Knee Replacement Surgery Exercises | Knee Replacement Recovery | Phase 1


hi i'm dr. matthew bows and welcome to

our video series proper therapy

exercises are important for recovery

from most orthopedic conditions I've

designed this series to provide you with

up-to-date therapy regimens that you can

access at home in the gym or on the road

I hope you find these videos helpful and

best of luck in your recovery

it's important to get the knee out fully

straight early on in the post-op period

avoid putting pillows underneath the

knee which can help it heal in a bent

position we prefer these heel props

which allow some space underneath your

knee so with gravity the knee can fall

back into full extension this is

important to make sure you don't have a

limp after surgery if it heals with a

little bit of hitch like like that's

shown that's when you walk with a limp

you can do this on a towel roll at home

it's important to start lightly getting

the strength back around the muscles

this is a very simple stretch just

tightening the muscles in front of the

thigh and holding the contraction for

five seconds

progressing with gentle strengthening

these are straight leg raises try and

lift the heel about 12 to 18 inches off

the table or the floor and hold that

position for a one or two count at the


again with hip abduction

you can add some light ankle weights to

increase resistance

we also strengthen the inner part of the

hip muscle or the hip joint lifts up

across the midline of the body and hold

for one or two count

it's important to do calf pumps or ankle

pump exercises flexing and extending

your ankle to tighten up the calf muscle

general range of motion starts by

sliding the heel along the table or the

floor you can lift up under your thigh

to assist in getting your knee bent up

as well start getting the knee moving

light strengthening proceeds with some

knee extension exercises come from the

knee bent about 90 degrees only up to a

40 degrees I don't like you coming fully

straight at this point as it can

irritate the front of the knee we start

doing balancing exercises just with some

light weight shifts with your feet

staggered front and back hold on to the

wall if you need to steady yourself just

getting used to transferring your weight

and developing the muscles to get your

balance back this will help getting you

in a position to get your normal gait


you also do side to side weight chef's

put the bulk of the weight on one side

hold for a few seconds and go back to

the other side

kneecap mobility is important as soon as

the wound in the front of your knee is

healed enough you can start mobilizing

the patella

this helps prevent scar tissue formation

around the kneecap and helps improve

your knee bending and knee function

after surgery