to go and do


you're not going to go out for a run

it's just not possible so what are you

gonna do when you get home from having

the baby you're going to do exercises

that you would be prescribed to repair a

body part as if you're going to a

physical therapist now when I say this I

simply mean doing kegels kegels is an

exercise to repair your pelvic floor

corset zip-up is an exercise to restore

your core strength and simple abdominal

exercises to restore more core strength

now you're not gonna come home from

having a baby and go out a duper piece

that's just not doable and of course you

don't want to do any vigorous activity

because that could put more strain on

your uterus and cause more bleeding and

more problems postpartum so the next

step to figuring out what kind of

exercise we can do postpartum is to look

at the ACOG guidelines so that stands

for the American College of

Obstetricians and Gynaecologists what do

they say so let's look at what some of

the guidelines are you can follow as

soon as you get home from having this

baby you want to aim to stay active for

twenty to thirty minutes a day

you want to try simple postpartum

exercises that help strengthen major

muscle groups including the abdominals

and the back so one of the guidelines

that ACOG says is to get a hundred and

fifty minutes of aerobic activity each

week and that could be a simple walk 30

minutes a day five times a week or you

could divide them into maybe three

smaller walks three ten-minute walks

they also recommend a muscle

strengthening activities at least two

days a week now these are for your major

muscle groups arms legs and hips which

includes yoga pilates weight lifting

sit-ups push-ups Kegel exercises so how

do you know if you can start well it

says if you've had a healthy

pregnancy and a normal vaginal delivery

you should be able to start exercising

again soon after the baby is born

usually it's safe to begin exercising a

few days after giving birth or as soon

as you feel ready if you've had a

cesarean birth or other complications

ask your health care professional for

more guidelines on when it's safe to

having beginning exercise

so other than necessary umber if you do

not have a natural delivery say you had

a perineum tear then you have to take a

look at those guidelines and take a look

at what can actually be comfortable and

be done depending on your status okay

so there are other complications that

women might have that exercise might not

be good for so you really have to take

into account what body parts you are

actually working out what you're doing

and how that affects maybe your specific

issue that you might have so some of the

exercise that I do immediately after

postpartum well not immediately 72 hours

that's when I start my window and that's

where I've started my research and my

workout plan umm I immediately start

doing kegels of course that zip up some

Pilates moves and walking also some

stretching so there are very simple

exercises these exercises can take you

anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour

depending on how much you stretch it out

how fast or slow you want to go so down

below I'm gonna give you a link and this

link will talk about the different parts

and why you exercise those after

delivering your baby now if you're ready

to move on here you can click here and

this will be a postpartum workout that

you can follow along with me if you have

any questions about postpartum and what

you should or shouldn't do I definitely

advise you to ask a healthcare

professional but you're also welcome to

write in the comments below this will be

my third go-around of repairing my body

after having a baby but before you even

start your exercises you

definitely definitely need to do a

diastasis check so you can click right

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course all the links to all these other

videos will be in the description of box

below I hope this was helpful for you

overall so now you know basic guidelines

on when you should start exercising

after having your baby as always stay

positive work hard and God bless Mahalo

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