Preparing for Childbirth: Exercises for Circulation, Pain Relief and Strength

Hi, name is Kerry.

I'm a physical therapist at UC San Diego Health.

We're going to provide you with exercises that you can do while in bed, either lying

down or seated.

These exercises can be performed multiple times a day.

They're designed to improve blood flow and circulation, reduce pain, and strengthen your

major muscle groups to help with labor.

Don't continue any exercises that cause you pain.

If you have any pain or problems with these exercises, please speak to your physician and care team.

A physical therapist can be consulted to address any of the issues you have.

We hope you have a pleasant delivery, but if you find yourself with ongoing pain, incontinence

or difficulty moving post-partum, our rehabilitation team will be happy to address them in the

outpatient setting. Please just ask your physician for a consult.

Thank you for your time and have fun with the exercises.