Best Home Exercises after Total Hip Replacement: Critical Exercises

hi I'm Bob Shrum physical therapist Brad

hanok physical therapist together we

have the most famous physical therapist

on the internet Brad and I opinion of

course Bob what are we talking about

today Brad total hip surgery and

exercises at home after you get home

from the hospital okay and he just had

one of our viewers asked for some

exercise to do after get home and as I

have a patient right now he's four weeks

out he's 58 years old and we're doing

exactly the same thing so it's really

good timing can I make a point sure now

a lot of times people don't even have

therapy after total hip surgery right

yeah the times they go right home so

this is really good for them exactly all

right let's get started

all right so I'm the patient and I just

want to review it you're going to have

the precautions right so you should know

those right now but we can review them

if you're sitting down this is probably

the biggest one do not bend forward like

this to put your socks on or tie your

shoes or whatever or standing you should

not do this the other one is don't cross

your legs don't cross your legs yep

don't do this kind of thing the other

one is if this is the the new hip don't

point that toe inward right don't don't

step if this is the hip don't step on

that foot and then go like this oh yeah

that's the one where I've seen people

actually do it where they dislocate this

right so yep okay okay the exercise is

your home you're going to use your

walker I have to show up okay okay we're

going to get to the real exercises we're

going to use the walker at home you can

go up to a countertop where there is a

sink and you can actually hold on to run

the sink we don't have one here but you

probably know what I'm talking about

with the walker though we're going to do

number one is just marching okay so

bring the knees up and you're going to

bring them up as high as you kid but not

past 90 degrees and you probably won't

get it past 90 anyways okay just watch

out so you don't bump your knees into

this part of the Walker and I like to do

10 on a leg so if you're counting one

two three on each one T to go up to 20

okay number two now this one with the

Walker you have to be little careful

because you're going to go out to the

side okay hip abduction I'll show it

from this angle

okay so usually there you go show what

happen if the walkers too close

you bump your foot into it no good we

don't need that there you go out to the

side there you go and then show this way

and this is what you don't want to do

you don't want to go like this right you

want to keep straight up good posture

bringing the leg out to the side makes

it much more difficult by the way and

also can you see this over here Lonnie

bring your foot out a tendency is that

people will point their toe like this

and that's not correct you want to keep

your toe pointing forward

let's go work that hip adductor laughing

yeah this is a really important one by

the way because if you get that walking

where you're walking head going like

this after a hip this is the exercise

that's going to correct it and you want

to do both sides right back you bet

because actually you're getting a little

weight bearing through the hip then to

exact spacing that way til 10 to 15 on

this one why don't you face this way Bob

the Neptune is hip extension working

those glute muscles going straight

behind good posture up tall Bob why

don't you demonstrate the incorrect way

and one of those dipping Birds all right

it's no good dipping out of the water

yep do them right do them right 10 to 15

on each leg as well all right and toll

pointed straight forward again yep

turning it out to the side let that


okay now this next one isn't really for

the hip but it's really good for your

balance ankle strengthening you're going

to go up on your toes honey can you see

my dad was ill donax oh you can see

what's going on down here do you go

he'll toll right away or do you just go

heels first and then toes depends on a

person usually I'll go heel tall right

away tall like this yep rock up now face

that way Bob so they can see it from the

lateral view I get the Walker out of the

way and you know some people are going

to have a hard time getting the heels up

real high or getting a toes up real high

even if you only get up a quarter inch

and sometimes people can only get their

toes up a little bit but you're still

doing the same you're still getting it

the strengthening the muscles are still

working regardless if you're getting up

as high as Bob is so going to work those

again 10 to 15 of those the whole thing

is probably going to take you

about five minutes at the most when

you're done do those three times a day

and within a few weeks you're going to

be ready for the advanced exercises if

you're at that level

all right I'll link that right here okay

so that because we're going to go right

to that one next so thanks for watching

good job